Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hard Work and Smart Work! A Contrast

Since our childhood we are listening one single quote and advise from our elders – no matter what a mess they had created with their lives! even by knowing these statements....

  1. Hard work will reward you!
  2. Keep working Hard

It sounds simple to many but in reality it takes a lot of balls to walk on such a path where there is no chance of missing a single shot. As far as I think, these statements are over - exaggerated most of the times. I meant why do we forget that its not the hardness but the smartness, which counts at the end of the day. You must have observed in your lives at countless points and phases of life that after spending hours and hours of studying for a test or spending continuous nights in the offices to prepare a presentation for the board – the desired result was not achieved! Isn’t it? On the contrary those who studied hardly for few hours and even watched movies and listened to songs of their favorite singers scored better than you (or close to you), they enjoyed that time as well as scored good. Similarly those who attended the office from 9 – 5 and spend little time on the project to complete the presentation were much more impressive then you!

What exactly you lacked? After all you did your best “HARD WORK” which was possible from your side! Even then you could not make the mark! Feels really bad isn’t it?

Let me try to answer what was lacking. It was CSQ – not the (Quebec Selection Certificate) but the Concentration, Smartness and Quality.

We emphasize a lot on Effort! But in reality it is one of the least significant factors in producing success. Those statements mentioned above as 1 and 2 give birth to inefficient efforts! People work hard all their lives and do not attain what they wish and for what they have been working throughout their lives only because of the inefficient efforts which they apply.

Its better to use your mind at times! Let it work on short-cuts! Trust me it is mostly (mind it! not only) smartness which saves a warrior’s life when he is surrounded by the opponents, all hard work will make him breath heavily real soon!

So what you prefer to be




Be blessed and smiling!