Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bathroom Beauties - A facebook Ideology

“Heya Facebook freaks!” I am sure there must be millions who would reply to my “Hi” not because they know me or like me, but for the sake of keeping themselves in the FACEBOOK FRATERNITY. Lately I observed few things which I mostly used to see almost every day or every alternate day. It is nothing unusual (for many) but really UN-USUAL (for some). Have you ever thought why women mostly rush to washrooms when meeting their fiends, families and the special ones {yup “retards” for their (girl’s) charms – The spelled guys)}. NO! I don’t want you to think on those personal concerns. These days every woman or allow me to say girls, as few might mind me calling them women, have cameras or at least a nicer phones preferably iPhone in their bags. This helps them a lot to look good, fresh and more over click pictures – after all where else will they get the privacy to do few crazy stunts, without other noticing them in awe. Apart from all the motives, from where they get their new and much liked Display Pictures to upload at Facebook? 

The funniest part is, after uploading those pictures, their friends ask them from where they got the picture, most of the comments are like “the backdrop is just so amazing” – it is not over yet! Punch line is – after getting to know the location of the luxurious toilet, most try to visit there and get their shots as well. Guys this is not a joke, trust me there are many fanatics doing such things, just because they can show their pictures to their friends by standing in the washroom in front of large mirrors. The disease has now shifted from ONE PERSON SHOT to TWOSOMES, THREESOMES and even GANG of Power Puffed Ones clicking numerous shots. Be it wedding, party, coffee shop, restaurant or any other place where they can find a lavish wash-room, they can’t just keep their hands off their cameras. 

Is it something like Girls Only Look Great In Washroom? Not even On their Big Day?

For all those girls who usually comment in utter superiority that they have “high Standards” it is a wakeup call – Girls with high standards never indulge themselves in something like that! Give it a thought!

I completely don’t have anything against girls or their pictures, but I know one thing, if the same thing is done by a guy he will instantly become CHEAP and WEIRDO in the eyes of those girls.

Be blessed!

Keep smiling – and doing things by which other can smile as well.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Breast Cancer Support – Keep the Spirits High

I just wonder; is it really difficult to take out sometime from our busy schedules and try to listen to people who do not have any one to talk to?

Well I am writing this because a dear friend of mine wanted me to wear “Pink colored Tie” to support “Breast Cancer Day” – I simply admire her for drawing my attention towards this point. Thanks Barbie!

I then went through different web-sites on Breast Cancer – but I found this Particular One really helpful. I have a suggestion for many young guys and girls like me, to spend few minutes a week with someone who is suffering from this severe illness or even any other illness. It will have many positive after effects on you, for instance;

Ø  You will definitely realize how blessed you are – to be healthy and fit.
Ø  You will get the inner satisfaction that someone is really there, who waits for your visit every week/month on any particular day. This is an amazing feeling (try it out to experience it)
Ø  The happiness which you will cause to the person can only be seen in the teary eyes (tears of happiness) but can never be expressed in words by him or her.
Ø  The contentment level will be high. Why? You will be aware of one thing that you are making a difference in someone’s life, by brightening up his or her day.

It is definitely not difficult. All that is required is courage to say “Hello How are you feeling today?” and then the conversation will take its own pace.

Wearing pink ribbon is definitely good – but spending a few minutes with a patient will be better. This habit will definitely make you realize numerous things which you might have never thought about.

You might come across a Top-Notch Banker Excelling in her field, four years ago, but now if you will meet her you can sense the difference in her life – Don’t let this DIFFERENCE spread more.

I am not sure whether I have fully conveyed my message / feeling or not! But all I know is that! My friends and readers are far sensitive and intelligent than me.

Bless you all!!

Keep Smiling and try to be the reason of other’s smiles.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being Stereo Type Is what Being Ethical Was (Part 1)

There was a time when wearing skirts was not considered good in 80% of the society. Even kids wearing skirts and frocks, used to be informed and educated by their adults (like aunts, grandmas and other neighbors as well) to avoid wearing clothes which show the body parts – the skin. Back in those days, we (at least most of US) were proud to be associated with a CULTURE which used to be the Traditional Clothing for every individual of any age.

Back in those days (not talking about ages ago – but in 90’s and even late 80’s) there used to be some senses alive, amongst people. Here things might get twisted for those who have simply LOST IT! Few things like adopting everything from the Street were neither a GENTLEMAN’s thing nor an ELITE and ELEGANT Woman’s act.

There are multiple kinds of individuals who have their own perceptions and point of views, but on the whole the VIEWS lack in the points (its mostly the point which they want to emphasize – right or wrong has nothing to do with that).

There is a contemporary meaning of being Stereo-type, as per my observation – in today’s life. My thoughts and observations might be considered as over-statements, talibanization or even a narrow minded approach, but in reality, as per my discussion with individuals from different age brackets, from different localities and from different statuses – I wanted to bring it out, for the rest to comment on that – with complete freedom (here freedom is expression of thought with mature and educated mind not “FREE-DOMINATION” to impose only one thing.) 

So just think about the following facts:
1.   How many guys want their sisters and mothers to be eyed by other guys – from head to toe?
Is there anyone?
2.  How many sisters want their brothers to be known as Casanovas or Boy Toys?
3.  How many fathers would appreciate their daughters to move around with guys they do not know about (especially from which family they belong?)
4.    How many husbands want their wives to be catered by the attention of their friends and official colleagues?

I don’t think anyone would ever even dream about that! (Personal perception – can differ from others way of thinking)

Why do brothers allow their sisters to wear such dresses on which they themselves will hit on any other girls – if she would have worn that?

Why don’t girls prefer to walk to the market of bus stops after wearing particular kinds of clothes and prefer to go by personal conveyance?
Do they have any guilt or fear? If they say people watch them “so who is inviting them to watch?”

Why do fathers and brothers buy the “ALL NIGHT FREE PACKAGES” for their sisters and daughters – are they really that insane – and living in “SATYA-YUG” that is “ERA of TRUTH”?

Why don’t parents visit the universities, colleges and schools anymore to know the reputation of their kids? They definitely are busy enough in their own hassles that they overlook the fact that for whom they are embracing all the hardships have taken a somewhat wrong path in their lives.

Most of the individuals call such things “Experience” and “personality building” and even “confidence gaining activities” – REALLY?

For them I only have to say “Smoking, Boozing, Child Molestation and Incest etc are also experiences – are you ready to try them all?”

Bitter – hunh?

I heard a father saying “I need daughters not MODELS walking around in my house”

I heard a brother saying (in anger) “I wish I could treat my kid sister the way she really deserves)

I heard a sister saying “I wish brother to get out of the trap of - - -”

Haven’t you heard or thought about it at all?

This thing never crossed your mind?

By stating all these facts am not trying to preach that every woman should take Abaya or does not talk with any guy, or any guy must never talk to a girl and never make a pass (after all yester year’s successful love marriages must have been initiated by making a pass. And those individuals are proud parents of today’s youth as well as grandparents of today’s infants).

What I am trying to say is that there has to respect, love, dedication and sincerity in any relationship – but not time-pass activity, lust and infatuation etc.

Why don’t we appreciate and regard the fact that while driving in front of Mosques, Churches, Temples, Schools and Houses it’s better to lower down the volume of your music player? Its ETHICAL for me – but for most its being stereotype.

I am not sure, whether people tried to get my point of view or not. But I do want most of us to think on few questions, which have been stated here.

Bless you all – keep smiling – Try to observe and weigh.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An interesting Interview! The Code of “Con”-“Duct”

Being a decision maker is not easy at all. Trust me, its really hard to decide at times – what to do and what not – how to react and how not to – What to say and what not. There are countless such things which Decision makers go through. Though some are gifted, but those who are not definitely face a lot of troubles.

I am a Libra by Zodiac sign and mostly Librans are not quick and pro-active decision makers. At places I have to take many decisions, which are neither planned nor easier for me.

Recently I conducted interviews for the content writers for my “Earn Online 4 Pakistan” venture. I definitely needed some fresh writers and even few experienced ones. I flooded different platforms with messages and ads. I received great response, better than I ever expected. I was really surprised to receive 86 CVs in just 24 hours’ time. I was like “WOW – there is a lot of talent in this country, who is definitely getting wasted by doing nothing”. May Almighty save them all from the Freedom (of Vacancy).

After taking a gap of 2 days, I scheduled their interviews and planned my activities accordingly. Seriously I was amazed by 80% of them all. We have the crudest talent trust me. Most of the Individuals who have applied for the jobs used “Slangs” and short-hands in the interview session. Most of them were either enrolled in the Masters’ Program or have completed their Masters from some big and reputed names of our country. But none of them were able to write a single paragraph free from errors. Many guys and girls gave some amazing excuses, which I simply loved – being the Interviewer and Feed Back Provider on their master pieces. Excuses Included;
  1.      Hey bro I wrote really fast couldn’t check em all.
  2.         Sorry I am New to this
  3.         It was my first time, please sorry me.
  4.         Oh that’s my mistake – please avoid that, read next line.
I am sure these answers are worth reading, when you are conducting a serious interview and hiring individuals to make them earn 15,000 – 28,000/- PKR (initially). What I don’t get is that how have such students passed their exams? Even a student from Matriculation would have failed on such usage of language. Plus, don’t they have classes or orientations for “How to appear in interviews”? What language to use, no matter how informal the interviewer is, the candidate is supposed to be in his/her limits and show his/her best conduct. Or it might be a fact that I am old fashioned and prefer individuals with better conduct and ethics of communication.

I am still surprised about the fact that an MBA these days says that “I am new to writing Essays”. I don’t think our institutions are passing the talent out. People really lack in writing skills. After thinking about it, for like many days and even nights, the only thing which I came to realize is
  •          “BULLET CULTURE” –
  •          “To the Point answers” and finally
  •          “MCQ based Question Papers”.

These Three elements throw students away from writing the content. And when it comes to writing a decent content they terribly fail to use good words, proper grammar and appropriate sentence structuring.

I am sure every student makes reports in almost every semester, but how many of them are there who do not use the term “COPY/PASTE” while making those lengthy reports and get “A’s” from their instructors.

Where are we Standing fellows? We need a wake-up call!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Great People

In life we come across many people who we consider and know as “Achievers” and “Success Stories”. Those people are later known as the “Great People” by the world. Most of us think that those people are made up of some different kinds of ingredients, but in reality, they are as similar as You and Me. They are as ordinary as any other person walking on the street.

So what makes them different? It is nothing but their high commitment level – to many “Commitment Level” may sound a heavy word, easy to say but difficult to do justice with and hard to achieve. But actually commitment is the pre-requisite to do any work – not just a job. For instance taking complete history prior to prescribing a medicine to a patient shows commitment level, before writing an essay on “Global Warming”, asking from friends, teachers and Google-ing about “Global Warming” is also a form or commitment level. So it is not difficult at all – doing right thing at right time is commitment level.

The “Great People” have high commitment level, focused dedication and a particular objective or goal in their minds – that sync with their hearts as well. Today most of the individuals (particularly youngsters) think that starting a career from Sales is substandard. But they forget the fact that the lowest step of the ladder is close to the ground but if they can not step on that, how will it be possible for them to reach at the highest step of the ladder, which is the sky. Like all says it is always essential to start from the basic to reach at the top. Similarly you studied “A, B, C…” before writing a word or Blog (in my case).

We know “TATA”, “DALDA” and “TAPAL” today, as giants of business world. But they started their journeys towards success by fueling their limbs. Life is and was never tailor made – not even for emperors.

Finally I would like to share!

                “Great People Are Really Ordinary People, Who Commit Themselves To Extra-ordinary Goals.”

Be blessed – Keep Smiling – Dream on – and Start acting

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EID MUBARAK? Why? Do you Deserve EID?

Today I won’t write much – no justifications, not answers, no detailed analysis and no nothing.

Most of us are on FB – sharing greetings and blessings and what not! As if we really deserve the Eid! and its’ greetings and celebrations.

Let’s give yourself a “Rapid Question Answer” round! To your own self – it is not needed to be answered at this platform.


Q1. How many times I offered prayers in the mosque?

Q2. How many times I recited Quran Pak “The Holy book” this month?

Q3. How many times I stayed up late at nights for worshipping and offering Nafil and Tahajjud prayers apart from getting logged on at Face Book?

Q4. How many times I helped poor and deserving ones in terms of aiding them either by money or food? (Just 1/2/3/4 or 5 days?)

Q5. How many times I recited “al-Hamd Shareef” for those who died in this Holy Month?

Q6. How many times I offered Taraveeh? or Does EID only mean to shop, shop and window shop?

Q7. Instead of spending thousands of bucks on Iftaar deals, why didn’t I help any deserving kid or old man – suffering from hunger, illness or such other traumatic situations?

Q8. Why did I break the signal at the time of Iftaari? After all ROZA means control on your urges and desires?

Q9.  Why did I share the videos of Aamir Liaquat which were full of slangs? Were they any kind of sacred things to be shared in the month of Holy Ramazan?

Q10. Why did I always talk about the government and governmental officers in such a tone that they are the most corrupt individuals and I never missed a chance of Gheebat! Who am I myself? Saha Satta?

And now I am the one who is dying to celebrate EID – as If I am the only true Muslim who performed all the obligations and fulfilled every duty assigned to me by almighty.

Its time to wake up!

Even am amongst you but what matters are, one should be able to see the mirror!

Eid is a gift of Allah to those who succeeded in obeying Allah and his Rasool - acted upon the ways described in Holy Quran - 
Eid is definitely not for me and millions like me!

Don’t want to say much!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

And they say its Difficult to Blossom Roses of Love in One’s Heart!

And they say its Difficult to Blossom Roses of Love in One’s Heart!

It is rightly said that life is very short – so don’t waste it in arguing, fighting and hating others. The best thing is to shower smiles on the faces of those who are in one way or the other associated with you. Not particularly only Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis or Friends, but also those who accidentally meet you in seminars, restaurants, rest-rooms, shops and such other countless places. I know, most people would now be thinking that those other people might think us fool or immature to do such things to bring smile on their faces. But think again! Does it really matter? After all, you will be able to win a smile – just because of your own effort. It counts trust me. Where are all the lessons of Humanities and “Being Good and Happy Go Lucky”? Are they only left for the books or some editions of Reader’s Digests?

Its time to think differently! Everyone is worried for his or her own hassles. Don/t you like to swim against the tides? Remember when you usually say in front of your friends by pumping up your chests “I am not usual – Am different”. This is what DIFFERENT PEOPLE DO. They bring the best day out of the most hectic one!

There are more than many ways to brighten the days of your loved ones – not particularly wives or girlfriends and vice versa. You can buy a domain name of your brother’s or sister’s name. (These days they are really affordable). Create a simple yet elegant web page after all “Word Press” and other agents are here to help you out. Write a poem or quotation that best describes your relation with him or her and ask them to visit the web link. It will have a huge effect – mark my words. Its simple and cute!

For your mother the easiest thing is to wrap a mirror in the gift paper with a note “All my strength is because of you – May you always shine to brighten up my life with your care and love”. Mothers deserve the best undoubtedly. And to all ladies keep that in mind that only that man can keep his woman like a Princess who is grown up by a Queen.

Now this might sound and look kinda weird to most, but I have practiced it personally and it works in almost all the situations. Whether you are in office, being new or experienced, in a mall or movie theatre all you need to do is to say 2 words “Nice Outfit” or “Nice Color” with a decent and simple smile – and no further expectation to start a communication (strictly) – you will see that the lips of both the boys and girls will curve upward – at places slightly and at others a bit more.

Finally the best way to bring a simple smile on your boss’s face is a simple statement “After all I am trained by you – how could I be misguided in any execution”. Try to give credits to others, everyone knows that you have performed the task, but the kind of happiness and smile which you give to others is unmatched.
You must be thinking that these thoughts and examples are about “smile” not “Love” but in exchange with the SMILE, what you will get is different kinds of LOVE. They could be brotherly, Fatherly, Humanly and as well as Lover“ly”.

Life is short – make the most of it by spreading love, smile and care. You are the only one who can make it possible.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Simpleton’s thought


Why is it so hard and difficult to be “Simple” and so easy and simple to be “Difficult”? I might not have known the reason all my life but thanks to the cook of mine who made me realize this fact. I have always been taught that never concentrate on “who is saying anything” but always try to understand on “what is being said”.

Allow me to put it in simpler words; it is so easy to point out the mistakes of the others. Isn’t it? It must have happened to most of the readers in some points in their lives that they must have pointed out the mistakes of others. For instance the most recurrent example could be any batsman playing any stroke – for example Shahid Afridi. Every tom dick and harry comments on the particular stroke which leads to either a catch or loss of a wicket, without even thinking about the pressure which he must have been facing at that particular time. On the contrary when any friend from the university or any colleague from the office presents any report or presentation in front of the whole class or board, most of the individuals point out a lot of fault and blunders without considering the fact that it takes a lot of courage to stand in front of the crowd and speak or present anything. If you had so much of capability to point different mistakes out, why didn’t you participated and stood, where your friend of colleague is standing. One Simple answer to this is – “It is easy to point mistakes out rather than stand up and face the odds”. So those who are standing up and being brave – let us appreciate them and take inspiration from them.

Why is it that we always see the problems in out surroundings? Why are we always not happy with others? Why do we always point out the loop holes in the performances of the actors? Why do we always try to find the reason for any one’s good acts? Why do we make things complicated?  Yes we do make them a lot complicated! By asking another Question in reply to one simple question!

Don’t we?

Have we become insecure, afraid and conscious about ourselves?

I personally think, “WE ARE”. This is the reason why we have started to point out the flaws and faults in others, so that no one can point any mistakes or errors in us.

The art of being happy is living a simple, contented and non-biased life. By accepting your mistakes you are considered to be the bravest individual. It is not easy to accept your own fault and those who accept their mistakes are liked and appreciated by many. This helps to develop a better personality which is effective in it’s own way.

Try it, to believe it.

Its Simply SIMPLE

Stay blessed!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hard Work and Smart Work! A Contrast

Since our childhood we are listening one single quote and advise from our elders – no matter what a mess they had created with their lives! even by knowing these statements....

  1. Hard work will reward you!
  2. Keep working Hard

It sounds simple to many but in reality it takes a lot of balls to walk on such a path where there is no chance of missing a single shot. As far as I think, these statements are over - exaggerated most of the times. I meant why do we forget that its not the hardness but the smartness, which counts at the end of the day. You must have observed in your lives at countless points and phases of life that after spending hours and hours of studying for a test or spending continuous nights in the offices to prepare a presentation for the board – the desired result was not achieved! Isn’t it? On the contrary those who studied hardly for few hours and even watched movies and listened to songs of their favorite singers scored better than you (or close to you), they enjoyed that time as well as scored good. Similarly those who attended the office from 9 – 5 and spend little time on the project to complete the presentation were much more impressive then you!

What exactly you lacked? After all you did your best “HARD WORK” which was possible from your side! Even then you could not make the mark! Feels really bad isn’t it?

Let me try to answer what was lacking. It was CSQ – not the (Quebec Selection Certificate) but the Concentration, Smartness and Quality.

We emphasize a lot on Effort! But in reality it is one of the least significant factors in producing success. Those statements mentioned above as 1 and 2 give birth to inefficient efforts! People work hard all their lives and do not attain what they wish and for what they have been working throughout their lives only because of the inefficient efforts which they apply.

Its better to use your mind at times! Let it work on short-cuts! Trust me it is mostly (mind it! not only) smartness which saves a warrior’s life when he is surrounded by the opponents, all hard work will make him breath heavily real soon!

So what you prefer to be




Be blessed and smiling!

Friday, April 29, 2011

We Need Guides Today – Not Imposers

It is really a matter of luck to meet someone who is blessed with the experience, expertise and great knowledge from different phases of life, along with the different sectors exposed. In today’s life when on the one hand it is commonly said by almost all the Gurus that “it is good to share experiences” whereas on the contrary it has been observed that people are so busy to spare time for their families and friends – who could ever think for the exchange of thoughts and experiences? Any ways I still feel myself lucky to meet someone who was and still is a worth meeting person.

Last week I happened to meet this great person, who is a combination of repute, regard, jovial charms and very accurate in finding the Lacuna in the society as well as in the mind set of our corporate cultures. While we were sitting together, we discussed many things from cultures to trends and from codes of army to civil trends and life styles. He shared his vast experiences with me – I am thankful to him for his precious time and knowledge which he imparted with me. We then discussed about the current scenario of our countries’ employment policies. I agreed to all his approaches, he had an absolute spot analysis on the subject.

In our corporate culture, we often come across to a similar statement that is “For the jobs, only those can apply who are either IBA graduates or LUMS graduates – rest please don’t bother to drop your CVs” – Well to be honest I, in fact We, do not have any grudges against the mentioned universities but just a thought crosses our minds. “Does All the Talent Belong To Only Top Notch Universities?” What about those countless girls and guys who are striving hard to achieve their education and working simultaneously to accomplish their dreams of becoming SOMEONE from NO-ONE? Give a thought!

We are not of the view that every Tom, Dick and Harry is included in this but those who are hard working, dedicated and focused in life; they do need a chance to prove themselves. In today’s world we even do not care to look at the résumés of those candidates who do not belong to top 3 Universities. Does it mean that rest of the institutions are not producing any talent or the students of the rest of the universities are not capable to face the challenges in the life? – We need to have a Reality Check.

As per our discussion, we also concluded that, in this age we lack people with vision. We may have highly qualified people around us, but we are not sure whether they are EDUCATED or not. Qualification and Education are two different streams; we usually count them as ONE. Today we need Guides who can provide pure guidance rather than those individuals who impose their thoughts and observations on budding talents – without knowing their capabilities. Everyone wants to be considered as the most knowledgeable and accurate person – and that is why he thinks that whatever decision which he has made does not need any alternative verification or opinion. That is what mostly happens to the youth when they are forced by their seniors, teachers, parents and colleagues etc to select any particular profession or subjects – without providing them a vision but a “quick brisk walk” towards the goal, without analyzing whether they will be able to make it up to the end or exhaust themselves before reaching to the target.
It is high time to think LOGICALLY rather than so called “practically”. I would definitely like to thank Mr. M. Baseer Khan to broadening my visions and giving me his precious time – He had been associated with the Pakistan Army and over a decade he has also been exposed to the corporate sector. There were certain other topics which were shared and discussed, which soon I will be sharing with my readers.
Hope it would have knocked the minds of my readers – for once at least.
Keep thinking before implementing!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Unconventional “Better-Half” – A Man’s Perspective

We do know that we have a complete hold of our lives until we tie knots with someone, who promises, oaths and guarantees to be our companion of life time (at times LIE of a TIME) – to be there in thick and thin (what I love to call it as THICKLY THIN and THINLY THICK). As the life starts with this unmatched beauty, the beasts like us find it mesmerizing and enchanting. For a matter of fact it is how life is – you meet a person who is completely unknown to you and you start not just only to live with her and love and care for her too. Better say the beast transforms into ummm… somewhat Priest! Who provides almost every kind of services to his “MADAM”, cares for her, leads her in almost every step and stand there for her no matter how weak his knees get, in the presence of any other woman.


I still remember my grandmother giving hints and tips to my female cousins how to win the hearts of their husbands and going to be ones. The main crux used to be how to cook swadisht (tasty) cuisines. No wonder they did win the hearts of their hubbies, but most of those hubbies are now suffering from heart diseases and soon it is expected that their heart decease (due to the over flow of their “butler-halves” love in the form of thick, spicy and oily curry in their veins and arteries). No second thought to the fact that these better halves are extremely good in kitchen highly smart in running the day to day house hold chores and activities.


Who says nightmare ends when you open your eyes? There are countless who still have to live with the same… in the very same territory. Most of the men are horrified and petrified though such a partner. But due to their wisdom or better say fear, they don’t take the bold step throughout their lives.  They are often known as violent, short tempered, blunt and unsophisticated by their partners. To which I say – they are simply EXPRESSIVE. They know when to throw which ball to fly one’s wicket. Yes they are nagging at times, but who isn’t? Think about your boss for a moment! About the customer who wants cent percent result of the product he purchased from you! and the land-lord of yours… If you can wear a lovely smile in front of them in their worst moods, why can’t you tolerate this creature who happened to be your one full half?J Never go on the packaging un-wrap her to be surprised. She has a lot of love care and respect for you! Trust me, it’s just the depression and frustration she faces and feels every day – remember she used to have the same sugar coated finger, which you wanted to lick always! Just give her a softer time, remind her the old days, treat her well, the way you used to… and feel the magic.


Well this one is my favorite, she is the one who is shy, vibrant, and lovely, she has calculated moves to captivate and enchant. She knows how to dazzle. She gives her hubby all the thrills along with the chills. My canvas might get bigger on her account, but she is worth praising. She tries to obey and knows how to command also. She is the wisest amongst all; she does feel like the soft breeze at the sea-shore but she actually has a storm within her. All the men are willing to bow their heads and minds in front of her. She is – to them – a complete package of charm, beauty, obedience and thrill. Men are usually happy with such wives, but as they grow old and mature, they want their wives to grow too.

After all the discussions and jokes apart, I think a Man must always stand by the side of his woman. Give her due respect and nurture her. He must give her his best shot of love, gentleness, admiration, regard, commitment and softness. One who protects, safe guards and provides the rights of his woman definitely deserves to be known as a REAL MAN.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Job Hunters, Can Now Do “WONDERS”

Job Hunters, Can Now Do “WONDERS”


It's a norm these days that we often hear one statement from most of the people we come across – “Man! Market is very uncertain, I have no Job security..” or at times “Please pray for me, I think I am about to get laid off as many of my colleagues met the same fate last month”.

To be honest, one should accept this fact that deep down there, he is worried about the uncertainty of the so called market. Come on! We all know that recession has been there already and the else is just manipulated or better put as exploited. Even today in the midst of such a crisis one can find better to do – jobs. The point is how to be the one amongst the rest.


Since last month I have been attending quite a few parties and gathering. So, meeting some old friends from different phases of life is a usual thing. Five of my old acquaintances were laid off during that phase, belonging to different sectors, pharmaceutical, FMCG and IT. Four out of five are married and three out of four are fathers of sweet kids, by the grace of All Mighty. For them, losing their job was the biggest nightmare of their lives. They used to be down and gloomy, talking about the negative sides of the life, finding the darkness in the brightest moments of their lives. To be honest, if someone loses his or her job one fine morning – (which to most of us is an AILING end of the career), it's highly dreadful to think even. So there were many others too from the lot who suffered from the same tragedy.


The phenomenon of INDIVIDUALITY is lovely – I personally love it, as every one thinks and implements as per his own way. Similarly, all the sufferers had to get back into the field by any how. They all chose altogether different approaches and manners to pull their socks up. It was then, when I personally realized that every one can bring the best out of the worst conditions, provided he/she is on right track and most of all focused. So, different approaches were adopted by the different friends of mine, they polished their skills to publicly promote themselves, in one way or the other, by being well witted, informative and expressive.


Today if we talk about going out, meeting with people and having a good time at a friends’ place, it is considered as normality of life. But why don't we explore a new future through these activities. Target your employer, colleague or agent. Be pro-active! Hit it on the right joint by the very first impression. It's been ages since we are hearing “First Impression is the Last Impression”, when are we actually gonna implement it? Now is the time, same thing was done by my friend, he highlighted his own self by being RELEVANTLY TALKATIVE person amongst the crowd and he earned a good account, today he is on better job, then he was earlier.


Today, third party is a commonly heard term – Third party logistics, Third party employers and Third Party Contractors etc. There are consultancies, which provide better solutions to the problems faced by jobless individuals. One of my friend approached to such consultancy, as per him, these consultancies are really very well-organized and can place the candidates on the right position. He soon got lucky, by being patient and consistent. He for sure has scored a good job through that. So these companies act as linkage and bridge between right human resources to the right work places.


Facebook! Am sure the name rings so many bells in the mind, these days – Farmville, Scrabble, Mafia Wars and Texas Hold’em Poker – rite? But there are certain other things also, strictly for those who want to get a better future. There are so many plat-forms on face book, through which one can find better jobs. All that is required is to take interest and start applying through the help of such forums. These days LinkedIn is very popular and you can get the results in 2-3 months, provided you have right kind of people in your profile. It's been ages, that we known about the, but have we ever applied consistently for the jobs there? I don't think so; people got their dream jobs through it. Similarly my friends did get the job through on-line plat-forms. Many a times I myself got so many calls – with the help of the same site. It is advised to youngsters and those who want to either start or switch their jobs – they must try to understand the importance of technology and apply for jobs through such sites.


Something to work out for fresher, home based individuals and people who don't have much to do on their jobs – who want to do something small to earn side by side is elance and freelance. I will soon discuss some facts regarding this site also. Very beneficial for those who want to stay at home, yet want to earn good!


Well, there are a lot of uncertainties in one's life. Every one come across certain kinds of – what you may say – tight situations. But all that matters is, how are you treating your life? How much is one ready to stand up against that uncertainty? To make a different life, one has to start thinking differently and act differently. Everyone has the tendency to be successful – apart from Armani, Versace, Ford, GE and Birla we also have Mr. Tapal, Mr. Hashmi Surma wala, Students’ Briani,  Kolson and Mr. Abjani (An Inspiration)!

Think and Act!

P.S. Please Do Share Your Personal Experiences and Thoughts about it.