Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Unconventional “Better-Half” – A Man’s Perspective

We do know that we have a complete hold of our lives until we tie knots with someone, who promises, oaths and guarantees to be our companion of life time (at times LIE of a TIME) – to be there in thick and thin (what I love to call it as THICKLY THIN and THINLY THICK). As the life starts with this unmatched beauty, the beasts like us find it mesmerizing and enchanting. For a matter of fact it is how life is – you meet a person who is completely unknown to you and you start not just only to live with her and love and care for her too. Better say the beast transforms into ummm… somewhat Priest! Who provides almost every kind of services to his “MADAM”, cares for her, leads her in almost every step and stand there for her no matter how weak his knees get, in the presence of any other woman.


I still remember my grandmother giving hints and tips to my female cousins how to win the hearts of their husbands and going to be ones. The main crux used to be how to cook swadisht (tasty) cuisines. No wonder they did win the hearts of their hubbies, but most of those hubbies are now suffering from heart diseases and soon it is expected that their heart decease (due to the over flow of their “butler-halves” love in the form of thick, spicy and oily curry in their veins and arteries). No second thought to the fact that these better halves are extremely good in kitchen highly smart in running the day to day house hold chores and activities.


Who says nightmare ends when you open your eyes? There are countless who still have to live with the same… in the very same territory. Most of the men are horrified and petrified though such a partner. But due to their wisdom or better say fear, they don’t take the bold step throughout their lives.  They are often known as violent, short tempered, blunt and unsophisticated by their partners. To which I say – they are simply EXPRESSIVE. They know when to throw which ball to fly one’s wicket. Yes they are nagging at times, but who isn’t? Think about your boss for a moment! About the customer who wants cent percent result of the product he purchased from you! and the land-lord of yours… If you can wear a lovely smile in front of them in their worst moods, why can’t you tolerate this creature who happened to be your one full half?J Never go on the packaging un-wrap her to be surprised. She has a lot of love care and respect for you! Trust me, it’s just the depression and frustration she faces and feels every day – remember she used to have the same sugar coated finger, which you wanted to lick always! Just give her a softer time, remind her the old days, treat her well, the way you used to… and feel the magic.


Well this one is my favorite, she is the one who is shy, vibrant, and lovely, she has calculated moves to captivate and enchant. She knows how to dazzle. She gives her hubby all the thrills along with the chills. My canvas might get bigger on her account, but she is worth praising. She tries to obey and knows how to command also. She is the wisest amongst all; she does feel like the soft breeze at the sea-shore but she actually has a storm within her. All the men are willing to bow their heads and minds in front of her. She is – to them – a complete package of charm, beauty, obedience and thrill. Men are usually happy with such wives, but as they grow old and mature, they want their wives to grow too.

After all the discussions and jokes apart, I think a Man must always stand by the side of his woman. Give her due respect and nurture her. He must give her his best shot of love, gentleness, admiration, regard, commitment and softness. One who protects, safe guards and provides the rights of his woman definitely deserves to be known as a REAL MAN.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Job Hunters, Can Now Do “WONDERS”

Job Hunters, Can Now Do “WONDERS”


It's a norm these days that we often hear one statement from most of the people we come across – “Man! Market is very uncertain, I have no Job security..” or at times “Please pray for me, I think I am about to get laid off as many of my colleagues met the same fate last month”.

To be honest, one should accept this fact that deep down there, he is worried about the uncertainty of the so called market. Come on! We all know that recession has been there already and the else is just manipulated or better put as exploited. Even today in the midst of such a crisis one can find better to do – jobs. The point is how to be the one amongst the rest.


Since last month I have been attending quite a few parties and gathering. So, meeting some old friends from different phases of life is a usual thing. Five of my old acquaintances were laid off during that phase, belonging to different sectors, pharmaceutical, FMCG and IT. Four out of five are married and three out of four are fathers of sweet kids, by the grace of All Mighty. For them, losing their job was the biggest nightmare of their lives. They used to be down and gloomy, talking about the negative sides of the life, finding the darkness in the brightest moments of their lives. To be honest, if someone loses his or her job one fine morning – (which to most of us is an AILING end of the career), it's highly dreadful to think even. So there were many others too from the lot who suffered from the same tragedy.


The phenomenon of INDIVIDUALITY is lovely – I personally love it, as every one thinks and implements as per his own way. Similarly, all the sufferers had to get back into the field by any how. They all chose altogether different approaches and manners to pull their socks up. It was then, when I personally realized that every one can bring the best out of the worst conditions, provided he/she is on right track and most of all focused. So, different approaches were adopted by the different friends of mine, they polished their skills to publicly promote themselves, in one way or the other, by being well witted, informative and expressive.


Today if we talk about going out, meeting with people and having a good time at a friends’ place, it is considered as normality of life. But why don't we explore a new future through these activities. Target your employer, colleague or agent. Be pro-active! Hit it on the right joint by the very first impression. It's been ages since we are hearing “First Impression is the Last Impression”, when are we actually gonna implement it? Now is the time, same thing was done by my friend, he highlighted his own self by being RELEVANTLY TALKATIVE person amongst the crowd and he earned a good account, today he is on better job, then he was earlier.


Today, third party is a commonly heard term – Third party logistics, Third party employers and Third Party Contractors etc. There are consultancies, which provide better solutions to the problems faced by jobless individuals. One of my friend approached to such consultancy, as per him, these consultancies are really very well-organized and can place the candidates on the right position. He soon got lucky, by being patient and consistent. He for sure has scored a good job through that. So these companies act as linkage and bridge between right human resources to the right work places.


Facebook! Am sure the name rings so many bells in the mind, these days – Farmville, Scrabble, Mafia Wars and Texas Hold’em Poker – rite? But there are certain other things also, strictly for those who want to get a better future. There are so many plat-forms on face book, through which one can find better jobs. All that is required is to take interest and start applying through the help of such forums. These days LinkedIn is very popular and you can get the results in 2-3 months, provided you have right kind of people in your profile. It's been ages, that we known about the, but have we ever applied consistently for the jobs there? I don't think so; people got their dream jobs through it. Similarly my friends did get the job through on-line plat-forms. Many a times I myself got so many calls – with the help of the same site. It is advised to youngsters and those who want to either start or switch their jobs – they must try to understand the importance of technology and apply for jobs through such sites.


Something to work out for fresher, home based individuals and people who don't have much to do on their jobs – who want to do something small to earn side by side is elance and freelance. I will soon discuss some facts regarding this site also. Very beneficial for those who want to stay at home, yet want to earn good!


Well, there are a lot of uncertainties in one's life. Every one come across certain kinds of – what you may say – tight situations. But all that matters is, how are you treating your life? How much is one ready to stand up against that uncertainty? To make a different life, one has to start thinking differently and act differently. Everyone has the tendency to be successful – apart from Armani, Versace, Ford, GE and Birla we also have Mr. Tapal, Mr. Hashmi Surma wala, Students’ Briani,  Kolson and Mr. Abjani (An Inspiration)!

Think and Act!

P.S. Please Do Share Your Personal Experiences and Thoughts about it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Remarkable Business Trends Start-ups Need to Know Now

As the businesses are frequently establishing and gaining their own markets, it is essential to establish a business where you act pro actively – not reactively! This can only be gained by knowing how and when to strike in the market, by keeping all the pros and cons weighted and studied. Similarly, man giant businesses started to work on planning their businesses to launch on right time and in a right manner. Knowing about the life cycle of a product and business is an essential knowledge, which gives an over-view and idea before hand, to how to tackle a particular situation in the upcoming times.

If a closer study could be made, in past recent years there is huge change in the businesses which had showed up. Prior to establish such businesses one should be aware of the current trends of the market in which he is planning to enter, more over the knowledge of potential trends also acts as a shield, when jumped into the market. We will discuss some controlling and forceful points which will safe guard our entry in the business and also guarantee an impactful launch in the market.

Target Your Sales Prospects

It has been seen and observed that if you know do not have any plan, then, you are definitely planning to fail. Hence, plan your target market, from where to get your sales started. Does your market falls under youth, kids, matures, married, singles, low pay scaled professionals, students, highly paid business executives or specific genders etc. For instance, if your target market is students and youth then it will be baseless to go to pubs and discos or hotels to market yourself, but on the contrary you may hit them at the schools, colleges and high schools etc. This is known as tapping your market in accurate manner. Advertise in the places where there is a potential that your target market will see it. Then there is always a room for references as word of mouth is the best advertising which can turn countless customers to your door-step. Providing discounts, quality product packages, special offers are just some of the tools to enhance the sales.

Internationally Tap The Market

After taking a start from your own home, strive for outside. This is what many of the companies and business in the past have exercised. “Papa John’s Pizza” which currently is the third leading take-out and delivery restaurant also began in the same way. First John Schnatter started from a little segment, after the making his mark he went international. For this, one also has to do a lot of home-work, as awareness of the economic conditions of the region in which one is intending to extend arms for the business. Business must know its capacity to bear the expenses and ability to flex as per the time.

Strong concern of the Social Media and its Trend

With the advent of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Hi5, MySpace and LinkedIn etc) new businesses have a strong potential to advertise on such plat-forms. As almost everyone, in on one way of the other, connected to such social network, the chances of creating brand and business awareness in the minds of the potential customers is easier comparatively. This is a comparatively cheaper way to penetrate in a bigger way.

Familiarize Yourself with the Norms of the Business

For better results in terms of sales, you must be aware of the trends which you, yourself are following and those which are followed either by market or the competitors. It is simply not wise enough to keep changing the trend, but to study it deeply, with all the benefits and drawbacks and then implementing. Being low cost concern, gives you an advantage to enjoy more profits even when the market and economy is going down. So keep up to what you are good at. Strengthen your value chain activities. As baby boomers are about to retire soon, and you are indulged in the business of Generation Y, do not just jump without studying the trends and potential of the new opportunity, weigh yourself on some definite grounds for the best outcome, otherwise adverse results could be achieved. So Plan accordingly.