Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 Steps That Can Lead To Breakup - Part 2

As Promised! I am back with more pointers to save you guys from being dumped by your sweetie pies! The strangest thing is that, after posting “10 Steps That Can Lead to Break-Up – Part 1” I did not hear much from guys, but women (oops! Girls) contacted me through messages and agreed to some points. Hats-off to those girls who accepted the facts! I really admire the way you all are comfortable with yourselves and your attitudes. With the passage of time, I have come across some more pointers which can help a man to be shielded from the slash of the sword, named breakup. Following are some more lifesavers.
  1. You Don’t Like Her Parents? Never Breathe a Word!
What if she develops an allergy for your parents? It’s the same way. Try to respect her parents even if you don’t feel respecting them. None of the couples is perfect! Is yours? Or will it remain the way it currently is? So, the bottom-line is no matter how pain they are or can be in the most private parts, bear a smile on your face (at least TRY) and keep silence in the air because at times clashes of opinions with her parents can ignite her volcanic engine. 

  1. Never Flirt With other Women In front of Her
Men will be men! They won’t stop in admiring, appreciating and cheating (if provided in one way or the other). We all know it is hard to not to stare back to that gorgeous woman with a tag “Oh! Watch me”. And if she by any means is talking with you in front of your spouse, be very choosy in using the words, as you won’t stop flirting and your spouse won’t stop spying! If she can be questionable to the fact that your eyes landed on another woman’s assets, just imagine what can be her response when you will actually get flirtatious with her!

  1. Discontinue going out with your friends too often
It has been seen that guys don’t usually change – they stay the way they are. I also hear it a lot to which I always say “Perfection is Contact”. Anyways, most of us are outgoing with our friends and like to make plans to visit places and enjoy together. If you keep on continuing these activities of yours be sure that soon your spouse will also make a “girls’ night out” plan and always remember, you are not the only one who is good with distracting and admiring women when out with your friends! Competition is in the air! 

  1. Are you trying to explain her “Why you have Porn / Vulgar Stuff in your Laptop”?
If, (God Forbid), she checks out your personal folder named as “Software Files” and asks you about the stuff that it has never try to explain in detail the real fact! Details will give her more questions to ask which may lead to quite unusual situation. Admit the fact, that you are a dog, apologize and delete the folder. Later, start saving the files in some other folder or with other names and extensions! Men won’t change! Just like women can not change their shopping habits and gossiping craze!

  1. She Comes First Before Your Mom
If you are in a catch 22 situation and want an opinion, never disclose that you have already asked from your mom about what to do! Don’t let her get angry by making her realize that she is a 2nd person in your life! She should always come first!

  1. Praise Her More Than Her Outfit
No matter what she wears, no matter how ridiculous she looks in the name of “Fashion” or “Style Statement” just use 3 words! “You Look Fantastic”

  1. Never Use her Shower Products
She is very peculiar about her belongings and shower products are her essentials. The treasure with which she smells, looks and feels good!

  1. Stop Watching TV Shows Featuring Hot Girls
For a woman, if video games, magazines and laptops can be competitions then keeping the same theory in mind how can you possibly digest that she will allow you to watch a program that features hot girls with some steamy and revealing outfits. I have stopped watching Californication – and she have no idea how much I miss Hank Moody!

  1. Stay the way you are in short DON’T GET FAT
She agreed to be with you or chose you mainly because of the way you looked back then. If you want her to feel the same thing throughout, stay in shape. Don’t get expanded.

  1. Video Games with Her? Insane?
If you think that she will accompany you in playing a play station or X-Box with you, you sure are in no need of a spouse then. She can never stand the reality that you are ignoring her and getting all indulged and excited in playing video games and expressing your emotions loudly for that.
Keep commenting and messaging!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Pakistani Media is Infected!

Pakistan has great potential as well as talent. But what lacks in Pakistan is the sense of ownership and feeling of pride in our own things. Whether they are our garments, food or media we have the best of everything but still we prefer to get influenced by foreign stuff. Here foreign is anything outside our homeland’s boundary. There was a time when PTV was the only channel that used to be telecasted in Pakistan. Then there was STN (NTN) in early 90’s that started its transmission. Simultaneously PTV 2 was launched. PTV being the head and pioneer of the Pakistani TV channels produced some remarkable dramas and programs catering to every single niche of the society. STN / NTN also showcased some amazing series and serials and the most important thing was that it introduced Pakistani movies to the viewers, as a kid I can still remember the excitement of watching Pakistani movies every alternate day. I personally got acquainted with the talents of Nadeem, Mohd. Ali, Shahid, Waheed Murad, Babra, Jawed Shaikh and Munawwer Zareef etc through that particular channel, and I thank that, literally. 

People used to make fun of PTV2 back in those days for showing “how to create and design a TRACTOR” but the fact is, PTV2 acted as a beacon for those who really wanted to study and acquire the knowledge. The AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open University) Programs have made the lives of numerous people. PTV on the other hand showed some exceptional dramas, comedy shows, musical programs and quiz shows etc that helped Pakistanis evolve as a better and much sensible nation that is why when initially STAR PLUS and much earlier Zee TV was introduced to them they instantly objected on the scripts, made fun of multiple close-ups in different angles accompanied by loud music. The only popular program in those days was “close up Antakshri” presented by Annu kapoor and Pallawi Joshi. Whereas rest of the programs were not appreciated content wise. They only used to have glamour but not quality content.
Now let us talk about today’s TV channels. They are countless, every tom, dick and harry is opening up a new channel and then extending it with unusual names. We have now language based, region based, city based, cast based and even some district based channels but can we remember any drama or program the way we still recall our fond memories related to “Jaangloos”, “Saat Seerhian”, “Kaliyaan”, “Music Channel Charts”, “Agent X”, “Samunder”, “andhera Ujala”, “50/50”, “All Series of Studio 2, 2.5, Ponay Teen”, “Chand Grahan”, Landa Bazar” and “Kollege Jeanse”? The list is endless.
Recently (in the last 1.5 – 2 years) I have been asking myself few questions on frequent basis. Are all the channels of Pakistan, except PTV, entitled to call PAKISTANI TV CHANNELS? This question must be strange for many, I can understand that, so I am openly asking a few questions:

  1. Do our TV channels show only Pakistani Content?
  2. Don’t our channels show case IIFA, STAR, Film Fare and what not Award shows. Not only that, they also telecast the making and “red carpet shows” twice and thrice from same TV channels?  Can anyone remember watching LUX Style awards twice from any channel?
  3. Why do we have to sync Indian songs in our dramas, both in title and background score?
  4. Why do these channels show Indian movies? And when was the last time they showed Pakistani Movies other than, Khuda Ke liay, Ram Chand Pakistani, Bol or few others?
  5. To me it looks like all the channels are promotional agents of either Bollywood or Indian media. Well its harsh, but I have all the reasons and backing to think like that and say this.
  6. Most of the people talk about TRPs, don’t morning shows gain TRPs these days? Don’t current affair programs gain TRPs these days? Didn’t “Humsafar” enjoy record breaking TRPs? So please don’t come up with lame excuses of TRPs.
These are just few questions that I usually ask myself. I am just saying them aloud today so that I may get a sensible answer, I repeat “Sensible answer” and not any politically adulterated reason.
I wish Pakistani media can one day proudly use a Tagline, “For Pakistan, by Pakistan and outside Pakistan”.
And does any Indian channel show a single Pakistani program on their channels? Name one!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And The Magician Passes Away – Mehdi Hasan Voice of Pakistan

Who can forget the supper hit songs of Pakistani Film Industry from the era of 60’s to 80’s? The most prominent voice of Pakistani Film Industry (winner of countless awards including Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Pride of Performance and Hilal-e-Imtiaz by the Pakistani government) Mehdi Hasan passed away on June 13, 2012 in Karachi because of failure of breathing.
I don’t consider him just an ordinary singer; to me he was a magician who used to perform magic tricks with his unmatched voice. He introduced Pakistani music to not only few countries but to the world, literally. He was considered as the institution for both Ghazal and movie singing.
The King of Ghazal singing, Mehdi Hasan (Late), started his career back in 1956, though he also got chance to sing Ghazals and songs at Radio Pakistan in 1952, and his last recorded song for movies was released in 2000. His first breakthrough ghazal was Gulon main rung bharay from the movie Farangi. After that there was no looking back. He undoubtedly reigned specifically in 70’s because the excessive production of soft, romantic and musical Pakistani movies. 
How can people forget the magic of his unlimited romantic songs like; Hamarai aankhon main aaj tak wo, rafta rafta wo mere, patta patta boota boota, Tu meri zindagi hai, yeh tera naazuk, zindagi ki raah mein and many more. Not only these if you really want to listen to his light hearted songs then listen to “Paanday Kalayee Karalo” picturized on Shaahid. The singer was a magician by every means!
May his soul rests in peace and may Almighty shower HIS blessings on Mehdi Hasan.

And Lollywood Shows Improvement!

I am a biggest Pakistani movies’ fan, and I am not shy or hesitant to say that. But in the last few years (better say a decade or more) I have not seen many quality oriented movies in terms of script, performances and tone. Khuda Kay Liay, Bol, Yeh Dil Aapka hua and few other movies were technically and script-wise good along with the performances that were impressive. Rest of the movies, sorry to say, were typical formula based that offered no quality content to audiences.

Few days ago I was enlightened to watch the trailer of “Naach” – a joint venture of Nasir Teherani and Manduck Collective Films. It was a state of surprise for me watching finest actors delivering some great dialogues (I must add, Pakistani industry once had the best of dialogues back in 60’s to early 90’s). This movie is claimed to be the first ever movie produced in Pakistan that is based on Dance. It showcases the amazing talents of Javed Sheikh, Shaan, Momal Shaikh, Noman Butt and Komal Rizvi along with many glittering stars. The movie is based on passion, dance, romance, inspiration and imagination.
The trailer of the movie is very appealing and it builds up the curiosity to watch the movies – which in itself is a victory. Let us not go in to the debates of originality of the concept or inspirational adaptation. Just consider this movie as a move of brighter cinema. Jaaved Sheikh is definitely amongst the finest actors of Pakistan right from the days of “Shama” and the way he delivers his dialogues in “Naach” is tremendous, his voice and his moves will impress you the way they impressed me.

Shaan, on the other end, is the most sensible actors of Pakistan, leaving apart the kinds of movies that “masses” like. After all, someone had to step into the genre of the movies that was introduced by late Sultan Rahi. And he undoubtedly did a remarkable job in maintaining and increasing that list of cinema goers. Whether it was his “Guns N Roses”, “Very Good Dunya Very Bad Log”, “Tere Pyar Mein”, “Ghoonghat”, “KKL” and “Moosa Khan” Shaan always tried to give composed, remarkable and genuine performance. It is a shame for Pakistani directors to not to offer him roles that he really deserves.

There are many people who would say in a movie that is based upon DANCE, how anyone can cast Shaan and Jaaved Sheikh? both being older and hardly suitable for dancing roles, for all those “think tanks” let me add, try to promote your own stuff, if it is worth appraising. Did you ever thought the same way when SRK acted as the coach of hockey team?

I am excited to enjoy this movie and I hope those who appreciate quality movies from Pakistani cinema must feel the same.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Shanghai - Movie Review

What happens when you wait for a movie is that you think it would be a stimulating and aesthetically directed along with the some handpicked actors? Expectations are high! I went through the same, as well. I have an old soul in me, when it comes to liking performers (the era of 70’s and 80’s – is preferred by me). Getting a chance to watch Farooq Sheikh, (the Noorie and Chashm-e-buddoor fame) itself is a treat for me. Plus, watching a Dibakar Banergee’s movie after witnessing some finest movies of his like Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and Khosla Ka Ghosla, is also worth experiencing. Shanghai lets you closely observe what happens when people get power and they become over obsessed with that. The movie is inspired from “Z” penned by Vassilis Vassilikos.

The movie revolves around a few characters along with the political system. A political activist Dr. Ahmadi (Prosenjit Chatterjee) encounters a road accident and Shalini Sahaye (Kalki Koechlin) tries to prove it as a murder. A bureaucrat Krishnan (Abhay Deol) is in charge to take-off the case – to which no one provides him with the relevant information. A small town movie maker (part time porn movie maker as well) Jogi Pramar (Emran Hashmi) claims that he has the footage that will create a chaos for government. What happens next is a dream that everyone sees in India – Rightful justice, freedom of expression and democratic outburst.
The movie is definitely interesting and backed by some nice scenes – they could have been better for sure as the canvas was huge. At times a viewer feels that the movie is a bit slow and at places starts to get boring. But again the director grips the viewer’s attention by rolling another slide for viewer’s interest.

As far as performances are concerned they are good. They would have been a lot better if the script could be healthier in terms of dialogues and punch lines. Seniors first – Farooq Sheikh is a scene stealer. He is amazing with his convincing dialogues and double faced personality. He proves that he is still amongst the finest actors who have always treated as most under-rated actors. I, personally, would love to see him again and again. Prosenjit Chatterjee another versatile actor but not much appeared in movies (his career started back in 1990 with Aandhiyan) performed his part remarkably. He looks cool and delivers a nice performance.

Emran Hashmi, well like I mentioned earlier in Jannat 2’s movie review, has started to surprise his audiences with his performance and selection of roles. He looks disgusting, weird and a thorough porn movie maker – even portrays some perverted looks surprisingly. Abhay Deol has always selected movies which are off-beat for many and he offers great potential for showing his talent. Yet again he grips his role and performs astoundingly well. He performs his character extraordinarily; he looks soft yet authoritative, educated and mature. Kalki got a nice platform to show her talent and she impresses in few scenes too! Pitobash Tripathy as Bhaggu is getting type casted (in reference to “I am Kalam” and “Shor”). Supriya Pathak is just OK.

Some clap worthy scenes include:

1-      When Emran Hashmi’s boss wants him to arrange a meeting with Kalki. Emran’s actions and expressions are amazing.
2-       When Emran tries to break the ice between him and Abhay in the toilet.
3-      All the scenes between Abhay Deol and Farooq Sheikh – especially the ones in the climax. Both actors have performed their best. Farooq Sheikh impresses with his expressions, wrath and helplessness whereas Abhay looks cool, confident and a thorough professional.

On the whole the movie is good for mature audiences and many individuals will even call it a drop fare. But it is an interesting watch if you have time and want to witness sensible cinema.
Rating: 7.5/10 (On the basis of performances, direction and subject).

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Movie Review - Rowdy Rathore

“Rowdy Rathore” is amongst the most awaited movies of 2012 for many reasons. Prabhu Deva created magnanimous magic for Salman Khan in his Bollywood directorial debut “Wanted” so the expectations are high. Most of the individuals also raised questions like, how can Sanjay Leela bhansaali, after producing meaningful and critique oriented movies like Guzaarish, Saanwariya, Black and Devdas, produce a hardcore entertainer – so called typical Bollywood Masala flick? There are fans and cine-goers out there who are waiting to see Akshay (The Khiladi) Kumar back in action after a long time. Moreover there are also many people who want to see Sonakshi Sinha and her talent after appreciating her in “Dabang”. The movie is a surprise ride for every single individual. Let me first make it clear that the movie is a remake of a Telugu movie which was originally adopted from a Tamil movie. This shouldn’t be shocking as “Wanted” was also a remake of Telugu movie named “Pokiri” – so you can call it Prabhu Deva’s unique sense of creating remakes and making them box office blockbusters.
The movie is about two Akshay Kumar(s), one is a Cop (Rathore) and the other is a con man (Shiva). Shiva performs cons with his friend 2G (Paresh Ganatra). In Shiva’s life Paro (Sonakshi Sinha) enters and they fall in love spontaneously. One day Shiva comes across a kid Chinky, who calls him “PAPA”. After some cats and dogs play Shiva comes to know that Chinky is the daughter of his look alike, IPS officer Vijay Singh Rathore (Akshay Kumar), whose life is threatened by a feudal of Devgarh (Somewhere in Bihar) named BaapJee (Nassar). Then movie transforms from a mistaken identity’s plot to a much serious and action oriented theme. I am not going to reveal the complete plot because I don’t want to kill the thrill.

If we talk about performances, Akshay Kumars bestows a splendid performance and he stands out in both roles. It is not a difficult thing for an actor of his caliber to enact both roles, as in past he has performed the same roles remarkably. Sonakshi Sinha, is a complete stealer, I personally was not expecting her to be so gorgeous, outrageous, stylish and full on entertaining actress. Watch out her dance, in every song of the movie – you will be amazed. She reminds of two gorgeous queens of Bollywood, Hema Malini and Rina Roy. 
Paresh Ganatra embarks on a role that gives him ample chance to perform his way of comedy, which is different from Johny Lever or Rajpal Yadav, but it still brings smiles and some laughter on audiences’ faces. Nassar is a very seasoned actor of south movies, and he performs top notch performance as BaapJee. I am sure every viewer will find him disgusting, ruthless and wicked in the particular role. The actor who portrayed the role of Titla (Supreeth Reddy), Baabjee’s brother, is terrifying. He is also from south movie camp. His first seen scared and disgusted many viewers. Mushtaq Khan, Yashpal Sharma and Darshan Jariwala are usual. The kid is cute wins the heart.

Prabhu Deva’s direction is excellent. He definitely knows how to make a remarkable action packed movie and he will soon be counted amongst the most accomplished and detailed directors of Bollywood (provided he continues like this). The background music by Sandeep Chowta (the “Mast” and “Satya” fame) is amazing. Songs are good for listening once or twice – they actually go with the movie for plain entertainment. Khumar Sanu’s fans will listen to him after a long time in “Chammak Challo” and will definitely go back to early and mid 90’s.
Some of the clap-worthy scenes include:
  1. When Titla comes out from Raawan’s statue. He looks “HUGE” and frightening (at least in theatres).
  2. When Akshay returns to Nassar in post interval by saying “I’m back” – hilarious and outstanding, am sure no one would have thought a scene like that after the interval.
  3. The flashback sequence where Yashpal Sharma narrates the story to Akshay Kumar. The whole take is amazingly filmed.
  4. Both the scenes between Yashpal Sharma and Paresh Ganatra are really funny.
  5. When kid cries in front of Akshay Kumar because she can’t listen to the song of her mother. Very emotional.
The movie is full on entertainer, a masala and paisa wasool fare. But it does not offer anything to serious movie lovers or thought provoking audiences. At box office it will be a blockbuster, without a doubt. But getting an award for this movie is debatable. I strongly recommend it for Akshay Kumar’s (action) and Prabu Deva’s (direction) fans.

Rating: 6.5/10

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Are you Jealous of their Fame? (Veena Malik / Sahir Lodhi and Meera's Fame)

If Amitabh Bachchan is known as Star of the millennium or blessed with the title of “SIR” does it mean that Dilip Kumar is inferior to him in acting or performance? It is fame and public’s liking that make one actor or performer a “star” and the other just “good”. Similarly there have been many individuals who are enjoying the blessings of stardom and public’s affection no matter how poor they perform. So at the end of the day it is their fan following that is keeping them placed above others from the lot.

Every person who witnesses Pakistan channels knows about the fame earned by Sahir Lodhi, Meera and Veena. Many individuals have the viewpoint that they don’t deserve the hype whereas TRP shows that they are bestselling stuff over the media (all forms of media). There are rumors about each and every celebrity but the kind of coverage given to their rumors or news is gigantic.

People call Sahir Lodhi as Pakistan’s SRK. Well, that’s how they make his fun, but the fact is no matter what they call him, his viewership and fan following is increasing at an exponential rate. This is the reason why every channel is interested in getting him on board. What difference does it make if 2 individuals have same styles of presenting, talking, portraying, standing, sleeping, eating and #$@#@#*-ing. At the end of the day they are providing entertainment and people love them - unconditionally.

Veena Malik is considered as Pam (Pamela Anderson) of Pakistan, if she is, then whats the problem with those who don’t like her? No matter how much hatred they show for the sensational queen, even then they watch her shows, movies, item numbers or shoots etc. So, what makes them watch her? Curiosity? Love? Or Fandom?

People make fun of Meera’s English, but they don’t appreciate that even then she tries real hard to convey her message. After all, that was the main reason why KungFu Panda was a blockbuster. The movie taught us a message of “never say die” the Duracell motto. So why do we make fun of a person who tries very hard to stay in the showbiz? 

I don’t want to call it a Desi/Paki or Indi approach but the fact is we can never digest the fame, prominence and charisma of others. May be most of us are insecure and jealous. The very first thing that people blurt out is “whats the big deal in it?” If there was no big deal in that particular thing why couldn’t they perform it and stood out? They have lame excuses to hide their jealousy. 

Bottom line, they sell that’s why they are exaggerated. They sell because people love them and want to see them. The interesting fact is that, you also want to see, hear and witness them, this is the reason why, you can’t miss them when they are tuned in.

Accept the power of fame!