Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EID MUBARAK? Why? Do you Deserve EID?

Today I won’t write much – no justifications, not answers, no detailed analysis and no nothing.

Most of us are on FB – sharing greetings and blessings and what not! As if we really deserve the Eid! and its’ greetings and celebrations.

Let’s give yourself a “Rapid Question Answer” round! To your own self – it is not needed to be answered at this platform.


Q1. How many times I offered prayers in the mosque?

Q2. How many times I recited Quran Pak “The Holy book” this month?

Q3. How many times I stayed up late at nights for worshipping and offering Nafil and Tahajjud prayers apart from getting logged on at Face Book?

Q4. How many times I helped poor and deserving ones in terms of aiding them either by money or food? (Just 1/2/3/4 or 5 days?)

Q5. How many times I recited “al-Hamd Shareef” for those who died in this Holy Month?

Q6. How many times I offered Taraveeh? or Does EID only mean to shop, shop and window shop?

Q7. Instead of spending thousands of bucks on Iftaar deals, why didn’t I help any deserving kid or old man – suffering from hunger, illness or such other traumatic situations?

Q8. Why did I break the signal at the time of Iftaari? After all ROZA means control on your urges and desires?

Q9.  Why did I share the videos of Aamir Liaquat which were full of slangs? Were they any kind of sacred things to be shared in the month of Holy Ramazan?

Q10. Why did I always talk about the government and governmental officers in such a tone that they are the most corrupt individuals and I never missed a chance of Gheebat! Who am I myself? Saha Satta?

And now I am the one who is dying to celebrate EID – as If I am the only true Muslim who performed all the obligations and fulfilled every duty assigned to me by almighty.

Its time to wake up!

Even am amongst you but what matters are, one should be able to see the mirror!

Eid is a gift of Allah to those who succeeded in obeying Allah and his Rasool - acted upon the ways described in Holy Quran - 
Eid is definitely not for me and millions like me!

Don’t want to say much!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

And they say its Difficult to Blossom Roses of Love in One’s Heart!

And they say its Difficult to Blossom Roses of Love in One’s Heart!

It is rightly said that life is very short – so don’t waste it in arguing, fighting and hating others. The best thing is to shower smiles on the faces of those who are in one way or the other associated with you. Not particularly only Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis or Friends, but also those who accidentally meet you in seminars, restaurants, rest-rooms, shops and such other countless places. I know, most people would now be thinking that those other people might think us fool or immature to do such things to bring smile on their faces. But think again! Does it really matter? After all, you will be able to win a smile – just because of your own effort. It counts trust me. Where are all the lessons of Humanities and “Being Good and Happy Go Lucky”? Are they only left for the books or some editions of Reader’s Digests?

Its time to think differently! Everyone is worried for his or her own hassles. Don/t you like to swim against the tides? Remember when you usually say in front of your friends by pumping up your chests “I am not usual – Am different”. This is what DIFFERENT PEOPLE DO. They bring the best day out of the most hectic one!

There are more than many ways to brighten the days of your loved ones – not particularly wives or girlfriends and vice versa. You can buy a domain name of your brother’s or sister’s name. (These days they are really affordable). Create a simple yet elegant web page after all “Word Press” and other agents are here to help you out. Write a poem or quotation that best describes your relation with him or her and ask them to visit the web link. It will have a huge effect – mark my words. Its simple and cute!

For your mother the easiest thing is to wrap a mirror in the gift paper with a note “All my strength is because of you – May you always shine to brighten up my life with your care and love”. Mothers deserve the best undoubtedly. And to all ladies keep that in mind that only that man can keep his woman like a Princess who is grown up by a Queen.

Now this might sound and look kinda weird to most, but I have practiced it personally and it works in almost all the situations. Whether you are in office, being new or experienced, in a mall or movie theatre all you need to do is to say 2 words “Nice Outfit” or “Nice Color” with a decent and simple smile – and no further expectation to start a communication (strictly) – you will see that the lips of both the boys and girls will curve upward – at places slightly and at others a bit more.

Finally the best way to bring a simple smile on your boss’s face is a simple statement “After all I am trained by you – how could I be misguided in any execution”. Try to give credits to others, everyone knows that you have performed the task, but the kind of happiness and smile which you give to others is unmatched.
You must be thinking that these thoughts and examples are about “smile” not “Love” but in exchange with the SMILE, what you will get is different kinds of LOVE. They could be brotherly, Fatherly, Humanly and as well as Lover“ly”.

Life is short – make the most of it by spreading love, smile and care. You are the only one who can make it possible.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Simpleton’s thought


Why is it so hard and difficult to be “Simple” and so easy and simple to be “Difficult”? I might not have known the reason all my life but thanks to the cook of mine who made me realize this fact. I have always been taught that never concentrate on “who is saying anything” but always try to understand on “what is being said”.

Allow me to put it in simpler words; it is so easy to point out the mistakes of the others. Isn’t it? It must have happened to most of the readers in some points in their lives that they must have pointed out the mistakes of others. For instance the most recurrent example could be any batsman playing any stroke – for example Shahid Afridi. Every tom dick and harry comments on the particular stroke which leads to either a catch or loss of a wicket, without even thinking about the pressure which he must have been facing at that particular time. On the contrary when any friend from the university or any colleague from the office presents any report or presentation in front of the whole class or board, most of the individuals point out a lot of fault and blunders without considering the fact that it takes a lot of courage to stand in front of the crowd and speak or present anything. If you had so much of capability to point different mistakes out, why didn’t you participated and stood, where your friend of colleague is standing. One Simple answer to this is – “It is easy to point mistakes out rather than stand up and face the odds”. So those who are standing up and being brave – let us appreciate them and take inspiration from them.

Why is it that we always see the problems in out surroundings? Why are we always not happy with others? Why do we always point out the loop holes in the performances of the actors? Why do we always try to find the reason for any one’s good acts? Why do we make things complicated?  Yes we do make them a lot complicated! By asking another Question in reply to one simple question!

Don’t we?

Have we become insecure, afraid and conscious about ourselves?

I personally think, “WE ARE”. This is the reason why we have started to point out the flaws and faults in others, so that no one can point any mistakes or errors in us.

The art of being happy is living a simple, contented and non-biased life. By accepting your mistakes you are considered to be the bravest individual. It is not easy to accept your own fault and those who accept their mistakes are liked and appreciated by many. This helps to develop a better personality which is effective in it’s own way.

Try it, to believe it.

Its Simply SIMPLE

Stay blessed!