Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visit To IBA Career Fair 2013 - Held At Karachi University

 On 16th February, 2013 I visited IBA Career Fair at Karachi University. It was a nice experience for me because of multiple reasons. Things which I noticed in the Career Fair were quite interesting and impressive. As it was held in Karachi University, there were numerous students who attended the job fair. Students from different departments attended the Career Fair, with different dreams. Most of the dreams were job-centric. After all, what else would they have thought about other than their jobs, keeping Pakistan’s economic conditions in mind? From 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, roughly 1,000 plus students attended the Career Fair.
As far as the organizations are concerned, all reputed companies were present at IBA’s Career Fair 2013. Organizations including Nestle, Engro, Loreal, Habib Bank Limited, Meezan Bank, Burj Bank, Warid, Zong, TRG and Linkagoal etc. were offered “Booths” to communicate with students and collect their CVs. Moreover, companies were also offered “Interview Lounges”, to conduct interviews of the candidates. Last but definitely not the least “Presentation Rooms” were also allotted to the companies to demonstrate their presentations in order to enrich the knowledge of students. Students had a great time at the Career Fair because they got an amazing opportunity to apply in different companies and in different sectors. These kinds of Career Fairs are much needed all over Pakistan to hire the right resource for the right job.
This particular Career Fair introduced students to not only national organizations (HBL, Hilal and Sanofi etc.) but also to international organizations like Linkagoal, Loreal and Nestle etc. With the help of such Career Fairs, horizon of students broadens and they learn multiple things not only about the companies but also about the success factors of the companies. For those who have strong entrepreneurship skills, such career fairs are very helpful in understanding the practices of the renowned companies.

More than 60 organizations participated in the Career Fair 2013; IBA did a fantastic job in bridging the gap between useful resource and companies. These kinds of events should be organized by other universities, as well, all over Pakistan, so that we can collectively fight against the joblessness and help in developing the economic condition of our beloved homeland.
IBA also provided representatives of the companies with tasty lunches. Hope to see more of such events in future.

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For Images: Thanks To Parwarsha Arshad Mirza

Monday, February 18, 2013


For every person, looking good and nice is very important. Personality of a person depends upon the height he has. There are many people who want to know how to grow taller naturally but they don’t get their answers that easily. It is unfortunate that most of the people who don’t have good heights, can never appeal opposite genders. To attract opposite gender, individuals try different techniques and tips in order to increase their heights. This is one of the core reasons why they easily believe on the bluffs of the marketers, when they are informed about any product that can help in increasing their heights to “x” centimeters or inches.

 1 - Balanced Diet

For all those individuals who are suffering from the trauma of having shorter heights, they can now get their answers of how to grow taller naturally because growing one’s height naturally is not something that can never be achieved. There are a few simple tactics and tips with which a person can grow his or her height. The most important element that is required to grow one’s height is proper diet. One should not eat junk food but consume healthy food that is free from cholesterol and fats. It is advised to avoid eating anything between two meals. With three meals a day, intake of 2 – 3 glasses of milk can definitely give good results. With the passage of time it is advised to increase the intake of milk as well.

2 - Enjoy Proper Sleep
Sleeping is very important for every person and if a person wants to know how to grow taller naturally then he must sleep for 7 – 8 hours every day. This has helped countless people in increasing their heights naturally. Uninterrupted sleep is good for both physical and mental fitness of any individual. 

3 - Exercise

On the contrary, there is another option which can answer the question of how to grow taller naturally and that is daily exercising. With the help of exercising on daily basis the metabolism of a body becomes good and it starts to function much better. This also results in keeping a person fit and healthy. This is the reason why most of the sports-persons and people who exercise religiously have good heights. 

If a person can just follow the above mentioned tips and steps seriously then he or she can positively grow taller naturally. These steps are tried and tested by many people and they are satisfied with the results.

Monday, February 11, 2013

And The Market Has Changed To 360 Degrees

I am sure if I talk about the marketing practices carried out in older days; today’s generation will find it amusing as well as, to certain extent, hard to digest. Things have changed tremendously. Even in under-developed and developing countries, marketing and business approaches have changed. This means that now people are internet friendly. Let us all accept the fact that today internet is no more a luxury but a necessity and so is social networking. Remember the times of Hi5, Orkut and My Space? Back then not many were infected by the disease named “Social Networkaholic”. People used to join these mentioned social-networks to stay in touch with their long lost friends and long distant family members so that they could interact with them once in a blue moon.
With the emergence of Facebook, everything changed to huge extent. Not only individuals but businesses also found their ways of indulgences. As a result, businesses created their pages and communities primarily on Facebook and then on other social-networks as well. Why? Mainly, to attract more and more customers, in order to turn them into consumers of their products and services. Now, every individual and business can be searched through Facebook, after Google. Kudos to Mark Zuckerberg! for changing the world and its norms. There are some amazing online marketing strategies which have been developed over the past few years. Many social networks have also appeared and managed to have their chunk of share in the market.

Another social network that is gaining a lot of popularity is “Sulia”. This is a content based platform and every individual and company can reach to it. It has managed to surprise New York media and still exploring the possibilities. Sulia is famous in circles where people are interested in knowing different things around the world, from entertainment to news and from sports to religion. Users with common interests can see what’s happening around the world and even explore about other users, unlike Facebook and Twitter.

Last but definitely not the least, there is another breeze of newness and sensibility in terms of social networking sites named “Linkagoal”. Linkagoal, on some definite grounds is different from Facebook, Twitter and Sulia. Linkagoal is a goal based social networking site that focuses not only on entertainment, fun but also some seriousness, i.e. goal creation and goal accomplishment. People had also compared Linkagoal with LinkedIn but in totality there is a huge difference in both. Linkagoal helps users to connect with other users and share content, mostly goals. The beta version of Linkagoal has managed to gain a lot of users and it is expected that soon, let’s say within a month or two, much advanced website of Linkagoal will be launched with more than 10,000 goals. All this in a span of just 1 year this looks quite promising.

With the help of all the above mentioned online platforms aka social networking websites, businesses have gained an extended market share from what they used to enjoy. Without setting up any physical office or outlet businesses are managing to enjoy international presence. This makes it easier to believe that once the person who came up with the idea of “global village” can now name it as “global neighborhood” and soon, it will be a “global room” for businesses operating around the world.