Saturday, December 28, 2013

CLUB 60 – Movie Review: Life is meant to be LIVED and not PASSED!

It takes a great team to showcase a film that is fully equipped with great script, screenplay, amazing idea, and loaded with some extra-ordinary performances. Club 60 is among those films for sure. It’s embarrassing for Bollywood to promote senseless cinema on everyday basis and don’t breath a word about a masterpiece that was released 3 to 4 weeks ago. The other movies which released over the last 3 weeks include R.. Rajkumar, Bullet Raja and Dhoom 3. These movies do have star power, huge banners backing them and some out of the world promotional strategies with crores and crores of box office business but unfortunately they all lack in substance.

Club 60 marks the directorial debut of Sanjay Tripathy. He is flawless in his first attempt. With a cast including Farooq Shaikh, Sarika, Tinnu Anand, Raghuveer Yadav, Satish Shah, Sharat Saxena and Zarina Wahab etc. one can only imagine the kind of script this movie has. After all, the mentioned names are considered as institute in themselves.

Club 60 revolves, primarily, around a couple in their early 60’s, Dr. Tariq (Farooq Shaikh) and Dr. Saira (Sarika), who has lost their only son in a terrorist attack executed in USA. The couple decides to move to another city in an apartment. There enters Mannubhai (Raghuveer Yadav), a total fun-loving being. He is one of those individuals who always helps others and keep cracking the jokes irrespective of understanding the nature of time. He insists Dr. Tariq to join “Club 60” a club for senior citizens. In Club 60, Mannu Bhai introduces Dr. Tariq with his gang of friends Sinha (Vineet Kumar), Jaffar Bhai (Tinnu Anand), Dhillon (Sharat Saxena) and Mansukhani ( Satish Shah). The movie is all about the ups and downs that one faces in life right from childhood to old age and understanding the fact that life is meant to be lived than passed.

The narration of the movie is first-rate. The length of the movie could have been shortened to 15 minutes (to the most), including the Sharat Saxena’s pub scene and a song or two. Apart from that this is a perfect movie for those who love genuine cinema with power packed drama, some nice situational comic scenes and above all this movie gives an in-depth depiction of every person’s life in more than many ways. Whether you are in your 20’s or 60’s, this movie will make you glued to your seat with its experience.

As far as performances are concerned, Farooq Sheikh is flawless. After “Listen Amaya”, this is an apt selection of the movie. He portrays multiple emotions with complete ease. Raghuveer Yadav is top-notch. He delivers a marvelous performance and touches ones heart naturally. It was a difficult role but Sarika remarkably slid into it. Her outburst in the post interval and the entire argument is worth a watch. Sharat Saxena and Satish Shah are both lovable. They are the most promising actors right from the days of Kala Pathar and Jaanay Bhi Do Yaro. I seriously hope Tinnu Anand should get back to signing more movies; he impresses a lot in dramatic scenes. Vineet Kumar is good. Warina Wahab, for a scene and a song is nice.

Club 60 is highly recommended for cine-goers who appreciate high quality and high content cinema. I would rate it 4.5 / 5. It’s a must watch!