Monday, February 27, 2012

No its not Saahir Lodhi Who is Next in the Queue After Veena and Mathira!

Well everyone was assuming that for a publicity stunt it will be THE KING LODHI (I suppose that’s what Saahir Lodhi wants to be called nowadays), who will do a topless. Many of the cartoonists and other joke crackers flooded cartoons and jokes related to the upcoming “strip tease” of Saahir Lodhi. But to our surprise it is not him, this time. The idea was liked by the new heartthrob of India and old cute “boy next door” of Pakistan, none other than Ali Zafar. Though, after receiving much of appreciation from critics and fans, for the performance in Tere Bin Laden and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, the actor decided to go for a topless shoot as well. There is no harm in going for a topless shoot; after all, all these rights are not only reserved for Salman Khan and John Abraham.  Actually Pakistan got talent too (in same mannerism), to shed their clothes off. Meera, Veena and Mathira are the beacons for such a move! 

I suppose nowadays people do not let anything for imaginations. Well, one must not have any problem in seeing a topless shoot by any actor, provided he has the cuts and physique, unlike Mr. Zafar. By looking at the pictures of the sweet boy, I think there are new definitions which media will soon develop for the term “sexy”. Skinny, finely tone chops and few hairs on chest – that is how it will be described. The same way, when back in late nineties “Bay Watch” introduced new meaning of sexiness by showing waxed males running on the beaches! As per me it must be a woman who should be waxed, men are supposed to be hairy and as per few women “much hairy”. But anyways the definition changed after that. So, we are observing media reversing it once again, gradually, by showing few hair or better say finely trimmed hair on the chests of males. Let us witness where it takes us. As audience does not have any choice but to follow.

Coming back to the top-less shoot of Ali Zafar, this is not the first time he did such a thing (just like Veena Malik). In one of his early songs “Ek Pal” from the album “Huqqa Pani”, one can see his bare top easily, but the guy, back then, had some serious uneasiness, which was visible from his facial expressions and the camera also did not focus much of his body. But this time, one can see the ease on his face, his expressions and eyes as well. I wish him all the success which Salman Khan had after shedding his shirts off. And it is a high time for Sahir Lodhi to get back into news! By exceeding the limits!

If Mathira and Veena can do it, why can’t Ali Zafar or any other? Welcome to new Pakistan, a nation that won’t stop ripping its clothes for gaining cheap fame, money and controversy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Are You Diagnosed as “English Phobic”? Here is the Treatment

Apart from my profession, I have been associated with teaching and content writing since 2006. With the passage of time I have come across different kinds of individuals belonging to varied ethnic backgrounds along with different educational trainings. When I was Growing Up, (I know Growing Old is a new-age alternative for this term), we used to have 3 kinds of schooling systems including Matriculations, O/A Levels and Cambridge system. All three had their own pros and cons. Teachers were focused back then, they used to be specific and very particular about the language and the terms used by us (students). Back in those days studying in O/A Levels or in Cambridge system used to be a status symbol (believe it or not – it’s a fact). Today I see majority of people living in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore (the Metro Cities) is sending their kids to either Cambridge Based Schools or O/A level schools. This is really good – but have you ever thought about the language they are using? Have you ever listened them conversing with seniors, juniors and individuals from their own age group? Well! I did, as I come across with more than many such students and professionals as well.

The new age students use almost same linguistics with every one, they treat everyone with same yardstick. There is a difference in speaking, with people from different age brackets and different backgrounds. I don’t know if you might agree with me or not. But I was taught to use politeness and decency while talking to seniors and juniors (and we still use calculated and definite words in front of them). We were allowed to get friendly with guys and girls of our age group. Whereas today this is “kind of” alien approach I suppose. The idea was to show and pay regard to others. These days we see every Tom, Dick and Harry speaking English language in great accent – this is the reason why most of the people are taken back when the other starts to speak. Trust me, nowadays it is only accent on which students and teachers emphasize. If you get your nerves under controlled, try to listen to the language that they use mostly, the grammar is terribly misused in most of the cases. I know American Culture is overshadowing ours as well, but all those who consider America as benchmarking tool, get some brains’ utilization. America is a country full of nation without culture and heritage.

There are also those people, who might not be able to speak English fluently and at a faster pace, but they have great grammar sense, they know how to write, what to write and which tone to use. So all those individuals out there who easily get impressed or at times stressed by the individuals with amazing Aussie or American accent based language, try to listen to them properly and reply back them with a well-knitted answer. Try to keep yourself calm, if you think you will be a bit late in replying as compared to their speed – don’t worry, if they will cut you off, they are not worthy of being communicated with. No one in the world has the right to point a finger on you on the basis of language. Your confidence is your discriminative point. Don’t lose it! English is just a language not a life-saving drug.

P.S. I have talked here about the majority – exceptions are always there, after all Pakistan has great talent and potential and I truly support this statement. All we need are right mentors and comparatively better paths to prove the same to world. Do not get personal as this (article) is an outcome of personal experiences, observations and incidents.

Stay blessed and be happy!

Monday, February 20, 2012

And TAMANNA BEGUM Dies after Spreading Smiles for Decades – What She Left for me are few Questions

There was a time when Pakistani Film Industry and not “Lollywood” was at its peak. People used to watch Pakistani movies all around the world. We had collaborations with Nepal, Bangladesh, Bangkok, China and India etc. Movies used to celebrate Silver, Golden and Platinum Jubilees. Cinemas used to be studded with audiences. In those days, there lived a performer, who was as innocent as a child in all her comic roles and who also had the potential to look cruel and unkind when she used to bag a vamp’s role. Tamanna Begum (late) had one of the strangest personalities that one can find in film industry; incorruptibility and mischievous sprite both at the same time were find in her. And she won her audience in both undoubtedly.

She started her career with Radio Pakistan then in mid-60’s she started theatre and later introduced to Pakistani Film Industry. The woman who performed and competed neck to neck and shoulder to shoulder, with one of the finest comedians of Pakistan ever produced LEHRI along with Rangeela and Munawwar Zareef. On the contrary when she was cast against Agha Talish, Adeeb and Alauddin who were and still are considered as volcano of high voltage dramatic scenes, she stood out with her bravura performance and impressed the audience. She acted with legends of Pakistani film stars like Muhammad Ali, Waheed Murad, Nadeem, Mustafa Qureshi and Shahid etc. and earned the title of legend herself.

She earned a lot of appreciation in comic roles, but I personally prefer her bitter roles as well – it used to take an instantaneous moment to abhor her, with those performances as she fits to the character just like a latex-glove in hand. I suppose this is the quality of a true performer. After the downfall of Pakistan’s film industry, or better put it as, after the transition of Pakistani Film Industry to “Lollywood” she adieu film industry and started to focus on TV dramas. From 1960 to 2012 the legend kept proving herself a true performer no matter what kind of roles she was bagged with. Her journey from Multan to Karachi and from 1960 – 2012 definitely had ups and downs – and only a strong headed and powerful woman like her could manage to travel on such path with consistency and élan.

As per the sources, prior to her demise, she was working for “Bubban House” (An Ever New Production). So, its not just Raj Kapoor or Moin Akhter who believed on the motto “The Show Must Go On” – Tamanna was in the same league of performers too. She was under treatment for 9+ months but government of Pakistan did not bother to take care of her, medically. Not even “Lollywood” cared to provide her any assistance and support. Is it not a shameful thing for a nation? Pakistan’s nation is not equal to few handfuls of individuals who have tenderness for others. To me Tamanna Begum left few questions, after spending a life full of success, pride and serving as a national artist (a national asset).

Questions include;

  1. What is the use for working for your nation? At the end of the day every one’s life is busy and don’t have time for others.
  2. What is the use of being patriotic? As patriotism does not provide treatment to an ailing patriotic. Money does.
  3. Why do we teach live for others and care for others? Show me huge list of examples and not Cheepa, Edhi and such few others.
  4. Do we have to wait for another Tamanna Begum to wake up?
  5. Lets stop waiting for natural losses or unavoidable disasters to unite as a nation. Try to become a good individual on daily basis and find those people who are suffering from illnesses – of any kind.
Few Facts;

  1. She spent 350,000/- PKR for treatment. Only for 9 days. She was admitted in Tabba Heart Hospital, Karachi.
  2. She was then taken to SIUT, where she had free of cost treatment. I wish we have more of SUCH organizations.
  3. How would a poor individual afford any treatment?
I wish Tamanna Begum’s soul rest in peace and may Almighty grant her mercy. Enough said!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

In Pakistan Controversies Remain The Same – From Anita Ayub (1990) To Mathira (2012)

Pakistan has emerged greatly in terms of media expansion. Once there was only PTV with a limited availability of STN / NTN. Then with millennium Pakistan emerged with many different TV channels. The things and content which were considered as taboo and non-discussable are now accepted in every house and the fun part is families are now found debating on those topics, much openly. The “Never” of yesteryear is a “Must” of today. Definitely media has developed a lot. On the contrary even audience has gained a lot of awareness. The audience simply knows what to “watch” and what to “must watch”.

Controversies are not new in the field of media, be it black and white era, fuji color or east man color – we have seen a lot of controversies including reputed and respected names of today, which were once not even worthy of being discussed. So does it mean with the passage of time intensity and severity of wrongness decreases?

Recently we have seen Veena Malik posing, topless for a foreign magazine (I ask my readers, “Was it her first such shoot? Then why did people exaggerated big time?”). And now we are hearing about Mathira (A VJ), who also posed topless for a dietary magazine which was issued on Valentine’s Day. From few sources Mathira is also known as “Paris Hilton” of Pakistan – Wow that’s a great improvement. After all Pakistan got another Paris besides Karachi. Well this is not a new thing guys. Have you forgotten about the woman who used to call herself Brooke Shields of Pakistan, back in early 90’s? I am definitely talking about Anita Ayub, the first Pakistani woman who wanted to participate in Miss World back in 1993 and the Mullas stopped her by not letting her leave her house and protesting outside her home. Though the celebrity could not participate in the Miss World’s Competition but later she got starred in an Indian movie “Pyar Ka Tarana” directed by every green Dev Anand. The movie was initially banned in Pakistan as it had some “more than usual” exposing which was hard to digest in those days, by Indians as well as Pakistanis.

Anyways, the bottom line is, be it Anita Ayub, Veena Malik or Mathira – they all have happened to be controversial queens. But guys do you really think it matters to them? They are celebrities and associated with media. I don’t get the difference between a woman wearing a see through white dress and dancing under the rain in a Lollywood film, and a woman covering her chest with hands and posing for a shoot. After all it is what they do to earn money, it is their profession. And the fact is people buy and like such stuff – Don’t they?
If people think that Pakistanis must not do such shoots, so tell me what is the reason of such thinking? Islam or Muslim factor? Hell No. Islam never allows movies or TV dramas. Or it does? Secondly its their life, why would they be concerned about others’ opinions. It’s a free economy, a free society and hence they have a free life style. No one stops a traffic constable to ask for bribery, but if any public figure makes any questionable move, every one points fingers on them – what a double standard!

Its time to grow mature and start accepting that Islam and Pakistan; are two different things. Similarly every celebrity needs controversy just like TV channels need TRPs. Believe it and keep your life simple!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fly High With the Wings of Love

There are many blossoming hearts which you can find around you. Whether they are kids, youngsters adults or senior citizens, their hearts beat for their loved ones. There was a time when life was simple and free from hassles but now technology has gifted us so many things which can do an hours’ work within few minutes, but taken away the “time” from us. Be it a student or a professional no one has time for their friends, family members and loved ones. Back in those days when life was simpler even a rose could have made the expressions clear to other person but nowadays buying an iPhone or Louis Vuitton’s bag can not guarantee that the girl of your dreams will say a “Yes” or not.

Many people consider that celebrating Valentine’s Day is a waste, as per them they do not need just one day to show and celebrate their love with their loved ones. But think for a moment, when was the last time you appreciated or praised your loved one? When was the last time you had a passionate and soft time with your partner? I am sure you might be able to recall few moments but not a complete day, where you tried to bring a series of smiles to your partner’s face. We all know that life is much demanding nowadays and it is not practical to keep living the role of college sweat-hearts. But if you try to just wake up early one morning and before going to office just say any line like; “I will be worried about you, so I have arranged a bodyguard to look after you whole day” then hand her over a stuff toy or teddy bear. I am sure, the look on her face will enlighten you about how she will feel.

If you are a student with not enough money then you can easily buy 9 real red roses along with one artificial one. Attach a card that says “I will love you until the last rose fades”. On the contrary if you even do not have enough cash to get her flowers then you can also wrap a mirror in gift paper and present her that, on which you better write “In this mirror you will see the image of the most beautiful woman in the world

For instance if you are a newly wedded wife or in fact any wife, whose husband have left for office – make sure the moment he has left for office, e-mail him a simple note “Miss you already” that he will read the moment he will log on to his computer. You can also scan or photocopy the image of your hand and before sending it to your partner write “Do you wanna hold hands?” over it. One of the most important and heart melting acts which women love is very simple – cook something for them, either late at night or early in the morning. Serve her with complete protocol. You will be amazed to see the after effects.

Expressing love is not difficult and at times not easy as well. All you need to do is to be truthful to yourself. If you feel anything express it. If you want to thank your partner – then let the words flow. Simple deeds done are better than bigger ones planned.

Stay happy – keep losing yourself in love (preferably with same person) again and again. Love grows and strengthens with time and by sharing different experiences. So keep experimenting and keep holding your partner’s hands.

Let love be pure and fine. Accept and announce everyday that you love someone, let people know if you are professional you are best amongst the lot and if you are a lover you are a blessing for your partner.



“Screw you! How dare you title something like that?” 

This must be the first reaction of many readers, who have taken the initiative to read this article. I definitely respect the religion, like many others, as this is the only thing that we can do because nowadays “understanding” has nothing to do with “respect”. We do not try to understand things but accept to respect them. Similarly we do not understand Islam but respect it. Have we asked to ourselves “Why do we respect any person, thought, ideology or religion?” and do we have any rational reasoning for the answer?

Anyways, I am sure that now everyone is very well aware of the much hyped act and aftermaths of Maya Khan’s Morning Show. She tried to raid on couples sitting in the parks and getting intimate with each others. Media, people, government and everyone else started to bite back! As if she stepped on their tails of grayness. People are talking about invasion of privacy and talking about different laws and psychological aftereffects on individuals. People are using statements like “Two wrongs can never make a right”. To all of those forgetful sons and daughters of Islam – the religion of 90% commentators on the subject let me put few things in front of you.

If you think it was an act of invading one’s privacy, so let few things be clear first, those individuals were not in any private place. Doing anything object-able in public place is neither ethical nor moral. What were people expecting “Maya Khan would video tape lip locking scenes – to prove her point right or show those as evident?” – which many of us must have seen back when we were in college or university. Be it Café Coffee De, Purple Haze, Safari Park, Hill Park or any other place, we can easily find such couples doing nasty things with one another.

Another baseless point which based the whole argument and people tried to blindfold unaware Muslims included “Islam Does not allow invasion of privacy – it is an immoral act religiously”. To that I would say “I never knew that “Temple of Khajuraho” (Nauzubillah) belongs to Islam” – as only that allows intimacy publically. Have I made my point clear? Or there need to be more things discussed? Islam prohibits a woman to leave her home without covering herself to meet a Na-Mahram (not a legal relation). Islam does not allow “public displays of affections” which in common words mean “physical intimacy”. So if Islam does not allow all this, who the hell is saying and who the hell, believes on, such screwed up statements?

At point few people raised a question “What will happen to their parents; when they find out about their daughters getting publicized?” To that I would ask “Just because of the parental concerns will you not allow any thief or murderer to get punished publically?”

Most of the people are of view that the anchor person targeted only middle or lower middle class individuals and not upper class. So can I say high class people can walk out in skimpiest nighties or see through robes without wearing anything underneath and middle class can’t? They are not trying to understand the fact what is wrong and what is right. The concept of “allowed” and “prohibited” in Islam.

Wake up and smell the coffee. I am not saying that the anchor is a spotless creature and even I myself am not a pure individual who have never overtaken by lust or immorality, but all I am saying is that, as per Islam she did not do anything wrong. As per moral she did not do anything wrong. Just imagine that your 5 year old kid asks you “Papa/Mama what are those uncle and aunty doing over there?” How would you feel and react. How would you feel when you will be walking with your sister or mother and you come across to such sight?

Will you allow your sister or daughter to visit parks the way they did? If “Yes”! Please accept it, so that the opportunity can be enjoyed my zillions of individuals. If “No” please explain why.

For those who say “Two wrongs can not make one right” – Are they mature (or let me say Muslim) enough to distinguish between right and wrong? Get a life!

I am neither a Maya Khan’s fan; to me she looks like a man with much heavy voice nor I am an extremist Scholar of Islam. I am just a normal person who appreciates it when someone points anything wrong in my acts, personality or character. I wish we all can one day be brave and strong enough to notice what is right and what is wrong in ourselves.

Last but not the least; many would come up with one ultimate question, “What if a girl commits suicide after this?”

To them – go get the meaning of suicide. Only those people embrace it who are either filled with guilt or shame.

Islam is the complete religion amongst all. It can never guide wrong. In Islam either we have good or bad, there is not midpoint, where we can carry both in our hands.

Stay righteous and try to understand your religion – with your minds open.