Thursday, May 31, 2012

Movie Review – Men In Black 3

Men In Black 3 (MIB3) is definitely amongst the most awaited movies of this year. Those who enjoyed MIB 1 and 2 have their hopes high for MIB 3. Agent J and Agent K gained overnight popularity and they provided best of entertainment to their viewers. By the way can anyone recall what were both agents doing almost 10 years ago in MIB 2? Apart from maintaining harmony on planet earth between Aliens and Humans. 
This time the movie rolls back from 1969, the time when astronauts were trying their luck to “moon walk”. On the contrary Agent K was imprisoned by an alien called “Boris the Animal”. After 4 decades Boris is focusing on killing agent K. On the contrary, the current chief Agent O, (played by Emma Thompson), orders agent J to visit back in to time and save agent K and return back without getting trapped in time. 

The plot is brilliant, undoubtedly and so is the execution. Those who can remember Star Trek IV can definitely rejoice the idea of getting acquainted with unusually fancy yet weird characters. Etna Cohen’s screenplay and Barry Sonnerfeld’s direction provide an extraordinary and captivating experience, highlighting the evocative hopefulness of that era.

As far as the performances are concerned, so fasten up your belts to get amazed by Josh Brolin who performs the character of young agent K. The remarkable actor grips the character with both his hands. The funnier side of the character will definitely bring smile to audiences’ lips. Will smith continues to inspire and astonish the viewers with his marvelous performance. He is charming, quick witted and perfectly lovable in this character.

The movie is definitely a nice one for those who will go with “not much” expectations. But for those who have their hopes “high”, this fare might disappoint them. There are some great scenes and dialogues that will be loved by the viewers. Some highlights of the movie include:

 - Josh Brolin as the young Agent K shows a brilliant stroke. Brolin captures Jones' spirit to such a towering scale that he creates the perfect old chemistry with Will Smith. It's a great change, and gladly, the old comedy team is back.

 - Director Barry Sonnenfeld is as tremendous as ever. His frenzied manner alters between action, comedy and pathos are speedy enough to induce whiplash.

 - The movie is high on action and it offers slick humor with rasping fun. MIB 3 is the wonder of chance that makes up the cohesive fabric of the past, present and the future

It is a must watch for the fans of Will Smith, Men In Black Series, alien flicks and for those who want to discover the talent of Brolin.
Rating: 7.5/10

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

THE DICTATOR – Movie Review

Those who are familiar with ALI G, Borat and Bruno, must definitely be waiting for the new and much awaited movie of Sacha Baron Cohen named “The Dictator”. There is not second thought that the actor is amongst the finest comedians and can take up any script and add “life” to it by using his tremendous efforts. This particular movie “The Dictator” receives a mix reaction from the audiences. Let us discover more about this laugh riot.
“The Dictator” revolves around a plot that is based on the bestselling novel “Zabibah – The Kingdom”, penned by Saddam Hussein. The movie tells the tale of a ruler (Dictator) who lived a jeopardized life trying to make certain that democracy would never enter his land. Sacha Baron Cohen portrays the role of Admiral General Aladin along with the much talented and amazing actor Ben Kingsley as Taamir. 

As far as the performance of both the actors are concerned, they both do justice to their roles – without a doubt. But one can not go overboard when the script is weak. Same happened with “The dictator”. The well known writers Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer could simply not let the audience gag. On the contrary Larry Charles (director) tries really hard to do justice and he definitely saves himself on that ground.

Cohen is an amazing performer and his conviction is seen on the screen, he is one committed actor but the role that is played by him in this particular movie lacks conceiving power. He manages to provide some great laughs especially when he discusses about “Osama Bin Laden” and his death. Ana Faris is competent and adds what she is capable of.

This is amongst first of those American movies that makes audience laugh at 9/11. This is definitely a bold step in itself. On the whole “The Dictator” is receiving multiple reactions, for those who have high hopes with the movie will be definitely disappointed and for those who will take it as a normal or usual fare will in one way or the other might like the movie. The movie offers few nice jokes, not good enough, and the rest of the jokes range from filthy to terrible and obtuse. 

Advise: Before going for this movie, throw away the expectations that were born after watching “Borat” or even “Ali G”. Life will be good, if the expectations will be lesser.

Rating: 5.5/10

Monday, May 28, 2012

10 Steps That Can Lead To Breakup - Part 1

Treating a woman as per her expectations is a “Myth”. No one knows what a woman wants. Within last few years, during my interactions with students, peers and colleagues (both males and females) I learned few pointers on the basis of which most of the guys were either dumped or slapped by their spouses. Following are the main outcomes of an exhilarating research! Enjoy and save yourself from committing them!
  1. There are times when a Woman does not want Equality!
There are times when a woman demands for equality in life but if you are on date with a woman, it is never a good idea to let her enjoy the right of equality, by letting her pay her bill or half of the bill. If you are planning to break the tradition be prepared for the back firing, it can be horrible.

  1. Never Drift your Mind When She Speaks
Pay attention to even the minute details of her “fluffy the kitten”, she can check your presence of mind by asking you questions regarding the color of Fluffy’s milk pot. Keep the track of the keywords.

  1. Do you really want to move in together?
Never confront the idea of moving in with here until you are completely ok with letting her know about your whereabouts, cleaning and tidying the kitchen and cooking dinner for her on week days and rest of the days taking her out on dinners.

  1. Never Trust on chat up lines
Never trust on the corny “Come-ons” blurted by women, they are either lies or rare. Never endanger your dignity.

  1. Do you wish to watch your favorite sports match?
If you want to invite her to watch sports match with her, beware, this can lead to something very dangerous. You may end up your match with her. Remember one thing, what you love, she doesn’t.

  1. Do you leave your toilet seat up?
It is definitely not a cliché, such acts of simplicity can drive women crazy. 

  1. Never Bombard her with messages
A woman always enjoys to be urged and wanted by her man, but if the same man crosses the limit (which is never described by her) she is ready to come up with a simple line i.e. “We need time”. This can be an outcome of multiple SMSes or FB messages. So let her enjoy her space.

  1. Pointing out Girls
Never share the details about your “Ex”, as it might fire up unwanted things in your relationship. Some secrets are worth not disclosing.

  1. Sharing Password? Really?
Never on earth reveal your password in front of her. The spying instincts are part and parcel of every woman – so let her say things like, you don’t trust her or other emotional lines. If it really itches you then create a new account and share the password of that.

  1. In case you love the physique of Deepika Padukone
Never ever share the secret thoughts that you have for Deepika or any other celebrity because the moment you will share, you might get to know the reality of your own personality and how you can never be compared with the ideal she had in her mind since adolescence.

These are the few points on the basis of which you can turn things down and can even stamp a breakup, so try to keep these in your mind before reacting in any of the mentioned situations.

Soon I will disclose more of the pointers to save you from getting dumped or slapped! Till then, play safe and keep your cool.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

“Women” – Sexy – Part 1

(Sufficiently Enchanting, Xtraordinarily Yappy)

Everyone knows that women are the most unpredictable creatures. They can treat you the way they want to. If they know how to treat you like a king they also know how to treat you like rags. So, those individuals who think that they know the psychology of women are completely insane. The interesting thing is that even women don’t know themselves. Some think that they are unpredictable; some believe that they have multiple personalities but the bottom line is that they are confused. How? Well, most of the women know that they want to marry a guy who is good looking, handsome, charming, and loyal and XYZ but when they meet the particular kind of guy they suddenly start thinking of several other qualities that they want in their guy. They would then want value added traits in the guy.
Most of the men think that women have ideals and they want to live in an imaginative world. Well true, they definitely live in an imaginary world that’s why they always don’t believe (in fact they even don’t listen to it) if any one points out their mistakes. To them they can never commit a mistake; it is always a misunderstanding or confusion for them. They act as if they are so naïve, so sweet and so harmless.

According to a woman her ideal man (or going to be husband) should lend a hand if he sees that his wife needs his help, well the reality is, before any man can lend his hand or think about it, his woman clutches his neck with her hands tightly, forgetting that this can offer him a permanent ticket to heaven-land. At that particular moment she thinks (mostly) about herself getting out of the trouble! And what happens to her husband can be explained as his hard/bad luck.

On the other hand there are also women who think that He (hubby dear) should say some words of comfort if he feels that she is complaining of tiredness, weariness or boredom – and if he says anything to comfort her, he gets to listen things like “Can’t you see am tense?”, “Oh please be serious when will you take life seriously?”, “Is it a matter of fun for you?” and “You will never understand me”. What must a guy do in such a situation?

There are also women who think that their Mr. Right should make them feel that they are living with strong, generous, tolerant husbands who will protect them and care for them, one who cares about her and will meet all her legitimate needs whether he is capable or not. After sometime, the trait of “strong man” turns into “insensitivity” , “generosity” turns into “he is a sissy”, “tolerance” turns into the factor that is equivalent to boredom and protectiveness turns into “spying and non-trustworthiness” in the eyes of the women.

The whole scenario turns into a funny situation and a man when tries to do something different to bring spice in his and his wife’s life then ultimate thing happens where she starts to suspect that he is cheating on her!

Women! Are not creatures, but science! Love them, care for them, guide them and support them, but never let them invade your privacy and thoughts! After all if they need space, so do men!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pakistani Government got Twatted (Literally)

It is ironic how naïve the government of Pakistan is when it comes to certain matters; at one end it already “Banned” the twitter that, according to it created some unlawful and unethical problems for the “beloved nation of the government”. Well that’s something strange, at least for me. And on the other hand there are still ways with which one can easily access “twitter” provided he or she has other internet connections (like Wi-Tribe or Wateen etc) than “PTCL’s DSL”. 
To me, this is nothing new as Pakistani government has already banned the access of porn sites including (well I won’t name those here) countless, but all those sites are even accessed and videos are streamed if one has any of the other connections. What is it? What kind of stupid authority is that? Or should I call it biased or an exaggerated voice would even call it “corrupt”. Well I don’t know how those connections still provide the services that are banned in Islamic Republic of Pakistan? 

Anyways, what really caught my attention was the fact that, as per our (Pakistani’s) local news channels the story was cracked as “Government has imposed a ban on twitter because every year twitter and other social websites held a competition to degrade Pakistan’s culture and religion through pictures, cartoon and other stuff – and many messages have been sent to the authorities to stop these activities to abash Pakistan”. 

Whereas according to BBC (UK), the report is totally different, they have no idea why Pakistani Interior Minister banned twitter, though they also did not receive any updates or notifications from Pakistani Interior Minister of any kind. Now the question is, why does Pakistani Government get different tools and techniques to get noticed worldwide on such baseless topics and news? Don’t they have some better things to do? Don’t they have poverty, illiteracy and inflation to fight with? Why is it always controversy that we (Pakistanis) are interested in, be it Veena Malik, Cricket Board or Facebook?

When will this stereotype (blindfolded) thinking phenomenon be stopped? These days if a professional wants to make an impression outside Pakistan he has to have recognition of his work and that can only be possible through social websites; the profession can encompass media, business, doctor, arts or any other form. But it has always been a practice among Pakistanis to try to eliminate the root of success and positivity. Whether they were the days of Liaquat Ali Khan when he wanted Muslims to learn “English Language” or be it today when every possible way is eradicated to make a dent in the world with excellence.

It is about time that we realize the importance of an educated and practical government that has personnel that can look, act and think like mature and educated minds, unlike extremists or issue finders.

Last but not the least; I just updated my status at twitter “Pakistani Government got Twatted (literally)”. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

And they think I am Crazy!

Just because a person wants to do what he feels, people (mostly) consider him (or her) weird. Why does one has to live according to others? And then it is said that people have freedom of living. Well, the reality is we are living in a society, irrespective of class segmentation, where we can still not “DO” what we want to. We are dependent upon our parents, spouses, kids, friends and professional colleagues and so on. 

The problem lies in other peoples’ mind not in one’s own. If a person wants to wear orange shirt irrespective of his age or hierarchical level he is considered as cheap. We do not associate people with their brains and capabilities but their dresses and visual smartness. On the contrary when we talk about using fonts for chatting, most of us go for vibrant colors and funky styles. Similarly all the marketing campaigns are carried out in unusual ways just to let that campaign differentiate from others.
Similarly if a person wants to look different from the “lot” then why does he have to face a lot of criticism and opposition from others? He usually becomes the center of the jest and tease from others. This does not tell how crazy he is but this depicts how crazy people are in either letting others feel shame or not letting anyone stand out. If a person is comfortable in his or her ways, why do others have to point it out as an alienating thing?

Similarly if a person loves to stay casual about things why do people have to force him to become serious psycho? Everyone has the right to live his life as per his own way and comfort then why do we try to influence others. There are numerous ways with which people influence other individuals. I personally believe that most of the individuals who are either insecure or frustrated within tend to advise others for being “so different” from the bunch. As they don’t have the balls to embrace that daring move hence they want to stop others too.

To me, it is a crazy thing to do. I mean we don’t stop people or friends from doing injustice to others. We also don’t stop any corruption, for which we have the power to stop. We even don’t stop our good friends (whom we respect) to date numerous girls and boys and fool them but we enjoy to stop them to live their lives in a way that they feel comfortable in.

Strange but true!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Avengers - Movie Review

Marvel needs no introduction. Those who grew up in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s read and watched comics and cartoons produced by Marvel and those whose childhood belongs to 2000 must have watched some amazing movies produced by them. It is simply close to impossible to create a master piece again and again; this is the reason why most of the sequels flop at the box office. But I simply don’t know what formula lies with Marvel, from Hulk (2003) to The Avengers (2012), they continue to provide the best of experience to their audiences, including, Iron Man (2008/10), Thor (2011) and Captain America (2011). They are definitely the entertainers.

It was not a piece of cake to get all the superheroes together in any movie just like that. After all, screen play, plot, logic and script have to be extraordinary for making them stand shoulder to shoulder. Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures bang on the perfect script in which they united the amazing team of Superheroes as well as they grab the right cast. The story revolves around how the director of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nick Fury (performed by Samuel L. Jackson), gathers a team of all super heroes including, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) along with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) to fight against Loki (Tom Hiddleston) who plays Thor’s father’s adopted son and threats Nick Fury to demolish the peace on earth and rule it. As Loki, just like Thor is not a human and possesses super natural powers and army there has to be super heroes against this God of evils.

The movie brings surprises in many ways, the interaction between all the characters whether in their super heroic attires or common suits is first-rate. The dialogues between Tony Stark and Captain America gives you many reason to smile and clap at many places (off the record, I managed to whistle as well). The action sequences of Hulk were worth watching again and again, just to note the expressions and daredevil stunts. Thor’s entry is a treat to watch and the complete scene is remarkable, how Thor (The God of Thunder), Iron Man and Captain America try to show their strengths – simply bravura. Samuel L. Jackson gets a much lengthy role this time, unlike Iron Man 2’s role, and he simply proves his excellence with his performance, be it the beginning of the movie, communiqué with Loki and post interval. Same goes for Scarlett Johansson, she is fast and a nice element included in the movie – it is a difficult task to get noticed as a normal human in the movie studded by superheroes. This time Hulk is much civilized, well you may say that, he knows how to control his rage and Mark Ruffalo perfectly portrays a role, am sure audience will love him over the previous Hulk(s). The only character from THE Avengers who under-performs (I am not saying that he has not performed well) is Hawkeye. In such movies where there are so many heroes it is really difficult for the villain to stand out but Tom Hiddleston as Loki excels and performs a role that is tailor-made for him. He looks comfortable and cold blooded both at the same time. 

Like all the scenes and sequences the climax is also directed very well by Joss Whedon. Characterization is strong, script is clap-worthy and there are many other surprises “action wise”. It is undoubtedly a Super Movie brought to its audience by a team of Super Heroes, called The Avengers. Watch this movie in Cinema, it is worth experiencing.

Rating: 9/10

**The Article is initially published at Dunya TV's Blog

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The English Fuck-tree (Factory)

Well this is amongst my first of “such posts” that I usually neither write nor read. It is in fact a thought that has encountered me almost every day, as I meet different individuals from different phases of life including students, professionals, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and few politicians as well. All these individuals whom I met are usually educated, but the kind of language they use is pretty interesting.

Actually we (citizens of third world countries) have this “Keera”; worm of speaking English unnecessarily. Most of the individuals think that they do some “fantabulous job” when they speak this language. Anyways, following are few torturous, interesting and mind boggling incidents / encounters that I came across. At times they seem funny to me and at times (when I am tensed), they are horrible

I purchased a few CDs from a local music store, some of them didn’t work, and when I reached the vendor for exchanging the CDs he politely asked “Can I have your Dicks sir, so that I can check them by running and cleaning them in case they have scratches over them?” (phucking lord,  is it practically possible?) Then I realized he must be asking out for “Discs”. I handed him the Discs and he returned them after 10 minutes of thorough check-up by saying some golden words that I can never forget “Here are your new Dicks sir, enjoy them”

I was in my cabin working on a client’s file when a colleague of mine entered without knocking and asking me out “hey Dew’d you gotta Plaas?” I asked him twice what he meant and then he described the function of Pliers to me, to which I excused. Just imagine it in a situation when your “Boss” has assigned you an urgent task with limited timeline and someone asking questions like that.

Last month I was invited to a politicians’ house she, to me, looked quite qualified as the way she sa-peaks (Speaks) but when she handed over a note to me on which it was written “Well-cum to my hose” I was taken a back and re-thought, does she really wants/thinks that?” but then I retreated myself and kept my focus on other openings that might needed to be used in case of a quick exit.

When I was inducting writers in my team there were few incumbents whose interviews were scheduled some of them were really nice in both verbal and written English and some were horrifying. I interviewed a girl who was studying at Bahria University, she all of a sudden shoot “I don’t want to do a blowjob” (which she would have meant as “Below job”). I was literally shocked to hear her using such a term but then when she explained what she meant by “Blowjob” it all get clarified. On the contrary there are still many individuals who pronounce “Google” as “Googlie”. It is really hard to control a blast of laugh in such situations when you are sitting in a meeting and an enthusiastic employee adds his comments to get noticed by the others. And I don’t understand why “the” becomes “Daaa” and “Dhaa” by almost 75% of the educated class?

There are many people who are smart asses and they know how to blow their wrath out. In case if it is woman, a colleague of mine always asks “whore tame kee hoya hai?” (and/so what is the time?). Whenever he gets pissed off at any girl/woman he asks this to low down his BP.

There are many people around us who speak English as their fuss“t” language and not as FIRST (not because they know it but they speak to impress others). It is not just Meera or Veena whom we should make fun of, on the contrary we should not make fun of these people but instead educate them with

Share your thoughts on this and also share those words that you also find funny and extremely questionable (most usually read it as “Co-is-chun-able”)

P.S. Special Thanks to "Tashmeem Mirza" for correcting my mistakes)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tezz - Movie Review

Looks like these days in Bollywood, multi cast movies are either in demand or every aging actor needs to appear on screen badly. Gone were the days when a single movie used to rest upon the shoulders of script writer, director and finally actor. But now movies rest upon four pillars, multiple heroes (characters to confuse audience), daredevil fight sequences, cheap comedy and a meaty yet saucy item number. That is how a movie becomes a box-office hit. A few weeks ago it was “Houseful 2” and this week there are “Tezz” and “Life Ki toh Lag Gayee” which have been released.

Coming back to Tezz and the controversies associated with it. Yes, the movie is a definite copy, but not only of 1994’s “Speed”, actually it is an amalgamation of many others as well. Just to quote here, “Speed” was inspired / copied from a Japanese movie named The Bullet Train (Subtitled 1975) which also inspired another director to make a Thai movie named 1 2 3 Monster Express (1977). So, connect all the points and characterizations to get “TEZZ”. But some critics are saying that the movie is original, I wonder why! Might be it is in Hindi or it has some songs – only on these grounds the movie can be distinguished.

The movie is about handful of army consisting of Ajay Devgan, Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy, who plan to blast a train “London Glasgow Express 112”. Why? Well the reason is quite confusing, at least for me, just because one of the men was deported and sent away from his family (wife and Son) and his career vanished, he, after returning back, wants to get some ransom from the government to compensate. Strange, isn’t it? The actual reason behind was, he was supporting illegal residents by providing them work. And this is not ethical!

Anyways, as it is a movie and anything can happen. The movie revolves around Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Zayed Khan, Boman Irani, Sameera Reddy and Kangna Ranawat. As far as the performances are concerned I must say it’s a decent fare. Standing out of the stockpile is undoubtedly Boman Irani, not a single scene of his is missed by him, in doing justice to his role and impressing the audiences. I would like to mention two power-packed scenes, out of few, one in which he talks to her daughter over phone and the other one when he gets a one to one argument with Anil Kapoor, his voice, his movements and his passion are all at display. Then comes Anil Kapoor, it is a treat to watch him after Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. He excels in every scene. Anil Kapoor has star power, believe it or not, his screen presence, attitude and self-obsession makes him loved by his fans. Even his silent moments are very well executed.

Ajay Devgan, after Singham, performs quite an underrated performance. Some might like his performance, but at places he appeared performing the same roles from “Khaakee” or “Qayamat”. Zayed Khan has appeared after a long time and he performs well, though his role had nothing much to offer. But it was a sincere effort by him. Sameera Reddy did leave a mark in brief appearance. Kangna Ranawat, the root cause of the movie, gets few scenes to perform and she is improving to certain extent. Mohanlal (the Amitabh of South) is totally wasted in the role of a cop. If any scene will get smile to your face then it is all because of Neeraj Vora, he is natural and flawless in a small sequence with Anil Kapoor. Definitely his fans would love to see more of him in future.

Direction of the movie is very impressive and so are the action sequences. The item number “Laila” performed by Mallika Sherawat offers nothing much, not for front benchers and not even for classes! But Sunidhi Chauhan did a great job.On the whole actors’ attempt was serious and applaud able and hardwork can be witnessed in the scenes, but dialogues and other major things simply could not save it. The only few reasons for this movie to do good business include “Masala Formula” with “Angrezi Tarka”, action scenes, watching Anil Kapoor after a long time and Ajay Devgan’s fan following after “Singham”. Logically the movie has so many flaws. If you are a movie buff who likes every single Indian movie and are inspired by desi thrillers and “Attitude stuff” then watch it, else you can miss it too!

The article is initially posted at Dunya TV's blog.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jannat 2 - Movie Review

The word “Camp” relates to fun, thrill and adventure and this very word that is used with none other than BHATTS (Mahesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt). Bhatts’ Camp has produced many movies that have been applauded by the viewers, be they be controversial or message oriented. They know the mindset of the audience and how to penetrate that. In fact they have developed a new kind of cinema and its audience, believe it or not. Their path breaking movies have always left audience with the acceptance of different subjects that were not earlier explored in main stream cinema, for instance movies like Arth, Saraansh, Naam, Daddy, Awargi, Zakhm, Tamanna, Jism, Raaz and Zaher etc. The degree of their genre deviates to a greater extent. After Jannat’s success they bring Emraan Hashmi again in Jannat 2 and kudos to their choice for doing so.

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Jannat 2 has a simple plot. Sonu Dilli aka KKC (Emraan Hashmi) is involved in arms trafficking along with his friend named Balli (Zeshan Ayub). ACP Pratap (Randeep Hoda) lost his wife in an accident and since then his mission revolves around eradicating the illegal use of arms and ammunitions. Pratap uses and manipulates Sonu Dilli to work for him so that he can crackdown the head dealers of arms trafficking. Sonu on the other hand falls in love with Jhanvi (Esha Gupta) who wants to live a simple life that must be free from illegality. Things turn around when Sonu comes to know (After marrying Jhanvi) that her father is the person who is the head of arms trafficking, Mangal Singh Tomar (Manish Chaudhry). Now Sonu has to decide to still help Pratap, stay loyal to Mangal Singh or leave the country with his love – Jhanvi.

As far as the performances are concerned every actor in the movie excels and shines. Emraan Hashmi is a fine actor and there is no second opinion to that as he always surprises his viewers in one way or the other. In this particular movie he is extremely different both in terms of performance and the way he speaks, his very first scene/dialogue will let you feel the difference and you will love his character. This is one of his finest performances, undeniably. Randeep Hoda is a talent that has never been tapped properly and this is the reason why this amazing actor has so few films in his sleeves. The actor who started his career back in 2001 with Monsoon wedding has only performed in 10 movies (including this one). The interesting thing is that he performed the roles of a cop in “D”, “Risk”, “Once Upon A time in Mumbai” and “Jannat 2” and he is such a blessed actor that all his performances are distinctive from one another. In Jannat 2 Randeep Hoda performs a role that is very complicated, not many actors in the industry can perform such roles, he at one end is evil and cold blooded, on the other hand he has a soft heart as well and last but not the least he is over-shadowed by his past. A brilliant performance in every scene in which he appears on the screen. Watch out his wrath, shock and helplessness in the climax when he calls out “Emergency”.

Esha Gupta is good, as a debutante she performs really fine. Manish Chaudhry is also a surprise to watch. In his last movie “Blood Money” he performed a role of sophisticated villain whereas in Jannat 2 he catches his audience with surprise. Zeshan Ayub in his 3rd movie impresses remarkably, he is natural and very talented. Brijendra Kala, like always, justifies his performance. Kunal Deshmukh (Director) and Sanjay Masoom (Dialogue) have the ability to produce magic on screen. Music is good, not excellent.

To many people Jannat 2 can be an action flick but in reality it is a well made movie with all the ingredients (including friendship, sacrifice, love, thrill, action and drama) in right quantity and very well executed. The end of the movie is very practical and very different as compared to other movies.

In short Jannat 2 is an amazing experience for those who enjoy great script, flawless performances, interesting action and “True Bollywood Cinema”. A Must watch!

Rating 8/10

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Stop blaming it on Government – Get on your own feet

These days everyone is literally barking against this government. And when I mention “Barking” it literally means “BARKING”. If you want to check this up, just roll the topic in any class, buss, market, party or TV program. You will understand what I actually mean.

Why is it always government that is held responsible for all the vexation?  After all we, Pakistanis, always unite whenever there is disaster faced by any city – PAF museum in Karachi is usually stuffed with campaigns and all such welfare based programs. Then why can’t we stand in our own territory? We can manage and raise funds for affected cities and get them every blessing of the world but we can not help our own conditions. Electricity, water supply, petrol and gas are main issues of a common man as well as for individuals who belong to elite classes. This is the reason why everyone is keeping his eyes on other’s wallet irrespective of how well or exceptional is he earning. For some it is because of nature (agreed) but for rest it is because of the conditions that are letting them follow this practice.

Friday, May 4, 2012

VICKY DONOR – The sperm that produces a “Laugh”

With the passage of time audience have seen that the cinema has changed. I would call it a 360 degree change. There were times when action flicks used to be the talk of the town. There used to be an angry young man beating up the goons either for the sake of vengeance or for proving his macho character. Then there were times when love stories were liked by budding lovers and college sweet-hearts, those movies used to have some great music compositions which were instantly liked and loved by the listeners (of that time). Now weird (for some people) and interesting (for other viewers) movies are made. At some circles slapstick comedies are encouraged and on the other hand people are also appreciating thought provoking cinema. This particular movie, “Vicky Donor” is a combination of both.

The movie might not get success, on the basis of its topic, screenplay and concept, if it would have been released in 90’s or even in 2000’s. Audience is much more ready to accept things nowadays. The movie is tale of a Punjabi boy named Vicky Arora (Ayushman) whose great grandfather had 19 children. This story also revolves around a (not so successful) middle aged Doctor Baldev Chadda (Annu Kapoor) who specializes in infertility operations and he runs a fertility clinic and looking for a sperm donor. Last but not the least, this movie also revolves around the love of a Punjabi guy with a Bengali girl Ashima Roy (Yaami Gautam) and their trust and understanding.

The theme of the movie is really interesting yet controversial, for some. Dr. Chadda convinces Vicky to donate his sperm so that he can give happiness to those parents who are not blessed with their biological kids. For this he quotes some factual yet hilarious examples to Vicky, regarding Mahabhaarat’s time. Finally Dr. Chadda convinces Vicky and he starts to donate sperms. The sequence between Annu Kapoor (as Dr. Chadda) and Ayushmaan (as Vicky) are amazingly hilarious and here definitely Annu Kapoor being a veteran actor takes the audience to the heights of laughter. It is not easy to share the screen with Annu Kapoor but Ayushmaan makes his presence noticed strongly. They both complement each other in almost every scene be it be dramatic or funny. Those who know the roles portrayed by Annu Kapoor in his career will never doubt that he has a caliber that is not shared by many actors. Be it his “Gali Gali Chor hai” or “7 Khoon Maaf” both roles portrays huge contrast. For those who really want to see his amazing performance must watch “Ek Ruka hua faisla” (21 years old young Annu Kapoor portraying a 59 years old lawyer).

On the other hand (the debutant) Ayushman is also full of surprises. He performs extremely nice as a funky, easy going and smartass boy at one place, whereas he astonishes audience in climax (I don’t want to spoil the experience – watch it yourself). Be it a serious thing or comical the young talent has the potential to get noticed. Yaami Gautam is a well known name of Indian TV Channels but she debuts in this movie and guys will love her charms and sweetness. She does not portray an “Oh So Sexy” role but even then am sure guys will smile after watching her and noticing her simplicity. She can go a long way provided she chooses right roles.

There are other characters that shine in this movie, including, Vicky’s mom (Dolly Ahluwalia) and grand mom (Kamlesh Gill). Jayanta Das, portraying the father of Yaami Gautam, excels brilliantly.
On the whole, John Abraham has managed to produce a great piece of funny and witty cinema. The movie shares a nice plot line, if we can save a dying man by donating our blood, why can’t we grant our sperms to grant a whole life to someone who does not even exists in the world. The good things about this movie are that it has freshness, good humor, some great performances and a nice handling. Only drawback – it lacks star power (which these days is a must for many movie goers).

Music is average, dialogues are hilarious and direction is promising.

Rating 7/10