Monday, December 10, 2012

Text Messaging - SMSes (The New Mantra) Part I

Short messaging service that is what an SMS stands for. Trust me, there are more than many full forms which can be extracted from this acronym and they all will live up to the full form. These days everyone is holding a cell phone in his/her hands. This is the reason why there are close to numerous cell phone packages that have been introduced in the market. To me it looks as if people are more interested in packages and cell phones than talking or expressing their feelings to their loved ones. Anyways, getting back to the main topic i.e. SMS and its arrival on not so perfect time, allow me to introduce you with some of the scenarios which you must have experienced in your life:

Sikh Message Supplies:
We are prone to jokes that are sent over cell phones. Most of the jokes are based on Sikhs and Punjabis. Rest of the front is served by Memons, as they are the only ones who can tolerate jokes on them. Consider yourself belonging to same cultural background and receiving such messages on daily, in fact hourly, basis. What will you feel? Just like every cloud has a silver lining, every person has a limitation lining. Having a cell phone loaded with some “cool” packages does not mean that such messages should be shared, every now and then.

Sexual Metaphoric Stuff
Whether its university life or professional life every one of us have come across some really dirty minds. After all, as said by a philosopher “the cornier the joke, the harder they laugh”. Many people are in habit of sharing wicked, sultry and sickly disgusting jokes. Let me accept that they do bring smile to my face, but there is nothing to “LOL” about. But again, repetition of same jokes is nothing but wastage of time. It is better to get serious in life and here seriousness does not mean saying a “NO TO SMILE” and a few laughs but quality of fun should be uplifted.

Sentimental Menace Senders
Do you have friends who don’t care to talk to you and they don’t even visit you when you need them the most? Of course, we all have such kind of breeds in our friend’s list. Just imagine them sending you sentimental and emotional text messages about love, friendship and relationship. To me it sounds totally B/S. Anyways, these so called “friends” text you and at the end of the messages it’s mentioned that “Send this message to 5 friends of yours and revert it to me as well”. I just don’t get it, if at first place they wanted to have it (the message) in their inbox then why do they move them to outbox? Emotional blackmailing is the best kind making anyone say whatever you want them to. You Guys Need A Break!

Am sure there can be more than many extensions and full forms of SMS (driven by one’s mind on the basis of their experiences). For those more, stay tuned!

Share your experiences and incidents that made you uneasy because of receiving weird SMSes.

Friday, November 23, 2012

4 Signs of Determining and Reducing Overheating of Laptops

Overheating of laptops is a common problem faced by almost every laptop user. Constant overheating of laptop decreases the battery life and performance of the laptop. Every person these days, is interested in buying advanced and much modified laptop from the market that offers ultra slim bodies, advanced performance and multiple processors etc. Users forget the fact that with all these positives they bag a negative element as well i.e. “HEAT”. Heat resistance of most of such models is low.
 How to Know whether a laptop is overheated or not?

Knowing about when a laptop is overheated is no rocket science. There are a few indications with the help of which any person can gauge if the laptop is over heated or not. Following are some simple signs which may help the readers;
Laptop faces overheating when it

a.       Starts pretty late i.e. it takes more time than usual to start up.

b.      Faces hanging problems, frequently.

c.       Makes louder noises from constant fan running.

d.      Shuts down or crashes while playing any video game or watching any movie.

All the above mentioned signs are likely to be faced if the laptop is in continuous use. In order to avoid overheating of laptops, individuals can follow the following measures;

Removing of Power Switch

The most common mistake practiced by laptop users is that they don’t remove the charging cord from the laptop, even when it is fully charged. This results in damaging the battery like nothing else. (This is commonly practiced in offices – it should be highly avoided).

Stop Turning Heater On

In winters, men and women both use heaters in order to enjoy a cozy temperature inside the rooms but they forget that the heater acts as a catalyst in overheating the laptops.

Using a Cooling Vent

In market, there are many kinds of cooling vents available for laptops. With the help of these cooling vents heat is reduced and laptops can be used for longer period of time, without getting overheated. They are placed under the laptops so that the body of laptops can be cooled off – they are connected with the USBs.

Working in Intervals

Root cause of overheating of a laptop is working for longer hours. It is advised that laptop users should divide their tasks and work in small intervals so that the problem of overheating can be minimized. Putting laptops on hibernation is suggested by experts. Users should avoid keeping their laptops on standby mode.

With the help of above mentioned points it is highly expected that users will not face laptop’s overheating problems.

If you also have any other way of reducing overheating of Laptops - Do share.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jab Tak Hai Jaan - A Dull Fare

Yash Chopra (Late) has always been the name of romantic, passionate and dramatic cinema. From “Waqt” (as a director) and “Daagh” (as a producer) he has always shown the best attempt in terms of providing quality cinema; the main part of which has always been detailing. His last attempt “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” was unfortunately not as detailed as his movies like Deewar, Kabhie Kabhie, Silsila and Lamhe etc. Even in later years his movies like Dil toh Pagal hai, Kaabul Express and Hum Tum were worth watching again and again. But when it comes to “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”, no one will want to see this movie for a second time – unless they are diehard fans of Shahrukh Khan. 

JTHJ is a story of love and faith. The storyline is definitely something which audiences have seen many times before. JTHJ is a story about two love birds, Shahrukh Khan (Samar Anand) and Katrina Kaif (Meera) who meet in London and fell in love. Later, Meera leaves Samar for his well-being. Samar returns to India, joins Indian Army and becomes a Major in Bomb Defusing Squad. After 10 years of his service he meets Anushka Sharma (Akira), a budding TV reporter and she falls in love with him immediately. The story then moves on and takes a different route and Shahrukh and Katrina meet again. I won’t disclose the rest of the story. It’s not exactly a typical romantic triangle but even then it has its moments. 

Like all my reviews, I am never interested in the box office standing of any movie. Similarly, I am not concerned with the 15 – 17 crores earned by the movie every day after its release. What matters is the combination of a few factors like script, performances and music. As far as the music of the movie is concerned it’s not the usual A.R. Rahman thing. After “Rockstar”, fans of Rahman were expecting something much better. Ditto for Gulzar’s lyrics – something was quite amiss. 

As far as the performances are concerned, it is obvious that Katrina and Anushka stood out whereas the senior lead took the back seat. Katrina is a stealer; she is improving with every movie, undoubtedly. She has all the potential to lead the list of Yash Chopra’s “perfect women. She has both elegance and sensuality which is evident on screen. I am sure that in every scene where she shares screen with Shahrukh, the major audience could not keep their eyes off her and didn’t notice SRK. Anushka is a competent talent and has always proved to be a performer. In JTHJ she is lovable and performs amazingly well. All her scenes are worth watching. It’s a sure award winning performance – in “character actor’s category”. 

Let’s come to the so called “God of Love” SRK. If you have seen him in “Kal Ho Na Ho” and “Chak De India” then you can easily recall the repetition of his looks, acting style and role. As an actor he is still standing at the same place. Its time for SRK to take some serious roles which are performance oriented rather than oozing his boyish charms. He has already passed that age, ages ago. He really tries hard to look a young guy in JTHJ. He is sharing the same stage which Amitabh shared back in early 90’s and acted as “Young Angry Man” – in case of SRK its “Romantic Boy”. For those, who named SRK as “God of Love” have definitely missed Rajesh Khanna’s movies. 

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh in guest appearances mark their presence. Rishi (Chintu) still has screen presence and when he shared screen with SRK, with no dialogue of either, you can’t help but notice Rishi’s cuteness. Anupamkher is efficient and same for Sarika.

The technical drawbacks of the movie are listed as under – due to which it has lost the weight:
Shahrukh joined army at the age of 28 or 29 (technically) which is totally baseless. 27 is the maximum age to join Indian Army, even that in special cases (after passing some exams).

The moments shot between Anushka and SRK in Jammu were hard to believe as its not professionally possible for a serious officer / major to hug and get personal with a TV reporter. 

Within a few days SRK’s memory is back. Strange!

Rating: 3/5

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Widows 8 Phone – 3.0 (Simple, Impressive and Full of Apps.)

Microsoft definitely needs no introduction. It is the most reliable name today undeniably. Even in the niche of Smartphones, Windows is doing wonders. This is the reason why this year’s most talked about “Windows Phone 8” is impressing users. This is the 3rd version of the Windows Phone. Users get different applications on their Windows Phone as compared to Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android based phones. Similarly, this version also offers different interesting applications which catch users’ attention.
Now, users of this phone can share images, data files and other shareable stuff without any hassle, with those users who also use Windows Phone. Windows 8 phone helps people to get connected with their loved ones by creating groups and chat rooms where they can share things. The options related to multimedia are very nice. It also offers Nokia Mapping App.

There are many reviewers who are of the view that the market of Smartphones is already ruled by Apple, Samsung and Google. But the fact is that Microsoft, with every new product if getting better and better. Windows Phone 8 is an example of improved functionality and newer features. For those who prefer to have simple and easy to use phones this is the perfect choice. It has its applications like Photostrip, CanWow and Photosynth etc apart from 120,000 plus applications. The phone comes with a new OS.

This particular phone is a nice addition in the family of Windows Phones. It has gained the attention of those users who never used to consider Windows Phones as worth noticing. This alone is a big achievement of Microsoft to drag the attention of such customers. If you are looking for a simple and easy to use phone with numerous features and good functionality then Windows 8 Phone is the perfect choice. Go grab it!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Social Media Marketing – Some Easy Tips

Do you know what “Online Marketing Gold Mine” is these days? If you have heard about social media platforms and you know how to effectively use them then you sure have the key to that “Online Marketing Gold Mine. Social media marketing is cost beneficial and effective. There are many ways to reach the customers if social media is properly tapped. No matter from which social class or age group the target audience of a business belongs, social media can easily be used in order to hook them up.
Many marketers use different tips and techniques in order to carry out their social media marketing efforts effectively but very few actually know the tricks. Following are three simple techniques which I have learned from my personal experience which can really help in simplify the social media marketing process.

1 - Focus on the Quality of Content
Content is the King. This is a common statement used in the content business. There is no doubt in the truth that it is all about content in the business world. The quality of the content must be superior and top-notch in order to get the attention of the readers. It is always effective to keep your target readers in mind. This will help you to create the content which will interest them and make them share that content on different social media platforms.
It has also been noticed that content itself is not the “only thing” it should be accompanied with videos, examples and images etc in order to keep your audience interested in reading it.

2 - Keep it Consistent
It is a common understanding and observation that most of the business individuals update their social media accounts at least once a week (though 2 – 3 times is just ideal). Have you ever wondered “Why”? The answer is simple; it keeps their readers / audience interested in them. People get “used to” of their posts. It is good to be regular and consistent. The only reason behind it is a constant followership of readers and visitors. This definitely increases the traffic.

3 - Be Social
The basic element of social media is “being social”. Here lies the point. For every business it is very important to be social and to interact with businesses along with the customers. How can one do this through social mediums? The answer is quite simple, by liking posts and comments, replying to the comments and queries, participating in the discussions and asking questions to the customers / business etc.

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