Thursday, October 10, 2013

Managing Clients’ Feedback

For any content writer, social media expert and designer the clients’ feedback is the key to either motivate or de-motivate him. When a client provides his feedback to the professional it can be negative, positive and even constructive. For a writer, designer or social media expert it, at times, becomes difficult to handle a clients’ feedback.
To make a long story short, for everyone receiving a positive feedback is perfectly fine but negative feedbacks need to be managed and constructive feedbacks need to be understood well enough.
Now let’s focus on HOW can a professional manage a negative feedback and, of course, WHY?
Benefits of managing a negative feedback:

Everything happens for a reason, so does negative feedback. Following are the benefits of focusing on negative feedbacks:

1 – It helps you to become effective, efficient and understand the clients’ approach.
2 – It also helps in cutting down the delivery time.
3 – Last but definitely not the least, it will help you keep your client happy and satisfied in terms of hearing him out.

If you master the skill of managing your clients’ negative feedback you will definitely become the most demanded professional in the corporate world.

How to become a super hero for your clients?

Content writing, social media marketing and designing are related to creativity. Creativity needs to be judged and liked by viewers, readers and target market. To improve your creativity, collecting opinions and criticism is a must. And after receiving it, following are the most significant actions:

1 – Document your feedback
2 – Simplify vague & hazy feedbacks
3 – Illustrate how a feedback can impact or change the scope of the project

Make sure that at the end of the delivery there shouldn’t be any surprises or let me add bolt from the blue, for clients.
Avoid followings:

a - Never get emotional after receiving a negative feedback (if your client is in the state of understanding your point then educate him – don’t force).

b - Don’t do the rest of the project half-heartedly, after the negative feedback.

With the above mentioned and discussed points I am sure you will be able to handle and manage the feedbacks received from clients. If you have more to add, do share.

Good luck!