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In Bollywood Mistake is Equal to Competition

Bollywood needs no introduction. Even if there are people who strongly condemn others to watch Indian movies also know about the very industry really well. They might ask who our foreign minister or education minister is, but they sure know the names of character actors of Bollywood industry. Anyways, in life everyone commits mistakes and takes wrong decisions. Those decisions can make things, sort of worse, for them. Bollywood is a perfect example of, one losing the opportunity and the other making a land mark. Today’s feature is dedicated to the mistakes committed by renowned actors and creation of another star.

Amitabh Bachchan’s God Father/Mother

I don’t know where to start from! Ok let’s talk about the star of the millennium “Amitabh Bachchan”. Today he is a known personality, brand ambassador, known as “SIR” but do you guys know in the beginning of his career with Tinnu Anand (director/actor) in Saath Hindustani, he was known for delivering flops and only flops!? His landmark was “Zanjeer” which made him enjoy the title of “Angry Young Man”. This movie was initially offered to Dev Anand (Late), which he declined. Later Salim Khan (Famous Writer and Father of Salman Khan) recommended Amitabh to the producers. Similarly, for Deewar the role which Amitabh played was initially offered to Rajesh Khanna (Late) but due to his unavailability of dates the role was later given to Amitabh Bachan. See! His 2 magnanimous hits were mistakes of other Stars and for him they were the opportunities. (Let me clarify that, most of the people have this misconception that Amitabh was already a star when Sholay was released– Wrong, at that time, Dharmender was MEGA Star, Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bahadury were critics' favorites and Hema Malini was the Dream Girl of millions of hearts. Amjad Khan was a fresher. Last but not the least Amitabh was a struggling actor, making his place in the industry, according to some sources it is also heard that Feroze Khan (Late) was the first choice for the role of Amitabh. Senior Bachchan is definitely lucky, apart from being talented. (It was Jaya, his Godmother, who strongly recommended him for most of his movies).

ACE Khan’s Real “Ace of Life”
Now let’s talk about the Ace Khan! Though his almost every movie is an amazing piece of entertainment, but those who can recall the days just after QSQT (Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak), will agree to me, when he kept giving flops like “Love Love Love’, “Jawani Zindabad”, “Dewana Mujh sa nahin”, “Awwal Number”, “Tum mere ho” and “Daulat ki Jung” etc! 8 – 9 straight flops after QSQT? Do you think anyone was willing to cast him, as main lead, back in those days? It was Anil Kapoor who backed off from the movie called “DILL” which brought Ace khan back in lime light and he was again a “STAR”. According to Anil Kapoor the movie demanded much younger actor and he was not comfortable in working with new director “Inder Kumar” (Aruna Irani’s younger Brother). After realizing his mistake, Anil Kapoor signed the very next project by Inder Kumar named “Beta” which became a gigantic hit of Anil’s career.

“Khiladi’s” Real Game Planner

We all recognize him by the name of “Khiladi” but do we know who was initially offered the role of “Khiladi”? It was Arbaz Khan, who was approached and was actually planned to be launched but due to his modeling assignments Akshay Kumar got lucky! And Now Khiladi will always be associated with Akki!

Salman Khan Stepped into whose Shoes?
Though Sallu Bhai “Salman Khan” was introduced in “Bivi ho toh Aisee” as second lead but “Maine Pyar Kiya” gave him Stardom and S. P. Bala Subhramannium’s voice, (which at that point of time reminded people of the bond between Rajesh Khanna and Kishore's songs). All the songs sung by SP Bala for Salman were huge hits. This particular role from which his pet name became “PREM” was actually offered to none other than Piyush Mishra, (the same Gulaal and Gangs of Wassaypur guy). Due to his lack of seriousness at that time he dropped the movie (reported by Piyush Mishra, himself). If you talk about the performance, definitely, Piyush Mishra is way ahead of Sallu Bhai!
SRK’s Kingdom – Gifted To him By...
Last but not the least! Amir Khan can be called as a rival of Shah Rukh Khan. But if Shahrukh Khan is a "King Khan" (according to himself) then his kingdom was gifted to him by Aamir Khan by backing out from the project named “Darr”. His films like "King Uncle", “Chamatkaar”, “Dil Ashna Hai”, “Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na”, “Maya Memsaab” and “Raju bun gaya gentleman” were box office disasters! From 1990 to 1993. Again he was lucky by chance!

Few more interesting facts!

Role of Gabbar Singh in Sholay was initially offered to Sanjeev Kumar and not Amjad Khan.
Similarly the role of Mugambo was first given to Anupam Kher but the he could not bring the kind of terror whichwas the signature of Amrish Puri (Late).

I hope this information has been interesting for you! I have kept this knowledge to me since a long; I suppose it is the time to share it with my readers!

By the way this article was inspired from the following scene from “Main Khiladi Tu Anari” one of my favorite ones from Akki’s performances.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Evolution of Pakistani Pop Music – Part A/C

Remember M.C.C? Music Channel Charts! I am sure those who remember or witnessed it even once can never forget it for the kind of music that was shown back in those days! Today’s Rock-stars were kids (or in making) back then and used to struggle real hard for making their place in music world where Ghazals and Qawwalis were appreciated. Arid Zone (Yasir Akhter), Yatagan (Nadeem Jaffery and Fakhr e Alam), Vital Signs (Junaid Jamshaid), Bunny, Junoon (Ali Azmat), Ali Haider, Fringe Benefits, Collage, PHON (Shahzad Roy) and Sequencers (Misbah Khalid) and many others were some prominent names of 90’s and they are still appreciated for the music that they created in a period when, at least Pakistani media was not blessed with greater technology and equipments as compared to west.
At that time many people used to think that the Pop Music was only about jumping from here and there holding either a microphone or guitar in hand and dancing but even then the music hit the world and not just Pakistan because of its lyrics. There were numerous singers and bands back in those days who tried to give their 100% to let Pakistani nation accept Pop Music as a genuine kind of music genre by focusing and concentrating on not just some amazing music but also lyrics. The strangest thing is that most of the singers were based NRP’s (Non Residing Pakistanis), they returned to Pakistan after completing their graduation from abroad – I am not talking about all, but most.
Junoon means Passion and truly the band could never be a grand success without the passion. Salman Ahmed the lead guitarist and Song writer from Vital Signs created his own band with Ali Azmat as lead vocalist (former Jupiter’s Singer back then) and Brian O’Connell, Ahmed’s childhood friend. They have released 19 albums under the Band name of “Junoon”. They were and are the singing sensation and crowd pullers of 90’s and 2000’s. I can still remember girls going crazy in Junoon’s concerts and guys dancing like anything. They are true “Rockers” of Pakistani Pop Music Industry.
Ali Azmat In Jupiters

“Dil mein Tum Honton mein Tum” was Bunny’s anthem which he gifted to the nation! This song was the ultimate hit with out a doubt. He was amongst the pioneers of the Pakistani Pop Music. He produced and directed as well. His other ground breaking hit included “Teri yeh Shuokh Adayen”.
Yatagaan – Fakhr-e-Aalam and Nadeem Jafferey
This young guy, named Fakhr-e-Aalam, became instant hit who God knows came from another planet! He was the true rapper of Pakistani Pop Music in 90’sand still he is unbelievable. His first song “Bhangra Rap” was an overnight success. I still remember when the song was show cased on MCC, the starting of the song made me lose my interest because of the “Raag Thing” but then he took everyone by surprise with his talent. His first song stayed on number one's slot for more than 4 - 5 weeks I suppose. His other famous songs include “Proud Pakistani”, “Baby Zara Hans Kay” and “Laut Aao” – The most expensive video of its time.
If you have liked this post and want to know more about the Pakistani Pop Music and its Advent -  

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To be continued! A lot more to come!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Admirable Women Of Pakistani Media

With the boom in the Pakistani media industry, everybody has shifted their attention to media personalities and they have become hot topics nowadays. The media has played an important role in Pakistan by creating awareness among the people on every subject from current affairs to fashion, entertainment and sports etc. It has created a number of job opportunities for both men and women.

They are number of women who have become influential and have set examples for rest of the women in Pakistan. They believe that if you have the talent and if you stand firm on your decision with determination then nothing is impossible. Women in Pakistan can easily follow their dreams if they have the motivation to accomplish them. Some of the astonishing living examples are as follows:
·         Shirmeen Obaid Chinoy:
 She is the first person who took Pakistan to an international pedestal and became the first Pakistani who not only got nominated but won an Oscar for her documentary film “Saving faces.” She is a pride for the people of Pakistan especially for women. “Times Magazine” also included her name in its annual issue for the most influential people of the world in 2012.
·       Nadia Khan:
She has become a household name with her spontaneous and witty personality. She has been able to win the hearts of her fans with her comeback on Geo TV. She hosts a talk show which caters a number of topics such as: bold, controversial, societal and emotional etc. The basic objective of this show is to uplift the moral values in the individuals. She is doing her show with great devotion and has been able to raise the voice against different issues.
·         Uzma Gillani:
She is a woman of immense strength and intensity and this is greatly reflected in her acting. She faced a number of obstacles and health issues but nevertheless maintained her position as one of Pakistan’s leading TV actress. The roles which have been portrayed by her have shown great personal valor and verve. She is a role model for number women in Pakistan who have the ability to face life with audacity.
·         Mesha Shafi:
She has become a youth Icon with her songs “Jugni” and “Dashte Tanhai”. She has ruled the fashion industry with her modeling and now she has entered the music world and has paved her way to success with her emerging Talent.
·       Maya Khan:
Although she has been involved in the controversy lately but she has come out of it with great courage and has entered the media again. She has used the platform wisely by having discussions on social issues faced by the women and has also tried to resolve them (to certain extent). She has been a great supporter of women and has always tried to create opportunities for women.

Irrespective of all the controversies and personal opinions believe it or not these women have changed the way our (Pakistani) society thinks, observes and acts, in one way or the other. I respect them and pay homage to their achievements which can never be enjoyed by anyone without hard work, dedication and strong determination.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Somehow Leverage And Maneuver Islamic Corruption – New Age Muslims

For those who don’t understand Urdu – The roman English written under brackets, I have translated the same in English as well, for you all to understand.
Alhamdulillah (By the grace of Almighty) I am a Muslim and I follow the rules and regulations declared in Islam. This is the spontaneous sentence that we blurt out when someone asks about our religion or being a Muslim.

Do we really mean it? Is praying 5 times a day, complete Islam? (Pehlay Namaz toh Qayem Karlo phir yeh sab baatin karna) First start praying 5 times a day then question others! Why? I am not a doctor but I can question about his ill practicing. I am not a patriot but I can question and defame any army fellow. But! I can not question a Muslim by any means. Right!

(Islam Allah or uskay banday ka muamla hai) Islam is all about the bond between LORD and HIS creature. These are the statements which we come across whenever we raise any question! None of us is allowed to ask questions in mosques or questions related to Islamic practicing, as if they are universal truth – no doubt they definitely are, but a layman like me and many others, have the right to ask questions if they are not satisfied, right? Why do we all forget that without Tauheed (Sovereignty of Allah) everything has a logic and rationale behind it? Allah has quoted multiple times in Holy Quran (Ghaur karo) Think. But even then we do not think and just follow without knowing the basics and root reason.
For a new age Muslim it is very easy to follow Islam, as compared to his ancestors or elders. Nowadays, whatever was initially banned and prohibited in Islam is acceptable by providing a justification. The most common sentence that all of us usually hear is (Deen o Dunia Saath Sath chalti hai) Religion and World go hand in hand. (Beech ka raasta Ikhtiyar karo) Select the route that is in between Islam and worldly affairs. For all those who agree with these statements or say these lines to others, you all are not aware of ISLAM and its teachings. Islam either has a “YES” or “NO” but no “Maybe” so either one thing is allowed or prohibited! If (Tasveer-Kashi) Painting / Photography is Haraam (Prohibited) in Islam then there is no second answer to that. And now please don’t come up with those usual examples that after 3 days of hunger a man can eat anything – this could be acceptable back in early civilization, not anymore! Plus this can be applicable to 10 – 15% of the total mankind, and definitely you and I are not amongst them.

These days we have Islamic banking systems, Islamic meat shops even in Islamic countries, Islamic Boutiques and Islamic promotional plans etc. Today the term ISLAMIC has a new meaning, I Somehow Leverage And Maneuver Islamic Corruption. The rates at Islamic boutiques are high enough to even let me think twice before purchasing, so what about those Muslims who are not so well to do and want to wear Islamic Clothing Brands! I am sure everyone is aware of the Islamic Clothing Brands (after all they were pitched to fame with this concept – else they have/had nothing else to offer, quality wise). The profit which these outlets or brands make is Halaal, as per the context of Islamic Business Rules?

I never knew MOVIES are allowed in ISLAM – that is why people do not object on existence of movies but the subjects people select, for them (ref: Khuda Ke Liay).

Are we allowed to do Umrah or Hajj by scoring points through our credit/debit cards? Aren’t people adulterating the religion known as Islam? Are we (pointing out Males) allowed to appear on screens, wearing branded clothes, spectacles and footwear presenting Islamic shows and interacting with females (Na-Mehrum) with smiles?

A New Age Muslim:
  • Drinks
  • Smokes
  • Flirts (for the sake of fun)
  • Manipulates (out of habit)
  • Shows off brands (to let others feel his supremacy)
  • Hides his Identity (as well)
  • Listens to music every day! (After all Music is food to soul - CRAP)
  • Cheats (---)
  • Rapes (---)
  • Lusts (--)
  • Lies (on daily basis)
  • And what not?
But he offers prayers and visit 5 times to Allah’s house after performing all the mentioned and non mentioned sins.

Bravo My Muslims!

The month of Ramazan is near, trust me my nation will again witness corruption in the name of Islam and will buy it! Why? Because we aren’t Muslims anymore! We are (as I always say) PBCM –Pakistani Born Confused Muslims.

I wish! One day we can embrace Islam not by just hearing Azaan in our ears, when born, but by living a life as per the teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah. Even I don’t practice Islam the way I might have mentioned, but I feel guilt inside. Do you too?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good Old Days - Part 1 (Happiness)

When was the last time you were happy? Being happy, does not only mean to smile or laugh. Now answer that simple question, “when was the last time, when you were really happy?” Strange isn’t it? You can’t recall it properly? Apart from becoming parents, these days, people mostly don’t realize what happiness is. I am not sure whether you still have those memories in your mind when receiving a “One Rupee” or “Two rupee” note (back then there were notes and not coins), unexpectedly from elder, was equivalent to something magnanimous, when a sudden visit from a cousin was a dream come true, when a surprise visit from either of the parents at school, in the lunch hour, to take you home for a surprise was filled with so much of excitement, fun and happiness. And there are countless other reasons which could have let you wear a smile all day long.

Remember the times when you kept on waiting for a call from a friend or loved one for hours and on every ring of the, non-digitized, phone you couldn’t stop your excitement but rush towards the telephone set, considering it was his/her phone call. That was the time when an ordinary cake from friends on your birthday could easily bring water to your eyes and happiness to your heart – the actual overwhelming state. The time when a simple three to four sentenced greeting card was read by recipient for hours and hours, whether lying on bed in the nights or during studying for the final exams. It is quite strange that now we, mostly, don’t spend hours and hours on deciding what to buy for our loved ones. After all, now we have a huge range of choices, though back in those days we had limited choices and even in those limitations we used to get something of sheer happiness and need for the receiver.

These days we are so much occupied with our jobs, professional and other commitments. But back in those days we used to enjoy “Life”, “Relations” and above all the “Moment”. A walk at the beach, no matter if hands in hands or eyes locked with eyes – the sense of “I am there for you” used to be satisfying for either. In older days we were not much exposed to technology, but we were definitely aware of the relationships, contentment and righteous conduct. And today we only talk about technology, benefits and results. We do not realize that there are far more important things which are of greater importance than benefits and results. Those were the times when even beggars had limited demands.

I am talking about those times when the biggest dream of a father was to let his son achieve his goals, by acquiring education in terms of degree, when a mother used to wish for her kids to get married happily, when a brother used to wish for his sisters and brothers to stay happy and blessed and when a son used to do every possible thing to provide his parents with every possible happiness – keeping all his goals and targets beside. To them those small acts were the happiness. They used to stay together and stay happy. They used to care for others to stay happy. And now! We live in state of the art houses! We work in multi nationals, we drive automatic vehicles, we operate newest gadgets and we eat at finest restaurants and still when someone asks if we are happy? We don’t have a rational reply!

The problem is that most of us have associated happiness with tangible items. For instance I want the newest laptop to become happy, I need an HSY outfit to get happy; I need an iPhone to stay happy and the list goes on and on.

I wish and hope that soon every one of us finds happiness, the real one

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Teri meri kahani – It’s Everyone's Story – Movie Review

To me it was really strange to not to hear any buzz about Kunal Kohli’s, Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra starrer, new release “Teri Meri Kahani”. How can anyone forget “Hum Tum”? The same director created a magic! Anyways, after almost a week of the movie’s release I got a chance to watch “Teri Meri Kahani”. I, actually, watched the movie out of curiosity of why it was/is not much talked about!
The movie is about two characters, Shahid Kapoor as (Javed, Fovind and Krish) and Priyanka chopra as (Aradhna, Rukhsaar and Radha) who meet in 3 different eras 1910, 1960 and 2012. This movie is all about eternal love which at times we call the “connection”. I will not spoil the fun by disclosing the complete synopsis of the movie in short it is for those who have ever fallen in love. From the start to the end the movie looks interesting, lovely and sweet.
Shahid Kapoor excels in all three roles which he has performed in this movie. I will like to mention one thing that in all the 3 roles he portrayed the character of a 3 different guys in same age brackets yet all the characters are so diversified, ditto for Priyanka Chopra. Undoubtedly both actors are the finest performers of this age.
All the songs of this movie are amazing. Those songs which stand out are “Allah Janay”, “Hum se Pyar Karlay tu” and “Jab se mere dilko”. For love stories music plays the role of a spinal cord and this movie is blessed with one strong backbone.
Kunal Kohli has delivered his honest attempt and throughout the movie am sure audiences will have smiles on their faces. All the eras are perfectly shot.
The era of 1910’s is the highlight of the movie, script, performance and emotions wise. The era of 1960’s will surprise most of the critical audiences with the detailing. The way trams were shown, their speed, colors, attires, fashion and even the way people used to communicate. The depiction of 2012 is really close to day to day life.
This movie is highly recommended for those who have ever loved someone with all their hearts. I will also highly recommend this flick for those who enjoy and want to see a well made movie.
If you are married watch it! It will rejoice old times. If you are in a relation, watch it, it will strengthen your relation and if you are finding true love! It will help you in understanding one!