Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bathroom Beauties - A facebook Ideology

“Heya Facebook freaks!” I am sure there must be millions who would reply to my “Hi” not because they know me or like me, but for the sake of keeping themselves in the FACEBOOK FRATERNITY. Lately I observed few things which I mostly used to see almost every day or every alternate day. It is nothing unusual (for many) but really UN-USUAL (for some). Have you ever thought why women mostly rush to washrooms when meeting their fiends, families and the special ones {yup “retards” for their (girl’s) charms – The spelled guys)}. NO! I don’t want you to think on those personal concerns. These days every woman or allow me to say girls, as few might mind me calling them women, have cameras or at least a nicer phones preferably iPhone in their bags. This helps them a lot to look good, fresh and more over click pictures – after all where else will they get the privacy to do few crazy stunts, without other noticing them in awe. Apart from all the motives, from where they get their new and much liked Display Pictures to upload at Facebook? 

The funniest part is, after uploading those pictures, their friends ask them from where they got the picture, most of the comments are like “the backdrop is just so amazing” – it is not over yet! Punch line is – after getting to know the location of the luxurious toilet, most try to visit there and get their shots as well. Guys this is not a joke, trust me there are many fanatics doing such things, just because they can show their pictures to their friends by standing in the washroom in front of large mirrors. The disease has now shifted from ONE PERSON SHOT to TWOSOMES, THREESOMES and even GANG of Power Puffed Ones clicking numerous shots. Be it wedding, party, coffee shop, restaurant or any other place where they can find a lavish wash-room, they can’t just keep their hands off their cameras. 

Is it something like Girls Only Look Great In Washroom? Not even On their Big Day?

For all those girls who usually comment in utter superiority that they have “high Standards” it is a wakeup call – Girls with high standards never indulge themselves in something like that! Give it a thought!

I completely don’t have anything against girls or their pictures, but I know one thing, if the same thing is done by a guy he will instantly become CHEAP and WEIRDO in the eyes of those girls.

Be blessed!

Keep smiling – and doing things by which other can smile as well.