Sunday, September 4, 2011

Great People

In life we come across many people who we consider and know as “Achievers” and “Success Stories”. Those people are later known as the “Great People” by the world. Most of us think that those people are made up of some different kinds of ingredients, but in reality, they are as similar as You and Me. They are as ordinary as any other person walking on the street.

So what makes them different? It is nothing but their high commitment level – to many “Commitment Level” may sound a heavy word, easy to say but difficult to do justice with and hard to achieve. But actually commitment is the pre-requisite to do any work – not just a job. For instance taking complete history prior to prescribing a medicine to a patient shows commitment level, before writing an essay on “Global Warming”, asking from friends, teachers and Google-ing about “Global Warming” is also a form or commitment level. So it is not difficult at all – doing right thing at right time is commitment level.

The “Great People” have high commitment level, focused dedication and a particular objective or goal in their minds – that sync with their hearts as well. Today most of the individuals (particularly youngsters) think that starting a career from Sales is substandard. But they forget the fact that the lowest step of the ladder is close to the ground but if they can not step on that, how will it be possible for them to reach at the highest step of the ladder, which is the sky. Like all says it is always essential to start from the basic to reach at the top. Similarly you studied “A, B, C…” before writing a word or Blog (in my case).

We know “TATA”, “DALDA” and “TAPAL” today, as giants of business world. But they started their journeys towards success by fueling their limbs. Life is and was never tailor made – not even for emperors.

Finally I would like to share!

                “Great People Are Really Ordinary People, Who Commit Themselves To Extra-ordinary Goals.”

Be blessed – Keep Smiling – Dream on – and Start acting