Friday, April 12, 2013

Are You Excited About Google Glasses?

Google Glass? What is it? If you are not a tech savvy person, then you must not be aware of it. Google Glass is a latest buzz around. It is actually a pair of funky glasses, which you can use as a virtual assistant. Doesn't it sound amazing? You can use this amazing technology innovation by Google for taking pictures, sending messages, recording videos, searching the web, and much more.
Aim of Google Glasses
According to Google experts, their basic aim is to cater the users' search needs, which is why they want to introduce something that can give the information before anyone could think of. It sounds crazy but in real, it is not and Google has proved it, which is why many of the tech savvy users are excited about using this stylish device.

Even Zuckerberg Is Excited About Google Glass 
The best example can be of Mark Zuckerberg, who is the founder of Facebook. Mark seems very excited about the launch of this amazing technology device despite of the fact that Facebook and Google do not enjoy friendly relationship. In nutshell, it seems like everyone is excited about the launch of this amazing device. Are you also one of them? 
Features Of Google Glass
Google Glass is actually a smart device, which is equipped with lots of unique features. The most amazing feature of Google Glass is its automatic photographing facility with the help of which a user can capture random pictures at different intervals. You can say that it is the upcoming first digital device that is capable of recording the world besides many other magical promises, which is very exciting for many without any doubt. Moreover, it is light in weight and stylish in looks. It will be having a small display frame on it with which you can easily connect to the camera, microphone, etc. Here you must not forget to thank WiFi and Bluetooth, which support such kind of connectivity functions with ease.
Drawback and Development
However, here is a rumor about Google Glass that it might not be good for eye sight, which is a serious concern. According to eye specialists, the excessive use of this device can cause headaches, migraines, eye strain, etc. there must be some developments which Google might be doing for this product. It will definitely find a way to tackle such an issue; after all, it is about changing the lifestyle of the people in future. 

So, just wait and stay excited, as it can just be a rumor, which will be confirmed only after the release of device, which is expected in late 2013.

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