Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Unconventional “Better-Half” – A Man’s Perspective

We do know that we have a complete hold of our lives until we tie knots with someone, who promises, oaths and guarantees to be our companion of life time (at times LIE of a TIME) – to be there in thick and thin (what I love to call it as THICKLY THIN and THINLY THICK). As the life starts with this unmatched beauty, the beasts like us find it mesmerizing and enchanting. For a matter of fact it is how life is – you meet a person who is completely unknown to you and you start not just only to live with her and love and care for her too. Better say the beast transforms into ummm… somewhat Priest! Who provides almost every kind of services to his “MADAM”, cares for her, leads her in almost every step and stand there for her no matter how weak his knees get, in the presence of any other woman.


I still remember my grandmother giving hints and tips to my female cousins how to win the hearts of their husbands and going to be ones. The main crux used to be how to cook swadisht (tasty) cuisines. No wonder they did win the hearts of their hubbies, but most of those hubbies are now suffering from heart diseases and soon it is expected that their heart decease (due to the over flow of their “butler-halves” love in the form of thick, spicy and oily curry in their veins and arteries). No second thought to the fact that these better halves are extremely good in kitchen highly smart in running the day to day house hold chores and activities.


Who says nightmare ends when you open your eyes? There are countless who still have to live with the same… in the very same territory. Most of the men are horrified and petrified though such a partner. But due to their wisdom or better say fear, they don’t take the bold step throughout their lives.  They are often known as violent, short tempered, blunt and unsophisticated by their partners. To which I say – they are simply EXPRESSIVE. They know when to throw which ball to fly one’s wicket. Yes they are nagging at times, but who isn’t? Think about your boss for a moment! About the customer who wants cent percent result of the product he purchased from you! and the land-lord of yours… If you can wear a lovely smile in front of them in their worst moods, why can’t you tolerate this creature who happened to be your one full half?J Never go on the packaging un-wrap her to be surprised. She has a lot of love care and respect for you! Trust me, it’s just the depression and frustration she faces and feels every day – remember she used to have the same sugar coated finger, which you wanted to lick always! Just give her a softer time, remind her the old days, treat her well, the way you used to… and feel the magic.


Well this one is my favorite, she is the one who is shy, vibrant, and lovely, she has calculated moves to captivate and enchant. She knows how to dazzle. She gives her hubby all the thrills along with the chills. My canvas might get bigger on her account, but she is worth praising. She tries to obey and knows how to command also. She is the wisest amongst all; she does feel like the soft breeze at the sea-shore but she actually has a storm within her. All the men are willing to bow their heads and minds in front of her. She is – to them – a complete package of charm, beauty, obedience and thrill. Men are usually happy with such wives, but as they grow old and mature, they want their wives to grow too.

After all the discussions and jokes apart, I think a Man must always stand by the side of his woman. Give her due respect and nurture her. He must give her his best shot of love, gentleness, admiration, regard, commitment and softness. One who protects, safe guards and provides the rights of his woman definitely deserves to be known as a REAL MAN.


  1. Bahot hi acha lekiha hai....excelent. Specially the last para...thoes four lines says it all. Really loved it.

  2. Thank you so much, for liking it.