Monday, August 27, 2012

Ek Tha Tiger? Or Ek Tha “Copycat”?

The most anticipated movie of 2012 “Ek Tha Tiger” is released with a bang. Before the release all the tickets were sold, it was hard to get tickets even for the 5th day of the release. The reason behind it was nothing but Salman Khan’s box office power, which has yet again proved to be the ace in marketing any movie, and yes I mean “Any Movie”. YashRaj needs no introduction for those who are avid film viewers. Director Kabir Khan (Kaabul Express and New York) managed to justify his inspirations quite well. Here we all must know “inspiration” is just a modified name of “copying”.

The storyline of the movie is nothing that audiences haven’t witnessed before. It is about a RAW agent with a code name of “Tiger”, played by Salman Khan and an ISI agent named Zoya, played by “Katrina Kaif”. Tiger is sent on a mission to Dublin, just to observe the movements of Indian scientist (Roshan Saith) because according to Tiger’s chief Roshan might be involved in sharing some research finding with Pakistan’s defense. There Tiger meets Zoya and their romance starts to blossom. After that it’s a movie with lots of chase, lots of action and so many predictabilities.

ETT is a bravura combination of multiple movies, script wise along with action sequences hugely inspired from west. For instance the script of the movie is a combination of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, One of the movies from James Bond’s series and a few more (in bits and pieces). The most talked about action sequences of ETT are, also to huge extent, copied from 2 blockbusters “Fast 5” (starting scene and when Kat and Sallu escape from their hideout); the climax is again inspired from Expendable’s climax when local Sly jumps from bridge on to the jet plane.

As far as the performances are concerned, Salman is as usual – he is already a “STAR” and for stars performances are not benchmarks (on the basis of past release like Dabbang, Ready and Wanted). Salman Kan looks cute, sober and serious with this movie as well. Katrina is a complete performer now! She surprises everyone with her performance, dialogue delivery and hotness. Ranvir Shorey grabs the role exceptionally well, there are scenes where he doesn’t even speak but his presence is strongly felt – after a long time this actor is truly been utilized. Direction is good, better than other recent Bollywood movies (excluding GoW 1 and 2, Rockstar, Pan Sigh Tomar, Vicky Donor, Shanghai, Jannat 2,  and a few others).

Music of ETT is nice – nothing exceptional. Cinematography is worth experiencing – hats off to Aseem Mishra. 

Watch this film if you are a Salman Khan’s or Katrina’s fan; else there won’t be much for you in this fare.

Ratings:                                7/10

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