Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Expendables 2 Movie Review – Band Of Geriatric Goons

The Expendables 2 is definitely amongst the most anticipated releases of 2012, at least for those who are diehard fans of real action heroes like Sly Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnie), Jason Statham, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Bruce Willis and last but not the least Jeanne Claude Vann Damme. For many viewers and movie buffs this movie would be a dream cum true to see all their action icons sharing one screen.
If we talk about the plot of the movie its not a rocket science in fact its quite simple. If you have watched Expendables 1 and know the storyline, Sly and his team blew up Willis plan. So, in second episode of Expendables, Willis wants to send Sly and his men to another mission to retrieve something of significance value before bad men can get their hold of. Willis introduces them with a female mercenary – Nan Yu, who can lead them in certain situations. Anyways, the team heads off for the mission, without knowing the seriousness caused by the Villain of the movie Jean Claude Van Damme. The rivalry turns into personal when Van Damme brutally murders one of Sly’s gang mates. From there the movie transforms into a new journey – journey of revenge!

The the plot does not make a bit of sense at many places, as it only involves explosions, chases and blood shattering scenes. “Track em. Find em. Kill’em”. Is what the movie is all about – Dialogue spouted by Sly for the bad guys.
This time the movie is focused more on fun and action. The chemistry between Statham and Sly is amazing. Similarly, Arnold’s presence is a treat. Chuck Norris Steals the show in a brief cameo. Bruce Willis is there for – making his presence felt, else he was not technically needed for more than one scene. Jean Claude Van Damme looks ruthless, acts much better and fights perfectly! The real action heroes of this ride are Statham, Van Damme and Sly. Those who bring smiles are Arnie, Sly and Statham. The ones whose presence catches you by surprise are Arnie and Chuck (in every scene).

This particular movie has received mixed responses from audiences. According to some geriatric goons are back, for others it’s a star packed salute to fans of action movies and for others its far too weak for its fury. It’s a pure 80’s and 90’s idea with same era’s super stars in new packaging. Director Simon West gives his best after almost fifteen years, which was Con Air.
Recommended to all those who want to watch their Action icons together. Bad-Ass Action flick with corny one-liners like
"I pronounce you Man and Knife", "Rest in Pieces", "Do you want to hit me like a Man or Shit" and last but not the least
Sly: "I think it belongs to a Museum"
Arnie: "We all DO"

Rating 7.5/10

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