Thursday, September 27, 2012

Heroine – Are Critics Mad?

P.S. Let me clarify a few things first! I am not a Kareena Kapoor’s (aka Bay Bow’s) fan or even an admirer of her Zero Image! i.e. “Size Zero Figure”. The last movie of hers which I liked was “Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai”.
After hearing it from different friends and colleagues and reading from some of my gurus and friends from “Blogging fraternity” I was convinced that apart from Kareena Karoor, there is nothing much in the movie to watch! And this might be the reason why I planned to watch it, to see how good has she evolved as an actress and has she really stopped her “hamming style” and “oh so sexy pouting looks”.
Anyways, I was surprised! Not by the movie but by the people whom I used to consider sensible and critically sound when it comes to movie making and Hindi Cinema. This is amongst the very well made movie of the current times. I agree to the fact that the movie has nothing much to offer subject wise or story wise but when it comes to direction, dialogues and acting. It is really an impressive attempt by Madhur Bhandarkar, who does not need any introduction.
There is not much to tell about the story of the movie. It’s simple yet predictable. People initially also related “Heroine” with Angelina Jolie starrer “GIA – 1998” but that’s not the reality at all.
Let me quickly get back to the reason why I am attempting to write this “kind of review” for “Heroine”. First – To all those people, critics and cine-goers, who think that this movie has nothing but Kareena Kapoor, please get yourself seriously treated. There is a huge list of amazing performers who stole the show and performed astoundingly. Arjun Rampal is a volcano of talent if utilized properly. Right from the days of “Moksh” he has the ability to perform complicated roles. And this time he is over the top, his outburst after the party where Kareena insults his wife is natural. The other scene stealer is Randeep Hoda. This guy is a surprise factory – watch him interacting with Kareena in the party where he makes the move and then watch him breaking up with Kareena. Spell bounded. Sanjay Suri is always adequate with his eyes and expressions when it comes to any role! The guy must be offered more roles! He will surprise you in post interval with his tone, looks and authoritative style.

The best part of the film is when Kareena goes to Ranbir Shorey. That scene is amazingly shot. Ranbir Shorey as “Tappan Da” is flawless. He comfortably reminds of those self made Bengali directors who ruled the Hindi cinema back in late 70’s and early 80’s, crisp, blunt and appreciative. Shahana Goswami is great in small but strong appearance. The aftermath of her and Kareena’s encounter is amazingly shot and acted! Divya Dutta is getting type-actress! But here she performs really well. Govind Namdev as “Rashid Bhai” doesn’t have much dialogues but you can feel his presence with his expressions. Helen’s scenes will show simplicity and experience of a veteran. The other scene which is the highlight of the movie is when Shahana takes Kareena to a brothel with her. The communication which takes place there simply tell the real world of those “red light” alleys. Smartly penned
Last but not the least Kareena has really performed well. She looked psycho, hot, manipulating, simple and broke. After all, whole film rested upon her shoulders so she had to perform apart from flashing her skin, which she did quite well.
Niranjan’s dialogues are clap worthy. Screenplay is strong. In a way Heroine is a combination of different scripts of Madhur Bhandarkar’s earlier releases like Chandni Bar, Page Three and Fashion. But all in all a nice entertaining fare!

Rating:  6.5/10 (on the basis of performance)

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