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An Overview of Content Writing – In Pakistan

 I am sure; at least, some of us are familiar with the term “Content Writing” and “Content Writers”. It does not mean that everyone in our society is completely aware of the role and duties performed by content writers. In fact, speaking from my personal experience, most of the content writers, these days, don’t know what content writing is all about. For them content writing is another name of paraphrasing and getting information from Wikipedia or Google Search. So that it cannot be detected by plagiarism checking software programs. Content writing is a broad term but it is used wrongly at many places. People have different misconceptions regarding content writing, especially young budding talent of Pakistan. I have been in the field of content writing since 2007 and on the basis of my experience and interaction with experienced and struggling content writers I have been amazed many a times by their responses, answers and intellect. So, I decided to brief my readers about content writing as much as possible, I am no Guru but I think what I have learnt and understood should be shared with others in order to add some value to my learning.

What Is Content Writing?

To make it easier and simpler I will use uncomplicated ways to define and discuss content writing and issues related to content writers. Content Writing is all about writing content, content can be any information, knowledge and properly weaved set of words which provide details related to any subject, field or topic etc. Content Writing is a broader term. Under the head of content Writing falls different types and kinds of content write-ups like web content writing, academic content writing, research based content writing, ghost writing, e-books write-ups, press release and technical content writing etc.

Confusions Related to Content Writing

Most of the times, those individuals who want to start their career as content writers get confused and cannot differentiate between the different types of content write-ups. All the types are different from one another, so it cannot be taken for granted that a web content writer can write a great academic report in first attempt. The basics of all the write-ups are different. Similarly, every blogger cannot qualify for a technical content writer’s job. Technical content writing is about substantial knowledge related to the technical aspect of the products or services offered by any company with detailed analysis whereas blogging is another name of ranting.

Why content Writing Industry is Not Grooming in Pakistan?

In the last few years, while interviewing most of the candidates for the position of content writers, a few of the things which I have personally noticed are:
  • Individuals do not have basic understanding of the difference between Academic and web content writing.
  • Candidates do not want to take the career of content writing seriously.
  • 70 to 75% of the incumbents who apply for the position of content writing consider it as a part time job.
  • Lack of ownership and professional attitude.
  • Our society (major chunk) is not familiar with the profession of content writing, plus it is not considered as a white collar job too.
  • Companies which consider themselves as “Content Writing Pioneers” are not hiring educated, mature and experienced content writers.
  • Lack of professionalism in the industry, (something which I have tried and tested - personally).
  • Approaches of the content writers are mostly inclined towards “easy way out”.
  • Working conditions, ethics and atmosphere are too open and full of distractions – they name it as "western culture" but in reality it’s a non professional environment.

These are the major points which I have observed by discussions with different people, related to content writing industry, candidates and people who have no or little idea about content writing. For them, even today, a person must select professions like Medicine, Management, Business, Engineering, Teaching or Graphic designing.

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