Friday, October 26, 2012

Robotic Suitcase Ideal For Travelers - "HOP"

For all those individuals who love to travel and move from one place to another frequently, there is a good news. A new suitcase has been launched with the name of “HOP”. This particular suitcase is ideally designed for old age travelers and women who cannot lift heavy bags and luggage. The suitcase “Hop” can be easily connected to your Smartphone and with the help of a Bluetooth. This robotic suitcase moves with you automatically. After all, there can be numerous works which can be done when your hands are free, for instance calling your driver at the airport or talking to your client while drinking a Starbuck’s Coffee. Now you don’t have to worry as your suitcase “Hop” will follow you where ever you go. 

Questions have been raised regarding the safety and security of the newly launch “Hop” but that has been taken care of as well. The suitcase follows the signals. If signals are dropped then the phone starts to vibrate and a person can easily turn around and look for the luggage, by the way the suitcase also locks itself when the signals are lost. This way the suitcase is secured. On the contrary, people can use these in shopping malls and grocery stores in order to not to carry heavy bags in their hands. This suitcase is ideal for women who shop a lot, patients suffering from heart problems and weak people who cannot carry heavy bags. For young moms this suitcase is really helpful as they don’t have to now worry about whether to carry their kids in cots or their bags. Their “Hop” will follow them like a pet.

With the passage of time there will be more modifications which will be made to this automatic suitcase so as to ensure its safety and functionality. Go for it, if you are into traveling or want a relaxing experience of shopping.

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