Thursday, November 8, 2012

Widows 8 Phone – 3.0 (Simple, Impressive and Full of Apps.)

Microsoft definitely needs no introduction. It is the most reliable name today undeniably. Even in the niche of Smartphones, Windows is doing wonders. This is the reason why this year’s most talked about “Windows Phone 8” is impressing users. This is the 3rd version of the Windows Phone. Users get different applications on their Windows Phone as compared to Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android based phones. Similarly, this version also offers different interesting applications which catch users’ attention.
Now, users of this phone can share images, data files and other shareable stuff without any hassle, with those users who also use Windows Phone. Windows 8 phone helps people to get connected with their loved ones by creating groups and chat rooms where they can share things. The options related to multimedia are very nice. It also offers Nokia Mapping App.

There are many reviewers who are of the view that the market of Smartphones is already ruled by Apple, Samsung and Google. But the fact is that Microsoft, with every new product if getting better and better. Windows Phone 8 is an example of improved functionality and newer features. For those who prefer to have simple and easy to use phones this is the perfect choice. It has its applications like Photostrip, CanWow and Photosynth etc apart from 120,000 plus applications. The phone comes with a new OS.

This particular phone is a nice addition in the family of Windows Phones. It has gained the attention of those users who never used to consider Windows Phones as worth noticing. This alone is a big achievement of Microsoft to drag the attention of such customers. If you are looking for a simple and easy to use phone with numerous features and good functionality then Windows 8 Phone is the perfect choice. Go grab it!


  1. Microsoft is offering Windows 8 upgrades priced at just $39.99USD/£24.99 for anyone using an existing product. The offer will be open until January 31 and after that the OS will cost a higher price.