Friday, November 23, 2012

4 Signs of Determining and Reducing Overheating of Laptops

Overheating of laptops is a common problem faced by almost every laptop user. Constant overheating of laptop decreases the battery life and performance of the laptop. Every person these days, is interested in buying advanced and much modified laptop from the market that offers ultra slim bodies, advanced performance and multiple processors etc. Users forget the fact that with all these positives they bag a negative element as well i.e. “HEAT”. Heat resistance of most of such models is low.
 How to Know whether a laptop is overheated or not?

Knowing about when a laptop is overheated is no rocket science. There are a few indications with the help of which any person can gauge if the laptop is over heated or not. Following are some simple signs which may help the readers;
Laptop faces overheating when it

a.       Starts pretty late i.e. it takes more time than usual to start up.

b.      Faces hanging problems, frequently.

c.       Makes louder noises from constant fan running.

d.      Shuts down or crashes while playing any video game or watching any movie.

All the above mentioned signs are likely to be faced if the laptop is in continuous use. In order to avoid overheating of laptops, individuals can follow the following measures;

Removing of Power Switch

The most common mistake practiced by laptop users is that they don’t remove the charging cord from the laptop, even when it is fully charged. This results in damaging the battery like nothing else. (This is commonly practiced in offices – it should be highly avoided).

Stop Turning Heater On

In winters, men and women both use heaters in order to enjoy a cozy temperature inside the rooms but they forget that the heater acts as a catalyst in overheating the laptops.

Using a Cooling Vent

In market, there are many kinds of cooling vents available for laptops. With the help of these cooling vents heat is reduced and laptops can be used for longer period of time, without getting overheated. They are placed under the laptops so that the body of laptops can be cooled off – they are connected with the USBs.

Working in Intervals

Root cause of overheating of a laptop is working for longer hours. It is advised that laptop users should divide their tasks and work in small intervals so that the problem of overheating can be minimized. Putting laptops on hibernation is suggested by experts. Users should avoid keeping their laptops on standby mode.

With the help of above mentioned points it is highly expected that users will not face laptop’s overheating problems.

If you also have any other way of reducing overheating of Laptops - Do share.

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