Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visit To IBA Career Fair 2013 - Held At Karachi University

 On 16th February, 2013 I visited IBA Career Fair at Karachi University. It was a nice experience for me because of multiple reasons. Things which I noticed in the Career Fair were quite interesting and impressive. As it was held in Karachi University, there were numerous students who attended the job fair. Students from different departments attended the Career Fair, with different dreams. Most of the dreams were job-centric. After all, what else would they have thought about other than their jobs, keeping Pakistan’s economic conditions in mind? From 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, roughly 1,000 plus students attended the Career Fair.
As far as the organizations are concerned, all reputed companies were present at IBA’s Career Fair 2013. Organizations including Nestle, Engro, Loreal, Habib Bank Limited, Meezan Bank, Burj Bank, Warid, Zong, TRG and Linkagoal etc. were offered “Booths” to communicate with students and collect their CVs. Moreover, companies were also offered “Interview Lounges”, to conduct interviews of the candidates. Last but definitely not the least “Presentation Rooms” were also allotted to the companies to demonstrate their presentations in order to enrich the knowledge of students. Students had a great time at the Career Fair because they got an amazing opportunity to apply in different companies and in different sectors. These kinds of Career Fairs are much needed all over Pakistan to hire the right resource for the right job.
This particular Career Fair introduced students to not only national organizations (HBL, Hilal and Sanofi etc.) but also to international organizations like Linkagoal, Loreal and Nestle etc. With the help of such Career Fairs, horizon of students broadens and they learn multiple things not only about the companies but also about the success factors of the companies. For those who have strong entrepreneurship skills, such career fairs are very helpful in understanding the practices of the renowned companies.

More than 60 organizations participated in the Career Fair 2013; IBA did a fantastic job in bridging the gap between useful resource and companies. These kinds of events should be organized by other universities, as well, all over Pakistan, so that we can collectively fight against the joblessness and help in developing the economic condition of our beloved homeland.
IBA also provided representatives of the companies with tasty lunches. Hope to see more of such events in future.

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For Images: Thanks To Parwarsha Arshad Mirza

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  1. Such a great fun to be there, love to visit it and really get some experience to boost my skills. Hope this event will be arrange soon.