Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Empowering Employees

Empowerment and Employees Defined

When power of choice and freedom is given to any one so that he may utilise it as per his own will, this phenomenon is known as empowerment. The working class individuals who are hired by the companies or individuals are also known as employees to those companies of employers. Similarly when the freedom of expression and selection of job is bestowed upon the employees and they are in direct contact with the customers to solve the issues and queries, this phenomenon is known as empowering employees. Giving a sense of power, ownership and responsibility to employees is the empowering of employees. When employees are given freedom of thought and actions, they most of the time, carry it really well, better then the expectations of the managements. This is because the sense of ownership is now involved in their each and every action, which wants to prove them best amongst others.  There are numerous elements of employee empowerment, which are already discussed on multiple forums, but still there is so much to talk and discuss on it.

Important Factors Involved in Empowering Employees

There are always certain significant factors involved in empowering employees. Some of which are designed by the management to get the best outcome from the employees. These factors include certain rights granted to the front table employees, demonstrating them faith with trust and also by supporting and liking the responses received from the employees. On the contrary, by sharing the visions of the company with the employees and providing them proper training regarding the particular things there are great chances of increased efficiency and effectiveness. Employees always work enthusiastically, when they are being empowered.

Reasons For Employee Empowerment

Empowerment of employees is very necessary as, any organization have employees from different back grounds and ethnicities in today’s world. Every employee has his or her own way to deal in certain situations. This acts collectively for the positive image of the company, to have problem solving employees to benefit the customers. New skills are developed and employees are free to experiment their own way of communication and handling any problems. The participation of employees is an essential element for the organization. Motivational level of the employees is always triggered once they get the empowerment, ownership of decision making and such other characteristics are an outcome of it.
As per some reasonable research employees enjoy to work in an environment where they are free to move, think and experience decisions. This is a normal phenomenon that creativity is increased and new ideas are formed in response to different usual and routine things.

Rules For Employee Empowerment
There are certain rules to every thing; similarly, employee empowerment also has certain rules. These are 3 A’s rules Appreciate him, Approve the thought and be Attentive to your employee. Calling your employee with his name is very essential, as this gives a sense of belongingness towards him.  Sharing and discussing the situations with them is what, which can bring out new and advanced ideas, which might be help full for that particular situation. It will not cause management any harm to thank and show gratification towards an employee, but it will boost the morale of the employee on the other hand and he will feel great and naturally inclined towards the assigned tasks. These are the simple rules through which employees can think out of box and can bring a better approach in the way they work and deal clients and customers. Employee empowerment gives a better picture to new world’s business organization and management control to be far better then the earlier ones.

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