Thursday, January 27, 2011

Telecommuting Is Good for Employees and Employers

There was a time, when there were barriers present in official environments, and dos and don’ts were applicable to all the staff members in any office. Things have changed and developed over the years. Traditions have altered due to technological advancements. New things have been adopted and implemented in the new world. Similarly the approaches have also been changed and now employers are more understanding as long as they are getting the work-done from their employees. After the advent and awareness of proper usage of telecommunication, official atmosphere have change for the betterment. Employees are also aware of the plus points of telecommuting. There are plenty of examples, where employees have personally accepted that working from one’s own home is far beneficial and easier than any other work.
As per an inter-action with Rose Stanley, who works in Worldatwork, which is a welfare organization for human resource experts, she concludes that “Telecommuting facilitates the workers to have room for different things, for instance, taking care of children, managing house hold chores and other matters etc”. It is no doubt a fact that any employee will lose his or her productivity, if routine activities will be followed. The balance in life is really essential element for the productivity of the work-force. Telecommuting is for sure the great practice if one wants to save his own time for his personal life. There are no wasting of times, in either driving to the work place or driving from the work place to home, in rush hours and bumper to bumper traffic. One has the time to resolve problems on the spot without any hindrances.
For some individuals, dressing up for the right occasion is also very painful and hectic, but when telecommuting, one has no bindings to wear particular dress code. But he or she can operate official duties from home in any dress desired.
It also has certain other benefits like reduction of the stress and on the same time, ability to improve time management, so as to deliver the given task on right time, with the ease and flexibility of own choice. Working from home is also beneficial because it gives ample time to an individual to spend time with family and resolve all the matters properly, more over it also increases and strengthens family bonds and ties.
People also at times, have a problem of switching from one locality to the other, from one town to another or country to the other, which is impossible for one employee working in any office, but the one who can telecommute, has no such problems. He is free to go anywhere and do whatever he wishes.
If telecommuting essential for employees, on the contrary, it is also beneficial for the employers. There are plenty of benefits ranging from flexibility of the employment to reduction of cost and from preservation of employees to safeguarding of locations. These benefits are also recognised by the Government of both the levels the State and the Federal.
With the help of telecommuting, companies and organizations can hire staff from all over the world. The range is splendid; one can get the best at desirable cost, without being worried about the availability of right candidate’s presence in any particular building or office. By telecommuting the right candidate can be extracted from all over the world, without any geographic hindrances. On the contrary the cost and other over head expenses are also saved by operating from one single locality where there is no need to expand the office for new employees, cabins and other expenditures. It also saves gas prices and vehicle s’ maintenance. After all pollution is also a big concern and global warming can be reduced by using fewer vehicles.
Any company can have a diversified work force, which is helpful for the better productivity of the company. No matter where the best man for the job is, he is in your team already. 

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