Friday, January 28, 2011


For those who have read the gigantic works of some classical authors, including Daniel Defoe, to them Man Friday could be character of his famous work “Robinson Crusoe” – whom he trusted with all his heart and announced loyal to him –, but its not the same, actually. (To me specifically), his (Daniel Defoe's) name itself is a classic symbol for those Practical people who are present today in the cut-throat competition based society. “De” which is a prefix used for “Reversal and Elimination or NO andFoe” which means Rival and Enemy. I am sure my readers can easily read between the lines here. Anyways, last week I was busy with some deadlines and professional responsibilities. So after spending a quality time with my family I planned a short meeting with some old friends.

After that meeting, I concluded that, every one, from different cultural back-grounds, societal life-styles and professional fields was talking about the short-comings of some other person, either in the offices, families, friends’ circle and day to day acquaintances etc in one way or the other. For instances; people back bite at offices, to over shadow the performance of colleagues or with what ever reason they might have in the back-ground. In families also, we come across some unusual characters, who are neither happy from some one nor they want to accept any gratification from the same on any kind gesture shown to them. They are simply exploiters – in a spoiling way.

Most of us are so much into it that we ourselves don’t know what we are talking about. Like;
  1. He is not a good listener.
  2. He must have been cooking up something else in his mind, which is why he didn’t argue to my suggestions.
  3. "He is not serious with that particular person."
  4. "He is making fun of that specific person in the bright attire."
  5. "He is never clear about his ideas."
  6. "She does not know when to serve me the food, she does not know any thing about my timings."
  7. She seems to be confused when she is around me.
  8. "She can not take the directions"
    and such countless points. 

We end up making a decision that some one is not worthy to us, on the above mentioned grounds. Hello! Wake Up! Smell the Coffee!! Who in the world have given us any rights to conclude about the character of other people? Have I ever tried the following things?
  1. Have I asked about the message, I just encoded? Was my audience able to understand it?
  2. Why am I having any cautious thoughts about the other person, who has no arguments in response to my thoughts?  Does it mean that I am having any?!
  3. On what grounds have I concluded the non-seriousness of the other person I am discussing about?
  4. Its not any one else, but I my own self am pointing out some one in the brightest dress.
  5. If some one is not clear about his or her thoughts, have I ever made him understand the severity of that particular matter? Have I ever provided any counseling to him?
  6. Have I ever told her about the schedules and timings of the things I prefer to have?
  7. Following directions, is secondary! Do we give proper directions, which are easy to understand? Do we self actualize ourselves? 
Any individual raises such issues only when he or she wants to degrade any one or give a misconception of his / her personality to others. And then we say that people are not trust-worthy, not loyal and reliable. In short we say that WE DON'T COME ACROSS MAN FRIDAYS anymore in modern world. So have we ourselves proved to be some ones’ MAN FRIDAY? By discussing all such mentioned details, can we even expect for some one trust-worthy to us?

As what I personally think, that, when we will find a MAN FRIDAY in our selves for the others, only then we can get to meet one MAN FRIDAY in our life. So, start finding your MAN FRIDAY, he is very much present in every one! The point is ARE WE STILL ACQUAINTED WITH HIM? Or WE HAVE LOST HIS TOUCH SOME WHERE?


  1. Its a very good attempt but gets a bit tedious in the end...V good indeed...

  2. Thanks for your precious comments... :)
    Stay Blessed!

  3. There are bad PA's and PA's.. One'd rather have a PA than bad PA.. The job title demands perfection and says it all..

    my "2 cents"