Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An interesting Interview! The Code of “Con”-“Duct”

Being a decision maker is not easy at all. Trust me, its really hard to decide at times – what to do and what not – how to react and how not to – What to say and what not. There are countless such things which Decision makers go through. Though some are gifted, but those who are not definitely face a lot of troubles.

I am a Libra by Zodiac sign and mostly Librans are not quick and pro-active decision makers. At places I have to take many decisions, which are neither planned nor easier for me.

Recently I conducted interviews for the content writers for my “Earn Online 4 Pakistan” venture. I definitely needed some fresh writers and even few experienced ones. I flooded different platforms with messages and ads. I received great response, better than I ever expected. I was really surprised to receive 86 CVs in just 24 hours’ time. I was like “WOW – there is a lot of talent in this country, who is definitely getting wasted by doing nothing”. May Almighty save them all from the Freedom (of Vacancy).

After taking a gap of 2 days, I scheduled their interviews and planned my activities accordingly. Seriously I was amazed by 80% of them all. We have the crudest talent trust me. Most of the Individuals who have applied for the jobs used “Slangs” and short-hands in the interview session. Most of them were either enrolled in the Masters’ Program or have completed their Masters from some big and reputed names of our country. But none of them were able to write a single paragraph free from errors. Many guys and girls gave some amazing excuses, which I simply loved – being the Interviewer and Feed Back Provider on their master pieces. Excuses Included;
  1.      Hey bro I wrote really fast couldn’t check em all.
  2.         Sorry I am New to this
  3.         It was my first time, please sorry me.
  4.         Oh that’s my mistake – please avoid that, read next line.
I am sure these answers are worth reading, when you are conducting a serious interview and hiring individuals to make them earn 15,000 – 28,000/- PKR (initially). What I don’t get is that how have such students passed their exams? Even a student from Matriculation would have failed on such usage of language. Plus, don’t they have classes or orientations for “How to appear in interviews”? What language to use, no matter how informal the interviewer is, the candidate is supposed to be in his/her limits and show his/her best conduct. Or it might be a fact that I am old fashioned and prefer individuals with better conduct and ethics of communication.

I am still surprised about the fact that an MBA these days says that “I am new to writing Essays”. I don’t think our institutions are passing the talent out. People really lack in writing skills. After thinking about it, for like many days and even nights, the only thing which I came to realize is
  •          “BULLET CULTURE” –
  •          “To the Point answers” and finally
  •          “MCQ based Question Papers”.

These Three elements throw students away from writing the content. And when it comes to writing a decent content they terribly fail to use good words, proper grammar and appropriate sentence structuring.

I am sure every student makes reports in almost every semester, but how many of them are there who do not use the term “COPY/PASTE” while making those lengthy reports and get “A’s” from their instructors.

Where are we Standing fellows? We need a wake-up call!

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