Friday, November 25, 2011

Breast Cancer Support – Keep the Spirits High

I just wonder; is it really difficult to take out sometime from our busy schedules and try to listen to people who do not have any one to talk to?

Well I am writing this because a dear friend of mine wanted me to wear “Pink colored Tie” to support “Breast Cancer Day” – I simply admire her for drawing my attention towards this point. Thanks Barbie!

I then went through different web-sites on Breast Cancer – but I found this Particular One really helpful. I have a suggestion for many young guys and girls like me, to spend few minutes a week with someone who is suffering from this severe illness or even any other illness. It will have many positive after effects on you, for instance;

Ø  You will definitely realize how blessed you are – to be healthy and fit.
Ø  You will get the inner satisfaction that someone is really there, who waits for your visit every week/month on any particular day. This is an amazing feeling (try it out to experience it)
Ø  The happiness which you will cause to the person can only be seen in the teary eyes (tears of happiness) but can never be expressed in words by him or her.
Ø  The contentment level will be high. Why? You will be aware of one thing that you are making a difference in someone’s life, by brightening up his or her day.

It is definitely not difficult. All that is required is courage to say “Hello How are you feeling today?” and then the conversation will take its own pace.

Wearing pink ribbon is definitely good – but spending a few minutes with a patient will be better. This habit will definitely make you realize numerous things which you might have never thought about.

You might come across a Top-Notch Banker Excelling in her field, four years ago, but now if you will meet her you can sense the difference in her life – Don’t let this DIFFERENCE spread more.

I am not sure whether I have fully conveyed my message / feeling or not! But all I know is that! My friends and readers are far sensitive and intelligent than me.

Bless you all!!

Keep Smiling and try to be the reason of other’s smiles.

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