Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being Stereo Type Is what Being Ethical Was (Part 1)

There was a time when wearing skirts was not considered good in 80% of the society. Even kids wearing skirts and frocks, used to be informed and educated by their adults (like aunts, grandmas and other neighbors as well) to avoid wearing clothes which show the body parts – the skin. Back in those days, we (at least most of US) were proud to be associated with a CULTURE which used to be the Traditional Clothing for every individual of any age.

Back in those days (not talking about ages ago – but in 90’s and even late 80’s) there used to be some senses alive, amongst people. Here things might get twisted for those who have simply LOST IT! Few things like adopting everything from the Street were neither a GENTLEMAN’s thing nor an ELITE and ELEGANT Woman’s act.

There are multiple kinds of individuals who have their own perceptions and point of views, but on the whole the VIEWS lack in the points (its mostly the point which they want to emphasize – right or wrong has nothing to do with that).

There is a contemporary meaning of being Stereo-type, as per my observation – in today’s life. My thoughts and observations might be considered as over-statements, talibanization or even a narrow minded approach, but in reality, as per my discussion with individuals from different age brackets, from different localities and from different statuses – I wanted to bring it out, for the rest to comment on that – with complete freedom (here freedom is expression of thought with mature and educated mind not “FREE-DOMINATION” to impose only one thing.) 

So just think about the following facts:
1.   How many guys want their sisters and mothers to be eyed by other guys – from head to toe?
Is there anyone?
2.  How many sisters want their brothers to be known as Casanovas or Boy Toys?
3.  How many fathers would appreciate their daughters to move around with guys they do not know about (especially from which family they belong?)
4.    How many husbands want their wives to be catered by the attention of their friends and official colleagues?

I don’t think anyone would ever even dream about that! (Personal perception – can differ from others way of thinking)

Why do brothers allow their sisters to wear such dresses on which they themselves will hit on any other girls – if she would have worn that?

Why don’t girls prefer to walk to the market of bus stops after wearing particular kinds of clothes and prefer to go by personal conveyance?
Do they have any guilt or fear? If they say people watch them “so who is inviting them to watch?”

Why do fathers and brothers buy the “ALL NIGHT FREE PACKAGES” for their sisters and daughters – are they really that insane – and living in “SATYA-YUG” that is “ERA of TRUTH”?

Why don’t parents visit the universities, colleges and schools anymore to know the reputation of their kids? They definitely are busy enough in their own hassles that they overlook the fact that for whom they are embracing all the hardships have taken a somewhat wrong path in their lives.

Most of the individuals call such things “Experience” and “personality building” and even “confidence gaining activities” – REALLY?

For them I only have to say “Smoking, Boozing, Child Molestation and Incest etc are also experiences – are you ready to try them all?”

Bitter – hunh?

I heard a father saying “I need daughters not MODELS walking around in my house”

I heard a brother saying (in anger) “I wish I could treat my kid sister the way she really deserves)

I heard a sister saying “I wish brother to get out of the trap of - - -”

Haven’t you heard or thought about it at all?

This thing never crossed your mind?

By stating all these facts am not trying to preach that every woman should take Abaya or does not talk with any guy, or any guy must never talk to a girl and never make a pass (after all yester year’s successful love marriages must have been initiated by making a pass. And those individuals are proud parents of today’s youth as well as grandparents of today’s infants).

What I am trying to say is that there has to respect, love, dedication and sincerity in any relationship – but not time-pass activity, lust and infatuation etc.

Why don’t we appreciate and regard the fact that while driving in front of Mosques, Churches, Temples, Schools and Houses it’s better to lower down the volume of your music player? Its ETHICAL for me – but for most its being stereotype.

I am not sure, whether people tried to get my point of view or not. But I do want most of us to think on few questions, which have been stated here.

Bless you all – keep smiling – Try to observe and weigh.

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