Monday, December 10, 2012

Text Messaging - SMSes (The New Mantra) Part I

Short messaging service that is what an SMS stands for. Trust me, there are more than many full forms which can be extracted from this acronym and they all will live up to the full form. These days everyone is holding a cell phone in his/her hands. This is the reason why there are close to numerous cell phone packages that have been introduced in the market. To me it looks as if people are more interested in packages and cell phones than talking or expressing their feelings to their loved ones. Anyways, getting back to the main topic i.e. SMS and its arrival on not so perfect time, allow me to introduce you with some of the scenarios which you must have experienced in your life:

Sikh Message Supplies:
We are prone to jokes that are sent over cell phones. Most of the jokes are based on Sikhs and Punjabis. Rest of the front is served by Memons, as they are the only ones who can tolerate jokes on them. Consider yourself belonging to same cultural background and receiving such messages on daily, in fact hourly, basis. What will you feel? Just like every cloud has a silver lining, every person has a limitation lining. Having a cell phone loaded with some “cool” packages does not mean that such messages should be shared, every now and then.

Sexual Metaphoric Stuff
Whether its university life or professional life every one of us have come across some really dirty minds. After all, as said by a philosopher “the cornier the joke, the harder they laugh”. Many people are in habit of sharing wicked, sultry and sickly disgusting jokes. Let me accept that they do bring smile to my face, but there is nothing to “LOL” about. But again, repetition of same jokes is nothing but wastage of time. It is better to get serious in life and here seriousness does not mean saying a “NO TO SMILE” and a few laughs but quality of fun should be uplifted.

Sentimental Menace Senders
Do you have friends who don’t care to talk to you and they don’t even visit you when you need them the most? Of course, we all have such kind of breeds in our friend’s list. Just imagine them sending you sentimental and emotional text messages about love, friendship and relationship. To me it sounds totally B/S. Anyways, these so called “friends” text you and at the end of the messages it’s mentioned that “Send this message to 5 friends of yours and revert it to me as well”. I just don’t get it, if at first place they wanted to have it (the message) in their inbox then why do they move them to outbox? Emotional blackmailing is the best kind making anyone say whatever you want them to. You Guys Need A Break!

Am sure there can be more than many extensions and full forms of SMS (driven by one’s mind on the basis of their experiences). For those more, stay tuned!

Share your experiences and incidents that made you uneasy because of receiving weird SMSes.

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