Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's New Opportunities

There are many individuals who plan different resolutions every year. Some like to get into shape by reducing their weight and losing their belly fat. On the contrary there are few who plan their promotions by performing exceptionally well. Different people have different goals in their lives. These days there are many individuals who are looking for better jobs, to suit their educational backgrounds. But unfortunately the job market is suffering from the lacuna of downsizing, so the point of hiring is already lost somewhere.

There are many individuals who have planned to get a nice job this year, but it really looks difficult to them to get associated with any esteemed organization. The rest who already have jobs are either underpaid employees or working for two or three different positions and earning the salary of only one position. In this scenario it is getting frustrating for the budding talent to bag a job which can support their needs.

As far as my new resolution is concerned, it is pretty different from most of the individuals. I want every Educated and Talented Pakistani to be earning, no matter how big or small the amount is. The main point is to create a platform with the help of which everyone can earn a regular salary. I would like to share with my readers a fact that, there are many platforms with the help of which people can earn a great deal of money by sitting in their homes and working for any outsourcing company that provides online jobs to them.

If we talk about United States of America, United Kingdom, and Australia, we can easily see that 63% of individuals who are in the age range of 38 – 49 years are earning through online jobs. They work from their homes and manage to live a nice and decent life. I agree with the fact that in Pakistan you must have heard about so many scams associated with the Online Job Providers, but just think over one fact, did that happened to you? Or you overheard it from a friend or any other third person?

There are people who consider that e-jobs are much easier than practical jobs! It is not the reality. Any job in the world, for which one gets paid, is not an easy job at all. No one pays for just sitting idle in front of the screen, without performing. One should be mature enough to know the job requirement and specifications before applying for the online jobs as well. A data entry operator can never be a perfect match for the job of Content Writer. It is always good to self actualize your own skills before applying to any job, both virtual and practical.

If you want to make a difference in your life then just log on to any online job providing company and fill out the Employment Forms and email them to the concerned authorities. I can guarantee that if you have the talent you will be selected. Be factual while quoting desired or expected salary. No one gets paid 18K+ for working 3 or 4 hours. Don’t make fool of yourself by quoting which you cannot even relate to. A smart approach is to consider, working 9 – 5 or any 8 (flexible) hours can let you easily earn 15K – 20K, which is earned by 68% of Pakistanis by investing their 10 – 12 hours per day (including traffic and late sittings etc).

This year can be your lucky year to start a virtual career. After all, if all over the world something is acceptable and applicable, why can’t it be in PAKISTAN?

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