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Pakistan's Very Own - "Mufta" Culture

Pakistan's Very Own - "Mufta" Culture

Few days ago I was reading an article composed by Maliha Usman. I kind of liked the article, which was titled as “Mufta Culture”. Well, she asked some really good questions that made me think about the possibilities behind the term Mufta. For those who do not understand what a “Mufta” is let me clarify – a person who does not spend a single penny from his pocket but expects and at many times demands from others to pay for those things which he wants to have for himself, is known as “Mufta” or “Free Loader”.

We can find such free loaders in multiple places that may include schools, colleges, universities and even offices. No matter from which class or family they belong, this disease is contagious. It transfers in a jiffy, if you are surrounded by free loaders. Most of the people compare free loaders with misers but in actuality this is not true. A miser not only tries to spend less from his pocket but he also does not want anyone else to waste his or her money on unnecessary stuff. Whereas a freeloader or better say hanger-on only wants others to invest for him. I am sure you must have come across to many individuals who usually demand for cigarettes, coffees, teas, samosas (in my context Bermuda Triangles), dinners or lunches etc. They mostly create hype after every slightest joy that can occur in their friend’s life. Like, if a guy has passed in his exams or if his proposal has been accepted by his love, the freeloader will ask him to “give a treat”.

Initially they used to be present in small informal groups but now we can find them in multinational FMCGs and even in any International Organization. The position, age and family background has nothing to do with this disease. Every person is, these days, affected by this plague. It is really difficult to fight this disease. This statement does not mean that there is no hope, am sure there will be a day when our nation will come to realize that it is much better to be in a position to give aid than to think about getting aid all the time. The root causes as per my understanding can include following points;

  1. As a nation we are in habit of bending and bowing our heads and begging for help (be it foreign or local) in front of others. Similarly the people of nation are enjoying the cultural (better say National) heritage. So in short “Mufta Culture” is our very own Paki Culture. We are the originators whereas rests are copycats.

  2. The concept behind “being a freeloader” is bullying the other person. This concept usually develops in early days and college days but later it grows with the passage of time and it becomes part and parcel of one’s personality.

  3. Most of the people have eyes on others’ cash and belongings – Human Nature – hence they try to avail every possibility to enjoy that.

  4. If people think that there is something wrong with such guys and girls, they are wrong themselves. Today in corporate world it is considered as a smart move and act of appreciation. 

  5. Almost all the freeloaders have short term goals. They want to eat at a nice place on the expense of others or they can even ask for others to buy them soft-drinks etc.
 Thinking about self esteem is something which never crosses their minds. All they are interested in is “something for free to feast on”. One of the reasons behind this culture is lack of dignity. It is an open ended question, how many of us has the term “Dignity” left in ourselves? No need to get emotional here, just look around the system and you will get the answer. I am not talking about 05 – 07% of the total population, but the rest.

I personally feel that there is no way to cure this disease, as our society has accepted it the same way just like the Star Plus Dramas are accepted in our society these days, the only difference is name of the channel. Initially it was Star Plus, now almost same content is shown on HUM, GEO, ARY or any other TV channel. Coming back to the main point, I would like to quote few examples;
  1. How can you expect something to get eradicated when the major telecom companies of your country are promoting their new packages with the title of “Mufta Packages”?

  2. Why are all of us looking for “Free Services” or “Free Offers” instead of qualitative offers in which we may get Value Addition?

  3. Can you say "No" to your senior when he asks for a treat on your promotion? Throwing a treat is a man's own decision, not a forceful outcome of bossy tone.

  4. Don’t you think people wait for “All you can eat offer” all year? What is the concept behind it?
If you really want to stop it then the simplest answer is “I earn for my family and myself, I have to save for rainy day, no matter how big or small. Why should I spend on you? Give me one good rational reason?”

Am sure when we start to say such line loud to make others listen only then we can change this culture. Else, it will take over all around us.

Live your life with dignity, truthfulness and contentment will be the outcome!

Nothing can buy contentment but a life full of ethical and dignified codes.

Stay blessed!

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