Monday, February 13, 2012



“Screw you! How dare you title something like that?” 

This must be the first reaction of many readers, who have taken the initiative to read this article. I definitely respect the religion, like many others, as this is the only thing that we can do because nowadays “understanding” has nothing to do with “respect”. We do not try to understand things but accept to respect them. Similarly we do not understand Islam but respect it. Have we asked to ourselves “Why do we respect any person, thought, ideology or religion?” and do we have any rational reasoning for the answer?

Anyways, I am sure that now everyone is very well aware of the much hyped act and aftermaths of Maya Khan’s Morning Show. She tried to raid on couples sitting in the parks and getting intimate with each others. Media, people, government and everyone else started to bite back! As if she stepped on their tails of grayness. People are talking about invasion of privacy and talking about different laws and psychological aftereffects on individuals. People are using statements like “Two wrongs can never make a right”. To all of those forgetful sons and daughters of Islam – the religion of 90% commentators on the subject let me put few things in front of you.

If you think it was an act of invading one’s privacy, so let few things be clear first, those individuals were not in any private place. Doing anything object-able in public place is neither ethical nor moral. What were people expecting “Maya Khan would video tape lip locking scenes – to prove her point right or show those as evident?” – which many of us must have seen back when we were in college or university. Be it Café Coffee De, Purple Haze, Safari Park, Hill Park or any other place, we can easily find such couples doing nasty things with one another.

Another baseless point which based the whole argument and people tried to blindfold unaware Muslims included “Islam Does not allow invasion of privacy – it is an immoral act religiously”. To that I would say “I never knew that “Temple of Khajuraho” (Nauzubillah) belongs to Islam” – as only that allows intimacy publically. Have I made my point clear? Or there need to be more things discussed? Islam prohibits a woman to leave her home without covering herself to meet a Na-Mahram (not a legal relation). Islam does not allow “public displays of affections” which in common words mean “physical intimacy”. So if Islam does not allow all this, who the hell is saying and who the hell, believes on, such screwed up statements?

At point few people raised a question “What will happen to their parents; when they find out about their daughters getting publicized?” To that I would ask “Just because of the parental concerns will you not allow any thief or murderer to get punished publically?”

Most of the people are of view that the anchor person targeted only middle or lower middle class individuals and not upper class. So can I say high class people can walk out in skimpiest nighties or see through robes without wearing anything underneath and middle class can’t? They are not trying to understand the fact what is wrong and what is right. The concept of “allowed” and “prohibited” in Islam.

Wake up and smell the coffee. I am not saying that the anchor is a spotless creature and even I myself am not a pure individual who have never overtaken by lust or immorality, but all I am saying is that, as per Islam she did not do anything wrong. As per moral she did not do anything wrong. Just imagine that your 5 year old kid asks you “Papa/Mama what are those uncle and aunty doing over there?” How would you feel and react. How would you feel when you will be walking with your sister or mother and you come across to such sight?

Will you allow your sister or daughter to visit parks the way they did? If “Yes”! Please accept it, so that the opportunity can be enjoyed my zillions of individuals. If “No” please explain why.

For those who say “Two wrongs can not make one right” – Are they mature (or let me say Muslim) enough to distinguish between right and wrong? Get a life!

I am neither a Maya Khan’s fan; to me she looks like a man with much heavy voice nor I am an extremist Scholar of Islam. I am just a normal person who appreciates it when someone points anything wrong in my acts, personality or character. I wish we all can one day be brave and strong enough to notice what is right and what is wrong in ourselves.

Last but not the least; many would come up with one ultimate question, “What if a girl commits suicide after this?”

To them – go get the meaning of suicide. Only those people embrace it who are either filled with guilt or shame.

Islam is the complete religion amongst all. It can never guide wrong. In Islam either we have good or bad, there is not midpoint, where we can carry both in our hands.

Stay righteous and try to understand your religion – with your minds open.


  1. I agree with most of these things, but the main point remains, had these dates been "invaded" by someone who had a clean and clear past.. its obvious that Maya Khan did not do all this with the intention of making a society a much better place to live, she did all this to increase the ratings of her show, which to be fair, most of the people weren't aware of before...but the picture has two sides, a good job by a bad person, similar to Amir Liaquat....

    1. Thank you Aqeel
      Few Points, i would like to mention:
      1 - If a person commits mistake, does it mean he/she can never be counted amongst good / clean ones?
      2 - As far as "The Ratings thing" is concerned, we see bloodshed on News channels. In selling News they use a tag line (internally) "More Bloodshed is directly proportional to More TRPs" - The fact is (which we have forgotten) "is it nice to show such violence on local and easily accessible TV channels which kids watch, round the clock?"
      3 - I have never said or intended to justify PAST of Maya khan, all I want to put is that - Appreciate a good act/deed. If something was at the back of mind (like fame or TRP) let that be, after all we all embrace different things for the sake of bread and butter from a Janitor to P/M. Dont we?
      4 - Last but not the least - Every father almost smokes but does not allow his child to smoke, does it mean that child stand up and say "Hey dad, you smoke yourself, you do not have any right to stop me"
      Much said i suppose! :)

      And I appreciate your appreciation along with your comments. after all it is good to know that people have a frame of mind that they can discuss. So I definitely appreciate it! Thanks! Keep providing critical analysis!

  2. Hi Shafiq,

    I appreciate your intention, but one thing you must realize is that, as mentioned in Surah Baqarah, "There is no compulsion in religion." Which basically means, you cannot force ANYONE what to do and what not to do in terms of religion/religious duties. Allah mentions in the Quran several times that the prophets were sent to spread the message of worship to Allah, and that if the people did not want to pay heed to those messages, then the prophets should leave it up to Allah to deal with the people that did not submit to Islam. That's why everyone was so angry at Maya Khan. Because she did not back down; she harassed the couple and followed them, and lied to them about whether the camera/mike was on/off. Also, in one of your comments above, you said that Maya Khan's past should not be brought up. Actually, it should be brought up, because Allah also condemns hypocrisy many times in the Quran. So, I would like to correct you when you say, "as per Islam she did not do anything wrong. As per moral she did not do anything wrong." Because, as per Islam, and as per moral, she was wrong.

    1. By the way the refference that you have mentioned is applicable for "NON-MUSLIM" and not for "MUSLIMS". For Muslims it has been written quite bluntly!
      Please do the complete research. and dont let others get misguided!

  3. Hello Adil,

    Just few points!

    In religion it is advised to all Muslims that when they see something ill you must stop it from hand if you cant stop it from mouth and if you cant do that stop it by condemning them in your heart. If Prophets had to leave them on their own then why did punishments originate (the punishment of lashes) and this I am talking for the Muslim Ummah.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

    1. Hi Shafiq,

      Please tell me where in the Quran it says that you are supposed to "stop it from hand"? Stop what from hand -- an unmarried man and unmarried woman meeting? No. I am not saying that couples meeting secretly is not a sin, but what I AM saying is that nowhere has God instructed anyone to step in and stop others from meeting secretly. The punishment of the lashes is for those who commit illegal intercourse, and that too, if four people with impeccable character are witness to it. However, there are other punishments that only Allah has saved for himself. He has not ordained man to inflict the punishment that Allah will do Himself.

      And to address the reference about "no compulsion in religion," you say it's meant for non-Muslims. Where has it been stated "bluntly" that Muslims are supposed to intrude and force other Muslims to abide by Islamic rules? Only specific cases are we supposed to enforce it such as in the case of inheritance, adultery, illegal fornication. But the rest of Allah's commands are ONLY for that individual. If you decide to eat pork, I have no right to physically harm you or stop you, because God has not told me to do that. I may advise you nicely, or I can simply ignore you. He will handle it himself and punish you accordingly. That's why HE is God, and not you, nor me, and especially not Maya Khan.

      And please don't resort to such comments as telling me to do "complete research", because clearly you haven't, yet I was respectful to let that slide. Plus, my comments are only advocating the fact that there are somethings that people should let Allah handle, because we have not been instructed to do so ourselves. By supporting Maya Khan's actions, and defending her, you are are misguiding into believing that hypocrisy is OK and forcefulness is Islamic.


  4. Islam is a lifestyle. Please dont be ignorant, try to understand it without being stubborn.

    As someone very famous once said 'stay hungry, stay foolish'.

    Try and gather more knowledge about the religion given to you by your predecessors (not by your own choice) and after you've progressed ask yourself the million dollar question. Do you really understand it enough to make these strong remarks?
    Only you and the Almighty will know the answer, rest is all pretend.

    ‎"And Allah has brought you out from the wombs of your mothers while you know nothing. And He gave you hearing, sight and hearts that you might give thanks (to Allah)." [16:78]

    Jazak Allah Khair