Monday, February 27, 2012

No its not Saahir Lodhi Who is Next in the Queue After Veena and Mathira!

Well everyone was assuming that for a publicity stunt it will be THE KING LODHI (I suppose that’s what Saahir Lodhi wants to be called nowadays), who will do a topless. Many of the cartoonists and other joke crackers flooded cartoons and jokes related to the upcoming “strip tease” of Saahir Lodhi. But to our surprise it is not him, this time. The idea was liked by the new heartthrob of India and old cute “boy next door” of Pakistan, none other than Ali Zafar. Though, after receiving much of appreciation from critics and fans, for the performance in Tere Bin Laden and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, the actor decided to go for a topless shoot as well. There is no harm in going for a topless shoot; after all, all these rights are not only reserved for Salman Khan and John Abraham.  Actually Pakistan got talent too (in same mannerism), to shed their clothes off. Meera, Veena and Mathira are the beacons for such a move! 

I suppose nowadays people do not let anything for imaginations. Well, one must not have any problem in seeing a topless shoot by any actor, provided he has the cuts and physique, unlike Mr. Zafar. By looking at the pictures of the sweet boy, I think there are new definitions which media will soon develop for the term “sexy”. Skinny, finely tone chops and few hairs on chest – that is how it will be described. The same way, when back in late nineties “Bay Watch” introduced new meaning of sexiness by showing waxed males running on the beaches! As per me it must be a woman who should be waxed, men are supposed to be hairy and as per few women “much hairy”. But anyways the definition changed after that. So, we are observing media reversing it once again, gradually, by showing few hair or better say finely trimmed hair on the chests of males. Let us witness where it takes us. As audience does not have any choice but to follow.

Coming back to the top-less shoot of Ali Zafar, this is not the first time he did such a thing (just like Veena Malik). In one of his early songs “Ek Pal” from the album “Huqqa Pani”, one can see his bare top easily, but the guy, back then, had some serious uneasiness, which was visible from his facial expressions and the camera also did not focus much of his body. But this time, one can see the ease on his face, his expressions and eyes as well. I wish him all the success which Salman Khan had after shedding his shirts off. And it is a high time for Sahir Lodhi to get back into news! By exceeding the limits!

If Mathira and Veena can do it, why can’t Ali Zafar or any other? Welcome to new Pakistan, a nation that won’t stop ripping its clothes for gaining cheap fame, money and controversy.


  1. Exactly my point if men can strip then why can't women

    1. Right!!
      But both must not Strip!! :)
      No matter how much global warming increases! :)