Monday, January 7, 2013

Generation – We Belong To

With the passage of time mankind has faced a lot of changes and this is the reason why we say that the only thing constant in life is “change”. Mankind has been divided into generations by philosophers. They named it Greatest Generation (those who were born before 1946) because no one wants to call themselves inferior – no matter what.

Those who were born from 1946 to 1964 are known as The Baby Boomers. Have you ever considered why? They used to boom and bang everything that used to come their way. Babies love to bang and that was the reason which made them bombastic.

There was another generation which was into “X” activities by default, may be because of the outburst of multi-faucet genes which they had. Obviously no other name could suit them other than Generation X (those who were born from 1965 to 1979). That was the same generation which gifted the concept of hippies – living like weirdos, eating like animals, drinking like as if there is not formation of urine and staying dirty like pipe holes. They used to have kids which never liked to call them dads / moms but bonkers.

This generation from 1980 – 2010 is known as “Generation Y”. God knows what would be the reason behind calling my generation “WHY”. May be its because of the fact that after experiencing with 3 generations and not getting it “WHY there is no improvement in mankind” they might have named it “Generation Y”.

There are some other grounds on which I can conclude that why this Generation is known as “Y”. Following are the observations:

This generation keeps on asking questions like:

  1. Why (Y) should I study?
  2. Why (Y) should I work, if my dad is already earning like anything and minting money by adopting corruption?
  3. Why (Y) should I get out of bed when I can have everything available on my bed, be it breakfast, play station, video game, cell phone, food, drinks and even a girl to get nasty with? Last but not least a bedpan too.
  4. Why (Y) should I buy food for myself when my parents are there to bear all my responsibilities?
  5. Why (Y) should I get married when I can date women and have whatever I desire?

Last but not the least, following is the perfect example to describe the concept behind calling this generation “Generation Y”

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