Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Text Messaging - SMSes (The New Mantra) Part II

As promised, I am back with the second part of the “Text Messaging - SMSes (The New Mantra) Part I”. I have received messaged and comments on the post, so thank you all for making me write one real soon for you. Without much of delay, I would like to come straight to the point and present you with more justifiable full forms of the acronym “SMS”.

Sufi Must Sigh
Religion is something that, in today’s life, we don’t follow at all but we love to preach. Similarly, there is a new Sufi weapon that is accelerating in youth and even elders i.e. sending religious text messages to friends and family members. Not only that, at the end of the messages they (the senders) want you to forward the message to a particular number of people else you will be thrown out of your religion. Why, just because you haven’t shared the “Good message” with your friends and family? Strange! yet practiced.

Sleep Massacre Syndrome
Can you recall the times when you have had a longest day of your life and all you yearn is a sound sleep with your office suit and shoes on? Beep Beep, and again a beep… that’s a forward SMS distracting you from your soundest sleep. You check the message and notice that it’s nothing important. Within a few minutes you receive another message and you check it thinking it must be your boss wanting to discuss something about next day’s meeting but all you find is a forwarded text message. This keeps on playing with you and finally you can’t get what you desired when you lounged on that bed of yours. A perfect night ruined by forwarded text messages. Sigh!

Sweet Messages Showered
It’s not been too late that I can’t exactly recall those sweet and soft messages of my cappuccino sending me texts full of emotions and “lovey dovey” emoticons.  But definitely receiving such messages every time is not appreciated as a person has to study, work in office, drive car or attend a meeting etc. In such conditions these sweet messages are kind of a nagging experience.

Do share your comments and experiences, if you also have some interesting full forms for the same acronym.

Keep reading. Thanks!

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