Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dear Ladies – Use Your Brains While Getting Interviewed For A Job

 It is a known fact that an interviewer decides whether to hire a candidate or not within 10 minutes. I am sure it’s pretty amazing as well as scary for most of the readers. One should be extra cautious while getting interviewed. After all, it’s about casting a spell. Isn’t it?

“Casting a spell” is mostly understood in a wrong way, especially by many women across the globe. It is important to understand that what should be embraced during an interview and what should be detached away. Following are some pointers which will help women bagging jobs rights away!

Dream Job – Does It Actually Exist? 

It has been noticed that majority of women usually try to impress their interviewers by bragging statements like “Wow! This is an ideal job for me.” Or “I always dreamed about this kind of job.” To be honest, no job can be a dream or ideal job because of the fact that there are many unpleasant things that a person has to perform for a job. 69% of the interviewers don’t appreciate this kind of replies.

Never Smack-off Your Ex-Boss:

Defaming your ex-company or superiors won’t help. In fact, it will definitely harm your personality and you won’t be able to impress your interviewer. 

You Know You Are Hot – Don’t Flaunt It, Where it’s not needed

It is a myth that women with out-going approach and bold behavior are appreciated in professional world, in third world countries. One should know that dressing up for going on a date is totally different from going to an interview. Genuine interviewer is more concerned about your skills and talent rather than your looks and oozing hotness.

Salary Is Not Everything – That Should Be In Your Mind
Discussing salary is not a good idea. Interviewers don’t appreciate the question related to salary at first place. Only 15% of the interviewers have agreed to the fact that it’s better to discuss remuneration in first meeting. Rest of them simply doesn’t want to discuss anything like that. So, if you are not asked about the salary, don’t initiate it from our end. 

Keep It Cool

Everyone has emotions but every time is not the right time to express emotions. This is key statement to understand that when you are attending an interview it is not advised to show your emotional side. It’s all about controlling, relaxing and coming up with a calculated idea or response.

Jeans! Are You Serious?

All those girls, who like to be casual and on them jeans look really cool and sexy, they should know the fact that “dress code” is very important. When going for an interview it is advised to wear something decent, formal and smart as well. No one wants to hire a casual candidate. It’s a serious job at which you applied right?

Getting Connected Is Important But Getting A Chance Is Vital:

We all know cell phones are status symbol nowadays, plus replying to every call and text message is what we usually love to do but when on interview, it’s not a right time to either answer any call or reply to any SMS. It is advised that you should switch of or at-least put your cell phone on silent. Even putting a phone on vibration is not a good idea as its humming sound can also cause distraction.

You Can Make Your Boyfriend Wait For You For A Lifetime But Not Your Boss

Arriving late for interviews is not good. This is the reason why every HR employee is of the view that a candidate should reach 10 – 15 minutes earlier. It gives a positive impression. It makes a candidate show his seriousness and punctuality, which count in professional environment. Always remember “time is money – don’t waste it” whether this time is yours or your boss’s.
I hope, if these points will be taken into consideration, your chances of getting hired will improve. Share your opinions as well.


  1. Why is this specifically related to only 'ladies'??? Too condescending to be taken seriously.

    1. Oh Please, don't take it in any other way. Actually it is based upon the experiences which I encountered with a specific number of female candidates.