Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is it a Lobby system? Or Pakistani Media is really unfortunate?

Everyone says that Pakistan has got great talent. How many of us actually believe on this? Saying is another thing and believing and promoting is entirely different thing. 

I personally believe that in Pakistan there is no appreciation of the talent. Well, I can be wrong – everything that I think can’t always be right after all. But on the basis of few observations and studies I can, at least, try to justify my thinking. Let us think about few of the names that really introduced Pakistan worldwide (positively) after gaining the title of “Terrorist and Extremist Nation”. There were few artistes that performed in India and Dubai and within few days the outlook of Pakistan changed to certain extent. Let us start with Adnan Sami Khan, the young aged boy who used to present a show on PTV, mostly with the kids and at that time he used to compose his own tunes. He himself collaborated with Asha Bosle and produced an album that became a success. Later he himself produced a film known as “Sargam” in which he stared against his ex-wife Zeba Bakhtiar. The movie was not a hit but the musical score was talk of the town back then. He never got a chance to compose music for any Pakistani music in all those years. Then in early 2000 he produced an album in India with the title “Lift kara de” which became a grand success, his one album over shadowed his all previous successes. He also performed with Amitabh Bachchan in the same album. Rest is history! Why Pakistani media did not recognized his talent and skills at that time? Why he was not offered with some amazing productions back then? If India can take out great tunes from him, why couldn’t Pakistani Media?

Shafqat Amanat Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali both belong to the families that have name and prestige. But even then they both were not utilized in Pakistan as thee were and in fact still are utilized by the Indian Media. Is it fame? Brand? Money? What? I suppose Pakistani Media is at a point where there is no betterment. We are good in adopting things but not far sighted enough to create our own. We need a foreign stamp to make are mediocre artistes to turn in to stars.

These days Ali Zafar is considered as the heartthrob of millions of girls. He worked really hard right from the days of “Kollege Jeans” and “Lunda Bazaar” (one of my favorites, in terms of Ali Zafar’s performances). But poor chap was not noticed the way he was noticed in “Tere Bin Ladin”. Why? Why it took him almost 10 years to prove himself a heartthrob of Pakistan, whereas in India it took him few years or better say months.

Similarly Sikander Sanam and Shakeel are amongst the senior comedians of our stages shows (Karachi). They themselves got noticed by many elite classed individuals after their appearance on Indian television. Was media sleeping in late 80’s, whole 90’s and 2000’s? Soon after their comeback they were bestowed with big budgeted programs from major TV Channels of Pakistan.

This is height of complexity. Now we need a foreign approval to notice our talent.

Why is it that after working for decades in Pakistani media, artistes do not get the appreciation and success? Though after working for few months in India or Dubai they become overnight success?

It is a serious question, which most will not even get! Soon I will come up with another eye opening concern.

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