Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Friendship Drama – An Indo Pak Reality

I am sure; my readers have made a lot of friends in their entire lives. I am also of the view that my readers exactly understand what friendship is all about, after all, according to philosophers “of all the richest men in the world is one who has the highest number of friends”. But I also believe with the advent of technological advancement, people have now developed friendly relationships with objects and not with the living individuals. These days the best friends, for youth, include PS3, Laptops, Xbox, iPhone and Career etc. Gone were the days when individuals used to be friends with each other. The reason why I am quoting this, somewhat irrelevant thing, is because years ago I heard an opinion and remark on “friendship” from one of my mentors (all my teachers, seniors, juniors and family members are in my mentoring list), that was “A friend is someone with whom you can trust the custodianship of your mother, wife and sister – a friend is someone whom you want to marry your sister”. Trust me; I hardly came across such friends!

So, as per the terminological meaning of “friend”, I have few statements,
a.       Two individuals attached with the feeling of affection and regard,
b.      Individuals that provide support to each other,
c.       Individuals who are not hostile with each other and share sympathy and symphony.
Lately we have seen many acts of friendships, carried out by artistes of Pakistan and India (most strongly and successfully). The revolution started long ago, when Manoj Kumar offered a role to Mohd. Ali and Zeba in his movie “Clerk”, when Talat Hussain acted in an Indian movie that was early 1980’s. Now coming back to recent times, where “Samjhota Express” was seen as the beacon of hope and friendship between the two most powerful nations of the world, undoubtedly. United they ruled the world and divided they ruined their images, one having the biggest slums and poverty of the world whereas the other being still considered as unstable economic and political state of the world. So this is the outcome of division! Just like dividing the key and the lock, without being together they can never be fully utilized. Ever!

The problem is that, there are few of us, who want to be genuinely friends with one another, like me – without a doubt, and there are few who just for the sake of keeping their social status alive agree to this, though they actually do not want a bit to befriended with each other. The friendly attempts in terms of hand-shakes, embraces and paying regards have been initiated by both the countries and there is no point of question in that. But I suppose, believe it or not, we still are confused. We (means both, Indians and Pakistanis) can never accept the defeat of our Cricket Team while playing against each other. We take it as a matter of respect, repute and patriotism. The fact is, we do not have patriotism a bit, we are eager to move to USA or Canada at any given moment and will never plan to visit back to our homeland. Is this patriotism? After living just 5 – 6 months abroad when either of us lands on our motherland, we start to criticize our flights (planes), the traffic system, the people, politics and finally the country. Most commonly heard statement is “this place is not suitable for hardworking/good people – they are all thieves – why are you still living here, leave this country ASAP”.

So the logic of patriotism flows down from flush system here. And why is it only India and Pakistan’s match that causes the traffic jams, sorrows and foul comments after the match, in any one of the countries? Why not we feel the same disrespect and high pitched tension while losing with Australia, South Africa, Bangladesh or England? The reason is, we have a majority of people who are not rational and who are not mentally mature. They can not take a game as a “game”. To them the concept of playing well as a team or player is like an alienated thought!

Finally, I don’t know how to end up this article. The only thing that I want to request to both of the nations is that let us try to be logical and not mentally operated by few “Senas” or “Parties”. I am a strong believer of friendship, with same footings from both the ends. Let the best team win. Lets us get familiar with “Sportsman Spirit” – which we have lost ages ago.

Be blessed!

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