Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pakistan's Youth - A false pretense (Part A)

Pakistan is a country that has always suffered from false hopes. Initially by the politicians and bureaucrats but now it is the youth that spreads propagandas at a level which, unfortunately, is not deserved. Well, I personally have no grudges against the youth, I have met few exceptional guys and girls lately but as I mentioned "FEW" not all. Pakistan and its people need to understand that every potential is not a potential that can elevate a character. We need to guide the youth, craft them, provide them with right kind of teachings and preachings instead of letting them do whatever they want to. And it also does not mean that we must force them to do something that either they don't want to do or something in which they cannot excel.

Few of the points that I have noticed in my virtual, professional and teaching career are stated as under; (apart from my personal observations, while traveling in a bus, attending a seminar or party etc)

Our youth never follows the queue
Is it really a big deal to stand in a line? Or is it really difficult to keep a line straight instead of a zigzag one? I have seen in many universities that instead of one proper queue, there are several scattered students forming a queue. This is the behavior of Educated Pakistan and not of those who belong to under or non-privileged groups. If the youth does not have the patience to keep the queue straight how on earth will it be able to straighten up the freaked out life and profession in future? Plus there are few, in fact many, who try to break the queue with either an excuse or attitude (both males and females).

Do they follow Rules?
Hello biker boys! And speedy Gonzales. I am sure every third person belongs to this category, call it anything, for instance, getting late for lecture, class or date the bottom line you speed up and break the signals. Don't you do it? Or haven't you done such things in last 5 days? It takes guts to answer truthfully.

Does your youth respect "Women"?
Today in Pakistan women are doing wonders. Gone were the days when women were not allowed to work or attend universities. These days (talking about the educated class) women are found in majority as compared to men in colleges, universities and offices. Few of the universities and offices have set a clause in their policy that 65% of the staff and students must be women to increase the ratings and standards of the organization and institute (personally witnessed). So in the era of such a womanizing period the youth (including boys and girls) do not pay the deserving regard to the women. Why? Youth is educated, sensible, mature and well groomed as per many think tanks and leaders. So what is the reason behind indecency and cheapness that is mostly witnessed by almost everyone on 14th August, New year eve, Basant or Valentine's Day?

Cars, Mobiles, Gaming lappies and Face book Pedias
Today's youth is surrounded by best gadgets and best available technology, that is the reason why it concentrates more on tangible things like cars, cell phones, lap tops and face book accounts etc rather than focusing on intangible thing things like honesty, character, virtue and success. Are parents and teachers providing too in comparison to what these youngsters actually need and are capable of getting? They prefer to spend hours and hours in front of their PCs (there is no harm in this, provided they do something fruitful and beneficial) just spending their time on Facebook, playing few stupid games there and liking posts and pages. Do you think this in any way will work? They want every luxury in their lives but they do not want to "work their bases off" to achieve them.

I am sure these are few of the traits which must be witnessed by my readers as well, I don’t think, I am the only one who noticed these things!

Soon, I will come up with few more examples to discuss them with you.

Take cares!

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