Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pakistanis Feel “Honor” in “Honor Killing”

Pakistan is amongst the most talked and discussed countries of the world. There are many reasons behind that. For few, Pakistanis are fundamentalists, extremists, terrorists and for others they are considered as nuclear power, fashion freaks, out-of-box thinkers, cheaters and smart entrepreneurs. But now Pakistanis are also among the “Oscar Winners” thanks to “Sharmeen Obaib Chinoy”. But what does a Pakistani thinks about his own self? What do you think about yourself “as a Pakistani”? Are we good human beings? For how long we will make fun of ABCDs (American born confused desis), and start to realize that we ourselves are PBCM (Pakistani born confused Muslims). The acts that are performed by Pakistanis are neither in accordance with Islam nor as per the laws of humanity – world’s norms. So who are real Pakistanis?

There are many kinds of problems that are faced in Pakistani society. Honor killing is the most severe one amongst them. Are we actually familiarized with honor killing? If not, allow me to highlight few of the important points related to honor killing. Honor killing is basically;
  1. It is an outcome of vengeance. 95% focused on women.
  2. One of the family members (mostly a man), with the consent of other family members, kills and sentences the woman on few basis.
  3. For the whole family this becomes a moment of pride when they sacrifice their own blood because due to her they earned dishonor.
There are many reasons that are considered as the main and basic causes behind the honor killing.
  1. If a girl marries (legally) as per her will – this can be a cause behind honor killing.
  2. If a girl refuses to marry a man selected by her family – even then she is sentenced to death.
  3. Few people also massacre their wives and daughters if they wear objectionable dresses (as per their family’s tastes and definitions)
  4. A woman can also come under the threat of honor killing if she starts to communicate with any of her colleagues, class mates or even distant cousins.
There are many other reasons as well, but these are the most observed ones. Definitely honor killing does not come under Islamic Sharia. So for all those individuals who think that this is something as per Islamic laws and preaching then they must need to clarify their minds and pre-assumed logics.

One thing that I have observed closely and researched about is that, honor killing is not limited to Pakistan only; it is practiced in America, Latin America, Middle East, Canada, India and Europe etc. But Pakistan has the highest rate of honor killings. The basic element behind this is that the individuals in Pakistan are not provided with education, neither religious nor worldly. This is the reason why they feel proud after slaughtering their own kids and sisters. It is a time to create awareness and let everyone educate about both Islam and Humanity that is ethics and rights of every individual.

Let us hope that the new age Pakistanis can take this issue to a level where it will be solved and people will start to accept any woman and man as an individual and not as a commodity. Every year approximately 500 cases are filed against honor killing, whereas countless are unregistered. It is high time to let Pakistani society focus on the crucial topic of honor killing. The cold bloodedness must come to an end! Can Pakistan ever be an “Honor killing” free state? If Yes, then how?

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