Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And Lollywood Shows Improvement!

I am a biggest Pakistani movies’ fan, and I am not shy or hesitant to say that. But in the last few years (better say a decade or more) I have not seen many quality oriented movies in terms of script, performances and tone. Khuda Kay Liay, Bol, Yeh Dil Aapka hua and few other movies were technically and script-wise good along with the performances that were impressive. Rest of the movies, sorry to say, were typical formula based that offered no quality content to audiences.

Few days ago I was enlightened to watch the trailer of “Naach” – a joint venture of Nasir Teherani and Manduck Collective Films. It was a state of surprise for me watching finest actors delivering some great dialogues (I must add, Pakistani industry once had the best of dialogues back in 60’s to early 90’s). This movie is claimed to be the first ever movie produced in Pakistan that is based on Dance. It showcases the amazing talents of Javed Sheikh, Shaan, Momal Shaikh, Noman Butt and Komal Rizvi along with many glittering stars. The movie is based on passion, dance, romance, inspiration and imagination.
The trailer of the movie is very appealing and it builds up the curiosity to watch the movies – which in itself is a victory. Let us not go in to the debates of originality of the concept or inspirational adaptation. Just consider this movie as a move of brighter cinema. Jaaved Sheikh is definitely amongst the finest actors of Pakistan right from the days of “Shama” and the way he delivers his dialogues in “Naach” is tremendous, his voice and his moves will impress you the way they impressed me.

Shaan, on the other end, is the most sensible actors of Pakistan, leaving apart the kinds of movies that “masses” like. After all, someone had to step into the genre of the movies that was introduced by late Sultan Rahi. And he undoubtedly did a remarkable job in maintaining and increasing that list of cinema goers. Whether it was his “Guns N Roses”, “Very Good Dunya Very Bad Log”, “Tere Pyar Mein”, “Ghoonghat”, “KKL” and “Moosa Khan” Shaan always tried to give composed, remarkable and genuine performance. It is a shame for Pakistani directors to not to offer him roles that he really deserves.

There are many people who would say in a movie that is based upon DANCE, how anyone can cast Shaan and Jaaved Sheikh? both being older and hardly suitable for dancing roles, for all those “think tanks” let me add, try to promote your own stuff, if it is worth appraising. Did you ever thought the same way when SRK acted as the coach of hockey team?

I am excited to enjoy this movie and I hope those who appreciate quality movies from Pakistani cinema must feel the same.

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