Thursday, June 7, 2012

Are you Jealous of their Fame? (Veena Malik / Sahir Lodhi and Meera's Fame)

If Amitabh Bachchan is known as Star of the millennium or blessed with the title of “SIR” does it mean that Dilip Kumar is inferior to him in acting or performance? It is fame and public’s liking that make one actor or performer a “star” and the other just “good”. Similarly there have been many individuals who are enjoying the blessings of stardom and public’s affection no matter how poor they perform. So at the end of the day it is their fan following that is keeping them placed above others from the lot.

Every person who witnesses Pakistan channels knows about the fame earned by Sahir Lodhi, Meera and Veena. Many individuals have the viewpoint that they don’t deserve the hype whereas TRP shows that they are bestselling stuff over the media (all forms of media). There are rumors about each and every celebrity but the kind of coverage given to their rumors or news is gigantic.

People call Sahir Lodhi as Pakistan’s SRK. Well, that’s how they make his fun, but the fact is no matter what they call him, his viewership and fan following is increasing at an exponential rate. This is the reason why every channel is interested in getting him on board. What difference does it make if 2 individuals have same styles of presenting, talking, portraying, standing, sleeping, eating and #$@#@#*-ing. At the end of the day they are providing entertainment and people love them - unconditionally.

Veena Malik is considered as Pam (Pamela Anderson) of Pakistan, if she is, then whats the problem with those who don’t like her? No matter how much hatred they show for the sensational queen, even then they watch her shows, movies, item numbers or shoots etc. So, what makes them watch her? Curiosity? Love? Or Fandom?

People make fun of Meera’s English, but they don’t appreciate that even then she tries real hard to convey her message. After all, that was the main reason why KungFu Panda was a blockbuster. The movie taught us a message of “never say die” the Duracell motto. So why do we make fun of a person who tries very hard to stay in the showbiz? 

I don’t want to call it a Desi/Paki or Indi approach but the fact is we can never digest the fame, prominence and charisma of others. May be most of us are insecure and jealous. The very first thing that people blurt out is “whats the big deal in it?” If there was no big deal in that particular thing why couldn’t they perform it and stood out? They have lame excuses to hide their jealousy. 

Bottom line, they sell that’s why they are exaggerated. They sell because people love them and want to see them. The interesting fact is that, you also want to see, hear and witness them, this is the reason why, you can’t miss them when they are tuned in.

Accept the power of fame!

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  1. we don’t hate mera and veena . we hate sahir from the core of our herat bcz of their idiot comments and feeling himself a superstar and his giggling style. im writing this being a neutral person i watch his show constantly 1week which was big toucher for me. his way of styling like wear half opened shirts in public and seleve less shirts . and proclaiming one of my view girl write me letter with blood. so sir sorry there is no need for such crap persons . save our poor media from this