Friday, June 15, 2012

Pakistani Media is Infected!

Pakistan has great potential as well as talent. But what lacks in Pakistan is the sense of ownership and feeling of pride in our own things. Whether they are our garments, food or media we have the best of everything but still we prefer to get influenced by foreign stuff. Here foreign is anything outside our homeland’s boundary. There was a time when PTV was the only channel that used to be telecasted in Pakistan. Then there was STN (NTN) in early 90’s that started its transmission. Simultaneously PTV 2 was launched. PTV being the head and pioneer of the Pakistani TV channels produced some remarkable dramas and programs catering to every single niche of the society. STN / NTN also showcased some amazing series and serials and the most important thing was that it introduced Pakistani movies to the viewers, as a kid I can still remember the excitement of watching Pakistani movies every alternate day. I personally got acquainted with the talents of Nadeem, Mohd. Ali, Shahid, Waheed Murad, Babra, Jawed Shaikh and Munawwer Zareef etc through that particular channel, and I thank that, literally. 

People used to make fun of PTV2 back in those days for showing “how to create and design a TRACTOR” but the fact is, PTV2 acted as a beacon for those who really wanted to study and acquire the knowledge. The AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open University) Programs have made the lives of numerous people. PTV on the other hand showed some exceptional dramas, comedy shows, musical programs and quiz shows etc that helped Pakistanis evolve as a better and much sensible nation that is why when initially STAR PLUS and much earlier Zee TV was introduced to them they instantly objected on the scripts, made fun of multiple close-ups in different angles accompanied by loud music. The only popular program in those days was “close up Antakshri” presented by Annu kapoor and Pallawi Joshi. Whereas rest of the programs were not appreciated content wise. They only used to have glamour but not quality content.
Now let us talk about today’s TV channels. They are countless, every tom, dick and harry is opening up a new channel and then extending it with unusual names. We have now language based, region based, city based, cast based and even some district based channels but can we remember any drama or program the way we still recall our fond memories related to “Jaangloos”, “Saat Seerhian”, “Kaliyaan”, “Music Channel Charts”, “Agent X”, “Samunder”, “andhera Ujala”, “50/50”, “All Series of Studio 2, 2.5, Ponay Teen”, “Chand Grahan”, Landa Bazar” and “Kollege Jeanse”? The list is endless.
Recently (in the last 1.5 – 2 years) I have been asking myself few questions on frequent basis. Are all the channels of Pakistan, except PTV, entitled to call PAKISTANI TV CHANNELS? This question must be strange for many, I can understand that, so I am openly asking a few questions:

  1. Do our TV channels show only Pakistani Content?
  2. Don’t our channels show case IIFA, STAR, Film Fare and what not Award shows. Not only that, they also telecast the making and “red carpet shows” twice and thrice from same TV channels?  Can anyone remember watching LUX Style awards twice from any channel?
  3. Why do we have to sync Indian songs in our dramas, both in title and background score?
  4. Why do these channels show Indian movies? And when was the last time they showed Pakistani Movies other than, Khuda Ke liay, Ram Chand Pakistani, Bol or few others?
  5. To me it looks like all the channels are promotional agents of either Bollywood or Indian media. Well its harsh, but I have all the reasons and backing to think like that and say this.
  6. Most of the people talk about TRPs, don’t morning shows gain TRPs these days? Don’t current affair programs gain TRPs these days? Didn’t “Humsafar” enjoy record breaking TRPs? So please don’t come up with lame excuses of TRPs.
These are just few questions that I usually ask myself. I am just saying them aloud today so that I may get a sensible answer, I repeat “Sensible answer” and not any politically adulterated reason.
I wish Pakistani media can one day proudly use a Tagline, “For Pakistan, by Pakistan and outside Pakistan”.
And does any Indian channel show a single Pakistani program on their channels? Name one!

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