Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 Steps That Can Lead To Breakup - Part 2

As Promised! I am back with more pointers to save you guys from being dumped by your sweetie pies! The strangest thing is that, after posting “10 Steps That Can Lead to Break-Up – Part 1” I did not hear much from guys, but women (oops! Girls) contacted me through messages and agreed to some points. Hats-off to those girls who accepted the facts! I really admire the way you all are comfortable with yourselves and your attitudes. With the passage of time, I have come across some more pointers which can help a man to be shielded from the slash of the sword, named breakup. Following are some more lifesavers.
  1. You Don’t Like Her Parents? Never Breathe a Word!
What if she develops an allergy for your parents? It’s the same way. Try to respect her parents even if you don’t feel respecting them. None of the couples is perfect! Is yours? Or will it remain the way it currently is? So, the bottom-line is no matter how pain they are or can be in the most private parts, bear a smile on your face (at least TRY) and keep silence in the air because at times clashes of opinions with her parents can ignite her volcanic engine. 

  1. Never Flirt With other Women In front of Her
Men will be men! They won’t stop in admiring, appreciating and cheating (if provided in one way or the other). We all know it is hard to not to stare back to that gorgeous woman with a tag “Oh! Watch me”. And if she by any means is talking with you in front of your spouse, be very choosy in using the words, as you won’t stop flirting and your spouse won’t stop spying! If she can be questionable to the fact that your eyes landed on another woman’s assets, just imagine what can be her response when you will actually get flirtatious with her!

  1. Discontinue going out with your friends too often
It has been seen that guys don’t usually change – they stay the way they are. I also hear it a lot to which I always say “Perfection is Contact”. Anyways, most of us are outgoing with our friends and like to make plans to visit places and enjoy together. If you keep on continuing these activities of yours be sure that soon your spouse will also make a “girls’ night out” plan and always remember, you are not the only one who is good with distracting and admiring women when out with your friends! Competition is in the air! 

  1. Are you trying to explain her “Why you have Porn / Vulgar Stuff in your Laptop”?
If, (God Forbid), she checks out your personal folder named as “Software Files” and asks you about the stuff that it has never try to explain in detail the real fact! Details will give her more questions to ask which may lead to quite unusual situation. Admit the fact, that you are a dog, apologize and delete the folder. Later, start saving the files in some other folder or with other names and extensions! Men won’t change! Just like women can not change their shopping habits and gossiping craze!

  1. She Comes First Before Your Mom
If you are in a catch 22 situation and want an opinion, never disclose that you have already asked from your mom about what to do! Don’t let her get angry by making her realize that she is a 2nd person in your life! She should always come first!

  1. Praise Her More Than Her Outfit
No matter what she wears, no matter how ridiculous she looks in the name of “Fashion” or “Style Statement” just use 3 words! “You Look Fantastic”

  1. Never Use her Shower Products
She is very peculiar about her belongings and shower products are her essentials. The treasure with which she smells, looks and feels good!

  1. Stop Watching TV Shows Featuring Hot Girls
For a woman, if video games, magazines and laptops can be competitions then keeping the same theory in mind how can you possibly digest that she will allow you to watch a program that features hot girls with some steamy and revealing outfits. I have stopped watching Californication – and she have no idea how much I miss Hank Moody!

  1. Stay the way you are in short DON’T GET FAT
She agreed to be with you or chose you mainly because of the way you looked back then. If you want her to feel the same thing throughout, stay in shape. Don’t get expanded.

  1. Video Games with Her? Insane?
If you think that she will accompany you in playing a play station or X-Box with you, you sure are in no need of a spouse then. She can never stand the reality that you are ignoring her and getting all indulged and excited in playing video games and expressing your emotions loudly for that.
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