Thursday, July 19, 2012

Admirable Women Of Pakistani Media

With the boom in the Pakistani media industry, everybody has shifted their attention to media personalities and they have become hot topics nowadays. The media has played an important role in Pakistan by creating awareness among the people on every subject from current affairs to fashion, entertainment and sports etc. It has created a number of job opportunities for both men and women.

They are number of women who have become influential and have set examples for rest of the women in Pakistan. They believe that if you have the talent and if you stand firm on your decision with determination then nothing is impossible. Women in Pakistan can easily follow their dreams if they have the motivation to accomplish them. Some of the astonishing living examples are as follows:
·         Shirmeen Obaid Chinoy:
 She is the first person who took Pakistan to an international pedestal and became the first Pakistani who not only got nominated but won an Oscar for her documentary film “Saving faces.” She is a pride for the people of Pakistan especially for women. “Times Magazine” also included her name in its annual issue for the most influential people of the world in 2012.
·       Nadia Khan:
She has become a household name with her spontaneous and witty personality. She has been able to win the hearts of her fans with her comeback on Geo TV. She hosts a talk show which caters a number of topics such as: bold, controversial, societal and emotional etc. The basic objective of this show is to uplift the moral values in the individuals. She is doing her show with great devotion and has been able to raise the voice against different issues.
·         Uzma Gillani:
She is a woman of immense strength and intensity and this is greatly reflected in her acting. She faced a number of obstacles and health issues but nevertheless maintained her position as one of Pakistan’s leading TV actress. The roles which have been portrayed by her have shown great personal valor and verve. She is a role model for number women in Pakistan who have the ability to face life with audacity.
·         Mesha Shafi:
She has become a youth Icon with her songs “Jugni” and “Dashte Tanhai”. She has ruled the fashion industry with her modeling and now she has entered the music world and has paved her way to success with her emerging Talent.
·       Maya Khan:
Although she has been involved in the controversy lately but she has come out of it with great courage and has entered the media again. She has used the platform wisely by having discussions on social issues faced by the women and has also tried to resolve them (to certain extent). She has been a great supporter of women and has always tried to create opportunities for women.

Irrespective of all the controversies and personal opinions believe it or not these women have changed the way our (Pakistani) society thinks, observes and acts, in one way or the other. I respect them and pay homage to their achievements which can never be enjoyed by anyone without hard work, dedication and strong determination.

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