Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Somehow Leverage And Maneuver Islamic Corruption – New Age Muslims

For those who don’t understand Urdu – The roman English written under brackets, I have translated the same in English as well, for you all to understand.
Alhamdulillah (By the grace of Almighty) I am a Muslim and I follow the rules and regulations declared in Islam. This is the spontaneous sentence that we blurt out when someone asks about our religion or being a Muslim.

Do we really mean it? Is praying 5 times a day, complete Islam? (Pehlay Namaz toh Qayem Karlo phir yeh sab baatin karna) First start praying 5 times a day then question others! Why? I am not a doctor but I can question about his ill practicing. I am not a patriot but I can question and defame any army fellow. But! I can not question a Muslim by any means. Right!

(Islam Allah or uskay banday ka muamla hai) Islam is all about the bond between LORD and HIS creature. These are the statements which we come across whenever we raise any question! None of us is allowed to ask questions in mosques or questions related to Islamic practicing, as if they are universal truth – no doubt they definitely are, but a layman like me and many others, have the right to ask questions if they are not satisfied, right? Why do we all forget that without Tauheed (Sovereignty of Allah) everything has a logic and rationale behind it? Allah has quoted multiple times in Holy Quran (Ghaur karo) Think. But even then we do not think and just follow without knowing the basics and root reason.
For a new age Muslim it is very easy to follow Islam, as compared to his ancestors or elders. Nowadays, whatever was initially banned and prohibited in Islam is acceptable by providing a justification. The most common sentence that all of us usually hear is (Deen o Dunia Saath Sath chalti hai) Religion and World go hand in hand. (Beech ka raasta Ikhtiyar karo) Select the route that is in between Islam and worldly affairs. For all those who agree with these statements or say these lines to others, you all are not aware of ISLAM and its teachings. Islam either has a “YES” or “NO” but no “Maybe” so either one thing is allowed or prohibited! If (Tasveer-Kashi) Painting / Photography is Haraam (Prohibited) in Islam then there is no second answer to that. And now please don’t come up with those usual examples that after 3 days of hunger a man can eat anything – this could be acceptable back in early civilization, not anymore! Plus this can be applicable to 10 – 15% of the total mankind, and definitely you and I are not amongst them.

These days we have Islamic banking systems, Islamic meat shops even in Islamic countries, Islamic Boutiques and Islamic promotional plans etc. Today the term ISLAMIC has a new meaning, I Somehow Leverage And Maneuver Islamic Corruption. The rates at Islamic boutiques are high enough to even let me think twice before purchasing, so what about those Muslims who are not so well to do and want to wear Islamic Clothing Brands! I am sure everyone is aware of the Islamic Clothing Brands (after all they were pitched to fame with this concept – else they have/had nothing else to offer, quality wise). The profit which these outlets or brands make is Halaal, as per the context of Islamic Business Rules?

I never knew MOVIES are allowed in ISLAM – that is why people do not object on existence of movies but the subjects people select, for them (ref: Khuda Ke Liay).

Are we allowed to do Umrah or Hajj by scoring points through our credit/debit cards? Aren’t people adulterating the religion known as Islam? Are we (pointing out Males) allowed to appear on screens, wearing branded clothes, spectacles and footwear presenting Islamic shows and interacting with females (Na-Mehrum) with smiles?

A New Age Muslim:
  • Drinks
  • Smokes
  • Flirts (for the sake of fun)
  • Manipulates (out of habit)
  • Shows off brands (to let others feel his supremacy)
  • Hides his Identity (as well)
  • Listens to music every day! (After all Music is food to soul - CRAP)
  • Cheats (---)
  • Rapes (---)
  • Lusts (--)
  • Lies (on daily basis)
  • And what not?
But he offers prayers and visit 5 times to Allah’s house after performing all the mentioned and non mentioned sins.

Bravo My Muslims!

The month of Ramazan is near, trust me my nation will again witness corruption in the name of Islam and will buy it! Why? Because we aren’t Muslims anymore! We are (as I always say) PBCM –Pakistani Born Confused Muslims.

I wish! One day we can embrace Islam not by just hearing Azaan in our ears, when born, but by living a life as per the teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah. Even I don’t practice Islam the way I might have mentioned, but I feel guilt inside. Do you too?

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  1. Thought provoking.

    The dunya aur deen saath saath chalta hai statement amuses me the most.