Friday, July 27, 2012

In Bollywood Mistake is Equal to Competition

Bollywood needs no introduction. Even if there are people who strongly condemn others to watch Indian movies also know about the very industry really well. They might ask who our foreign minister or education minister is, but they sure know the names of character actors of Bollywood industry. Anyways, in life everyone commits mistakes and takes wrong decisions. Those decisions can make things, sort of worse, for them. Bollywood is a perfect example of, one losing the opportunity and the other making a land mark. Today’s feature is dedicated to the mistakes committed by renowned actors and creation of another star.

Amitabh Bachchan’s God Father/Mother

I don’t know where to start from! Ok let’s talk about the star of the millennium “Amitabh Bachchan”. Today he is a known personality, brand ambassador, known as “SIR” but do you guys know in the beginning of his career with Tinnu Anand (director/actor) in Saath Hindustani, he was known for delivering flops and only flops!? His landmark was “Zanjeer” which made him enjoy the title of “Angry Young Man”. This movie was initially offered to Dev Anand (Late), which he declined. Later Salim Khan (Famous Writer and Father of Salman Khan) recommended Amitabh to the producers. Similarly, for Deewar the role which Amitabh played was initially offered to Rajesh Khanna (Late) but due to his unavailability of dates the role was later given to Amitabh Bachan. See! His 2 magnanimous hits were mistakes of other Stars and for him they were the opportunities. (Let me clarify that, most of the people have this misconception that Amitabh was already a star when Sholay was released– Wrong, at that time, Dharmender was MEGA Star, Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bahadury were critics' favorites and Hema Malini was the Dream Girl of millions of hearts. Amjad Khan was a fresher. Last but not the least Amitabh was a struggling actor, making his place in the industry, according to some sources it is also heard that Feroze Khan (Late) was the first choice for the role of Amitabh. Senior Bachchan is definitely lucky, apart from being talented. (It was Jaya, his Godmother, who strongly recommended him for most of his movies).

ACE Khan’s Real “Ace of Life”
Now let’s talk about the Ace Khan! Though his almost every movie is an amazing piece of entertainment, but those who can recall the days just after QSQT (Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak), will agree to me, when he kept giving flops like “Love Love Love’, “Jawani Zindabad”, “Dewana Mujh sa nahin”, “Awwal Number”, “Tum mere ho” and “Daulat ki Jung” etc! 8 – 9 straight flops after QSQT? Do you think anyone was willing to cast him, as main lead, back in those days? It was Anil Kapoor who backed off from the movie called “DILL” which brought Ace khan back in lime light and he was again a “STAR”. According to Anil Kapoor the movie demanded much younger actor and he was not comfortable in working with new director “Inder Kumar” (Aruna Irani’s younger Brother). After realizing his mistake, Anil Kapoor signed the very next project by Inder Kumar named “Beta” which became a gigantic hit of Anil’s career.

“Khiladi’s” Real Game Planner

We all recognize him by the name of “Khiladi” but do we know who was initially offered the role of “Khiladi”? It was Arbaz Khan, who was approached and was actually planned to be launched but due to his modeling assignments Akshay Kumar got lucky! And Now Khiladi will always be associated with Akki!

Salman Khan Stepped into whose Shoes?
Though Sallu Bhai “Salman Khan” was introduced in “Bivi ho toh Aisee” as second lead but “Maine Pyar Kiya” gave him Stardom and S. P. Bala Subhramannium’s voice, (which at that point of time reminded people of the bond between Rajesh Khanna and Kishore's songs). All the songs sung by SP Bala for Salman were huge hits. This particular role from which his pet name became “PREM” was actually offered to none other than Piyush Mishra, (the same Gulaal and Gangs of Wassaypur guy). Due to his lack of seriousness at that time he dropped the movie (reported by Piyush Mishra, himself). If you talk about the performance, definitely, Piyush Mishra is way ahead of Sallu Bhai!
SRK’s Kingdom – Gifted To him By...
Last but not the least! Amir Khan can be called as a rival of Shah Rukh Khan. But if Shahrukh Khan is a "King Khan" (according to himself) then his kingdom was gifted to him by Aamir Khan by backing out from the project named “Darr”. His films like "King Uncle", “Chamatkaar”, “Dil Ashna Hai”, “Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na”, “Maya Memsaab” and “Raju bun gaya gentleman” were box office disasters! From 1990 to 1993. Again he was lucky by chance!

Few more interesting facts!

Role of Gabbar Singh in Sholay was initially offered to Sanjeev Kumar and not Amjad Khan.
Similarly the role of Mugambo was first given to Anupam Kher but the he could not bring the kind of terror whichwas the signature of Amrish Puri (Late).

I hope this information has been interesting for you! I have kept this knowledge to me since a long; I suppose it is the time to share it with my readers!

By the way this article was inspired from the following scene from “Main Khiladi Tu Anari” one of my favorite ones from Akki’s performances.