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Evolution of Pakistani Pop Music – Part A/C

Remember M.C.C? Music Channel Charts! I am sure those who remember or witnessed it even once can never forget it for the kind of music that was shown back in those days! Today’s Rock-stars were kids (or in making) back then and used to struggle real hard for making their place in music world where Ghazals and Qawwalis were appreciated. Arid Zone (Yasir Akhter), Yatagan (Nadeem Jaffery and Fakhr e Alam), Vital Signs (Junaid Jamshaid), Bunny, Junoon (Ali Azmat), Ali Haider, Fringe Benefits, Collage, PHON (Shahzad Roy) and Sequencers (Misbah Khalid) and many others were some prominent names of 90’s and they are still appreciated for the music that they created in a period when, at least Pakistani media was not blessed with greater technology and equipments as compared to west.
At that time many people used to think that the Pop Music was only about jumping from here and there holding either a microphone or guitar in hand and dancing but even then the music hit the world and not just Pakistan because of its lyrics. There were numerous singers and bands back in those days who tried to give their 100% to let Pakistani nation accept Pop Music as a genuine kind of music genre by focusing and concentrating on not just some amazing music but also lyrics. The strangest thing is that most of the singers were based NRP’s (Non Residing Pakistanis), they returned to Pakistan after completing their graduation from abroad – I am not talking about all, but most.
Junoon means Passion and truly the band could never be a grand success without the passion. Salman Ahmed the lead guitarist and Song writer from Vital Signs created his own band with Ali Azmat as lead vocalist (former Jupiter’s Singer back then) and Brian O’Connell, Ahmed’s childhood friend. They have released 19 albums under the Band name of “Junoon”. They were and are the singing sensation and crowd pullers of 90’s and 2000’s. I can still remember girls going crazy in Junoon’s concerts and guys dancing like anything. They are true “Rockers” of Pakistani Pop Music Industry.
Ali Azmat In Jupiters

“Dil mein Tum Honton mein Tum” was Bunny’s anthem which he gifted to the nation! This song was the ultimate hit with out a doubt. He was amongst the pioneers of the Pakistani Pop Music. He produced and directed as well. His other ground breaking hit included “Teri yeh Shuokh Adayen”.
Yatagaan – Fakhr-e-Aalam and Nadeem Jafferey
This young guy, named Fakhr-e-Aalam, became instant hit who God knows came from another planet! He was the true rapper of Pakistani Pop Music in 90’sand still he is unbelievable. His first song “Bhangra Rap” was an overnight success. I still remember when the song was show cased on MCC, the starting of the song made me lose my interest because of the “Raag Thing” but then he took everyone by surprise with his talent. His first song stayed on number one's slot for more than 4 - 5 weeks I suppose. His other famous songs include “Proud Pakistani”, “Baby Zara Hans Kay” and “Laut Aao” – The most expensive video of its time.
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